Rockies Draft Analysis

Rockies Draft Analysis

Written By: Nathan Hutchinson
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1.9: OF Zac Veen – Spruce Creek HS
18 Years OldBats: L – Throws: R – 6’4 – 190 Ibs – ETA: 2024

Present/Future Grades

Zac Veen entering the 2019 summer was labeled as a mid-tier prep OF, but a strong summer circuit saw him shot up into the top 2 or 3 OF in the class. By the time the 2020 draft came around, he was looked at as a sure-fire top 10 pick and potentially a top 5 pick. He was available at pick 9 for the Rockies and they didn’t have to think twice.

Veen has one of the smoothest swings in the entire class, quite similar to Cody Bellinger.  He stands upright and has a big leg kick, although it’s controlled, he then explodes with his quick hands. He stays behind the ball and creates good leverage and launch angle.

Veen has shown consistent ability to barrel up the ball. His polished plate vision and discipline are looked as both a strength and a weakness, he can become too patient at times. He understands the strike zone at such a high level he can sometimes get burned. If he can find a mix between patience and aggression, he’ll take the step as a hitter.

With his 6’4 frame, the power projection is the most intriguing aspect of his game. With plenty of room for added strength and already a plus understanding of how to create leverage and launch, Veen has the power projection to dream on.

Defensively, Veen projects as a COF at the next level. The arm is average in RF and his range is decent. His athleticism is average, he runs fairly well right now and moves well in the OF. The long-term speed and quickness projects to stay average.

Veen is a special talent, the mix of present skills and projectable tools are reasons why Veen is both looked at as a high ceiling and a high floor; which is rare in a prep OF.

1.35: C Drew Romo – The Woodlands HS
18 Years Old – Bats: S – Throws: R – 6’1 – 205 Ibs – ETA: 2025

Present/Future Grades

Drew Romo is a defensive wizard, with a long track record of success defensively. He was Team USA U-18 starting C for 2 years. The bat far behind the glove but has flashed as average. Romo was rumored to be leaning towards heading to LSU and opting out of the draft, but the Rockies got him to sign as a CBA pick.

Romo is a switch hitter, he seems more comfortable as a lefty but has improved as a righty. Being a switch hitter is an advantage that not many C have, it’ll help him in the long run.

Romo has been looked at as an OBP over SLG player for some time, his approach is to battle and put himself in hitter-friendly counts. A high baseball IQ helps Romo in all aspects of his game, but for me, it shows that eventually, he’ll be able to focus on hitting and become an average hitter.

Romo has some raw power but will the lack of projection in his frame it’s hard to believe he’ll become more than a 12-15 HR hitter. The contact approach also puts doubt that he’ll have more than below-average to average power.

Defensively is where Romo excels, he has advanced receiving skills and a good catch and throw ability. He blocks the ball well and controls the run game better than most C. His high baseball IQ and confidence calling games are skills that not many prep C have. His athleticism is agility over speed, behind the plate he moves very well. He’s an average runner

Romo has Gold Glove potential defense but the lack of growth in his frame and the bat being very raw are questions that will take time to be answered. Romo will have to hit to move through the minors, with robot umps Romo’s skills set isn’t as needed as it once was.   

2.46: RHP Chris McMahon – Miami 
21 Years Old – Bats: R – Throws: R – 6’2 – 215 Ibs – ETA: 2023

Present/Future Grades

With the Rockies 3rd pick, they selected Chris McMohan. A RHP from the University of Miami, McMohan had an okay start to his college career but his outstanding play for team USA U-21 and he continued the success into the short 2020 season. He is one of the most polished pitchers in the class.

McMohan has a good delivery with really solid mechanics. Smooth arm action and ability to maintain his core at a high level. Issues with his backside often lead to him struggling to miss bats, he relies on movement to keep hitters off balance. When he’s out of sync, he can struggle.

 McMohan FB sits 94-96 with late-life and good command. The consistency was an issue early in his career but in 2020 he figured it out. It can sometimes become to flat and get hit harder than he should.

 He has shown the ability to spin a solid breaking ball. Although he’s flip-flopped between a CB and a SL both are solid and project as an average. His CH is a potential above-average pitch, it has good shape and falls off a table at the plate.

 When it comes to project-ability McMohan has shown the polished to be looked at a high floor pitcher. The ceiling is low, there’s a lack of plus strikeout pitch and a swing and miss pitch. The groundball rate is nice but without a swing and miss pitch, it’s hard to be looked at as more than a back end of the rotation starter at best.

3.81: LHP Sam Weatherly – Clemson 
21 Years Old – Bats: L – Throws: L – 6’4 – 205 Ibs – ETA- 2023

Present/Future Grades

In the 3rd Round, the selected Sam Weatherly, a LHP from Clemson. At Clemson, he pitched as a mid-week starter as a freshman than a reliever as a sophomore. And finally, as a junior, he was able to be a weekend starter and he dominated in the short season. A two-pitch mix from a deceptive arm slot.

His mechanics are smooth, and he repeats his delivery at a high level. Issues with his command are from being too cautious early in counts. 

Weatherly has a good FB but struggles with command and hasn’t shown much improvement since his high school days. It sits 91-96 with good raw spin numbers and gets a ton of swing and misses up in the zone. Lot’s of life on the pitch but poor command, which will need to be addressed.

His SL is his best pitch, sits low 80s, and is a wipeout pitch vs both LHB and RHB. It tunnels well with FB, leading to swing and misses up and down with both pitches. It has good shape and sharp break, the spin numbers aren’t great, but the movement makes up for it. His CH is growing and has shown lots of improvement in 2020.

Weatherly projects as a starter to begin his pro career but I do believe he will need to improve his command, or he’ll have to be a reliever. His mechanics are good and he’s a very good athlete so him not being able to throw strikes makes little to no sense. Lots of upside with this pick, one of my favorites in the entire class.

4.110: RHP Case Williams – Dougals County HS 
Bats: R – Throws: R – 6’3 – 210 Ibs ETA: 2023

Present/Future Grades

A relatively unknown player, Case Williams wasn’t a huge name in the 2020 draft, but the Rockies selected the Colorado native in the 4th round. Williams wasn’t ranked on the BA 500 or MLB Pipeline 200. Williams played for the Rockies senior scout team, so there are some connections there.

Mechanically, Williams is strong and comfortable on the mound. His delivery is slow, and his arm isn’t quick but he’s powerful and mixes speeds. He repeats his delivery well enough to stay a starter. There’s isn’t much room for added strengths, the body is pretty much filled out. 

Williams’ FB sits 90-94 and can touch 96. Raw spin around 2200rpm and misses bats up in the zone. His command is good, but he often misses in the zone and gets hit hard at times.

Secondary pitches for Williams are his strengths, his CB is solid with 11-4 break and excellent movement. 1900rpm isn’t ideal spin but the movement and tunneling ability help. His CH is raw but flashes average to above-average at times, good depth and movement along with 1600rpm, and 96% spin efficiency are intriguing.

Overall, Williams is raw and powerful. Heavy FB with a big hooking CB and a CH that flashes plus. Issues with command and throw quality strikes could force a move to the bullpen but in the 4th round, there’s some upside in Williams.

5.140: SS Jack Blomgren – Michigan
21 Years Old – Bats: R – Throws: R – 5’10 – 180 Ibs – ETA: 2023

Present/Future Grades

With the Rockies’ final pick in the 2020 draft, they selected SS Jack Blomgren out of Michigan. A classic defensive first SS with a put the ball in play mentality. Blomgren started 137 games at SS in his 3-year career at Michigan.

A short swing with little movement in the box. Hands and front hip load back and go with the pitch. With 2 strikes he’ll shorten his front side load and trust his hands to put the ball in play, 102 Ks in 460ABs.

Blomgren has good tools at the plate, good bat to ball, and decent bat speed. Puts the ball in play and gets on base, .297 career AVG, and .399 career OBP. He’s patients at the plate and works pitchers, classic leadoff hitter mentality.

Power is not a big component of Blomgren game. Little HR power and lacks consistent gap power, only 18 career doubles. The lack of power comes from a line drive approach and an OBP over SLG mentality. A career SLG of .357.

Defensively, Blomgren is a good SS, although the grades may not say so. His arm strength is average but is his accuracy and release are both plus. His hands are solid, and his range is also solid. His footwork is improving but can sometimes become quite stiff. He’ll be able to stay the middle infield.

Blomgren projects as a backup infielder. The lack of power and average hit tool will hold him back, the defense is solid, and he can run a little bit as well. Decent value pick in the 5th round.

OVERALL, the Rockies had a good draft. Veen is a future star with all the tools. Romo is a stud defensively and the bat has some pop. McMohan and Weatherly are both potential starters. Williams is raw and has a big arm. Blomgren is an old fashion put the ball in play SS with good defensive tools. A really good all-round draft with both high upsides picks and high floor safe picks.

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