Sebastian Walcott SS | Scouting Report: Rangers Prospect

Sebastian Walcott SS | Scouting Report: Rangers Prospect

Written By: Austin Farmer
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In July, I flew to Arizona to check out the Arizona Complex League. There were a few names that stood out to me, but the name that stood out to me the most was 17-year-old prospect Sebastian Walcott. Walcott hails from Nassau, Bahamas and is loaded with power. He’s an exciting bat with easy power projection that should be good for 30+ a season. While he did strike out a number of times during the games that I saw, the potential was clearly there. He showed the ability to barrel the ball up and showed that he wasn’t an easy out. Walcott will end up skyrocketing up lists as his development continues and he shows that he can hit more advanced pitching.


In the video below, you can see the pull side HR power mentioned in the report. There’s good carry to the ball and the ball was crushed off an easy swing. The swing was meant for lift and the ball just continued to travel.

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