Angels 2020 Top 20 Prospects

Angels 2020 Top 20 Prospects

Written by: Jake Tillinghast
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**Right below is the Angels Top 20 list simplified. Please, scroll further down for FULL Present/Future Grades, FV, ETA, and summaries on EACH PLAYER ranked in the system! Tons of Statistics on each player as well! Some player highlights, future outlooks and more enjoy!**

RankNamePositionHow Acquired
1Brandon MarshOF2016 Draft: 2nd Round
2Reid DetmersLHP2020 Draft – 1st Round: 10th Overall
3Jordyn AdamsOF2018 Draft – 1st Round: 17th Overall
4Kyren ParisSS2019 Draft: 2nd Round
5Jeremiah JacksonSS2018 Draft: 2nd Round
6Arol VeraSS2019 International Signing
7Chris RodriguezRHP2016 Draft: 4th Round
8D’Shawn KnowlesOF2017 International Signing
9Alexander RamirezOF2018 International Signing
10Hector YanLHP2016 International Signing
11Jose SorianoRHP2016 International Signing
12Jack KochanowiczRHP2019 Draft: 3rd Round
13Jahmai Jones2B/OF2015 Draft: 2nd Round
14William HolmesRHP/OF2018 Draft: 5th Round
15David CalabreseOF2020 Draft: 3rd Round
16Packy NaughtonLHPTrade with Reds 2020
17Adrian PlacenciaSS2019 International Signing
18Trent DeveauxOF2017 International Signing
19Jose BonillaSS2019 International Signing
20Werner BlakelySS2020 Draft: 4th Round

1. Brandon Marsh – OF – Mobile BayBears (AA)
22 Years Old – Bat: LThrow: L – Ht: 6’4″ Wt: 215lbs – ETA: 2021

HitRaw PowerPowerSpeedFieldArmFV
Present/Future Grades
** Combined stats from the entire 2019 season**

Coming out of High school in 2016, Brandon Marsh was a 2 Sport Star who was gaining Division 1 offers to play Wide Receiver. The Angels drafted him in the 2nd round and he never looked back.

The Athleticism has always been there, to go with a Plus arm and Above-average defense. The bat is what had scouts dreaming on draft day.

Marsh has been a bit slow to develop, but took a big step during his showing in the AFL. Showing a new stance that saw him more upright, and improved launch angle helping with his overall ability to drive the ball in the gaps with more consistency, something that has been lacking in the past for Marsh, but it seems to be taking a turn for the better.

Marsh has been playing and working out at First Base at Alternate Site, and could be an option to find his way in the lineup with a crowded OF. Although I think it would be a big waste of athleticism and a Above-average Defender in the Outfield, and just doesn’t make a ton of sense unless it’s an occasional weird “Joe Maddon Lineup Day” to fit the bats in the lineup. A chance to team up with Trout and Adell in the Angels Outfield of the future is pretty exciting and has a chance to put up huge numbers.

Early in his pro career, I saw a lot of resemblance to Josh Hamilton with the swing and overall Profile.

Do I think he reaches that ultimate ceiling? Probably not. But he has that type of upside if it clicks. Even a notch down from that would be a fantastic player at the big league level.

2. Reid Detmers – LHP – 2020 1st Round Draft Pick
21 Years Old – Bat: L Throw: L – Ht: 6’2″ Wt: 210lbs – ETA: 2021

Present/Future Grades


Finally the Angels went after a 1st round Pitcher to plug near the top of this system. Something they DESPERATLEY needed.

Working with a FB in the 90-94 MPH range with ability to spot up wherever needed. Working well off a hammer of a Curveball that’s a true Plus pitch that could grab 70 grades if it were a bit less loopy, but the pitch is just straight filthy.

While he mixes in an improving Slider that has shown some swing and miss potential and a fading Changeup that can flash 55, but is an Average offering but are each more then capable of keeping hitters off balance.

Detmers has been getting in a ton of work at the Angels Alternate Site and looks good facing off against the teams better prospects and some of the players moving back and forth between the active big league roster and the Alternate Site. He has been working on his Slider and has been getting some strong reports back on it, with hopes it could become a consistent 4th pitch for him.

Detmers doesn’t have that Ace potential you seek at the top of the draft, but has one of the safest floors with the ability to command his pitches consistently, spin that nasty Curveball, and keep hitters off balance with his ability to spot up his Fastball wherever he needs it. Looking like a firm #3 SP with some hopes to reach #2 status.

Look for Detmers to be wearing that Angel red at some point by the 2021 All-Star Break. Filling a gap in that rotation when one becomes available and likely not looking back as they once again try to get into the playoffs.

3. Jordyn Adams – OF – Inland Empire 66ers (A+)
20 Years Old – Bat: R Throw: R – Ht: 6’2″ – Wt: 180lbs – ETA: 2022

HitRaw PowerPowerSpeedFieldArmFV
Present/Future Grades
** Combined stats from the entire 2019 season**

Best athlete in the system, in a system that continuously focuses on adding plus athletes through the draft, and international signings. Adams has been making some highlight reel plays at the Alternate Site in CF and I personally see him as the best CF in the system and some of the highest upside offensively on top of that. From the 80 Grade Speed, 50 Hit, 45+ Power that has a chance to be an extremely special talent on offense. An impact player at the big league level, and quick contributor with the defense and speed as his calling cards as the offensive game slowly comes along.

You can tell Adams is starting to get full comfortable on the baseball field. After spending his youth as a 3 sport start and heavy Football recruit as a WR.

Since he turned pro, he has taken some major steps forward in his progression to start turning into the player the Angels had dreamed of when selected him in the 1st round of the 2018 MLB Draft. Most importantly, the offensive game has made strides. From toning down his hand movement and hit he had in his swing in HS. Less pronounced now and in a much better position to do damage at the plate.

Defensively, Adams is settling in as a true CF and showing off some big highlight reel catches during Angels Spring Training and Alternate Site scrimmages. The Arm has looked much stronger and accurate then in years past, showing an Above-Average Arm strength that he can challenge runners with more often. The upside here is as good as any in the system.

4. Kyren Paris – SS AZL Angels (Rookie Ball)
18 Years Old – Bat: R – Throw: R – Ht: 6’0″ – Wt: 170lbs – ETA: 2024

HitRaw PowerPowerSpeedFieldArmFV
Present/Future Grades
** Combined stats from the entire 2019 season**

This is a really fun skillset with Paris and one that has a ton of projection left with his age and those body gains that are heading his way. Paris was a late addition to the Angels Alternate Site, but seems to have added some good weight in the offseason.

Paris was limited to just three games after last year’s draft. But showed some of that talent he has to offer. When he was drafted, Paris was closer in age to many international free agent prospects than he was to some of the older high schoolers in his class, and he’s still younger than a bunch of the high schoolers slated to go in the 2020 draft. Was just 17.5 on draft day in 2019.

Capable of sticking at SS long-term, and having the offensive profile to back it up, Paris has a chance to grow into a Top 100 prospect with his ability to impact the game on both sides if the bat can show its potential starting in 2021 when he gets a chance in A Ball.

5. Jeremiah Jackson – SS – Orem Owlz (Rookie Ball)
20 Years Old – Bat: R Throw: R – Ht: 6’1″ – Wt: 175lbs – ETA: 2023

HitRaw PowerPowerSpeedFieldArmFV
Present/Future Grades
** Combined stats from the entire 2019 season**

Jeremiah Jackson was selected in the 2nd Round of the 2018 MLB Draft. Making him the 1st Alabama High School hitter to be taken within the top two rounds of the MLB Draft since Bo Jackson in 1982.

He seems to have added a bit of weight in recent months, and should come in weighing more then the 160lbs listed in 2021.

Working with a pull approach at the plate, but the power does show up the opposite field with relative ease. He starts square and steps open which leads to him having some pull heavy stretches, but when he is on, he drives the ball GAP-GAP with authority, and honestly may have the most pure power in the entire system.

Jeremiah has a swing built for power, a bat path with major loft that you can easily tell by just looking at 1 swing of his, or by simply looking at his 48% Flyball rate and the fact he tied the Pioneer League record with 23 HRs last season. He drives the ball with relative ease to all fields and has potential to reach Plus Power if the Hit Tool can materialize a bit more consistently. As he does have a heavy amount of Swing and Miss (18.7% Swinging Strike, 33% K rate). But the talent is there for Jackson to turn into a middle of the order producer.


Some work to do defensively, the range is a bit limited at SS, makes a fair amount of throwing errors, and likely profiles best as an offensive 2B or even as a 3B long-term. Getting that needed work in at the Angels Alternate Site should be valuable for him in getting the needed reps in offensively and defensively. He did start to get reps at 2nd Base 2019 and looked a bit more comfortable by seasons end.

Check out this game for 2019, 3 HR Game for Jeremiah, and ALL 3 to the opposite field. Yes, his power is legit. Some Dan Uggla profile here with the power upside as a 2B profile.

6. Arol Vera – SS – DSL Angels (Rookie Ball)
17 Years Old – Bat: S – Throw: R – Ht: 6’3″ – Wt: 170lbs – ETA: 2024

HitRaw PowerPowerSpeedFieldArmFV
Present/Future Grades


The Angels Top 2019 international signee has a polished approach from both sides of the plate. The 1st of 3 SS the Angels 2019 International prospects in the Top 20, Vera easily has the most potential. With a ton of physical projection remaining, there is a lot to like here.

Looks a bit more natural from the left side and shows more power potential currently. The right handed side has a hitch and some pre swing movement he will need to iron out. But shows advanced barrel control and ability to find hard contact to all fields and a consistent rate. Hip/Shoulder separation is there, has a strong Vertical Bat angle and shows some pull power potential you can see growing into 20-25 HR per season. With high contact rates and should grow into Above-Average OBP marks. The offensive ceiling is pretty exciting for the young infielder.

Defensively, shows an Plus arm capable of making most any throw on the infield dirt. Shows well on the run up the middle and coming in from multiple arm angles. Has solid footwork, quick and athletic actions. He has the tools to stick at SS long term, but the range may regress as the body fills out and see him move over the 3B.

7. Chris Rodriguez – RHP – Did Not Play (Injury)
22 Years Old Throw: R – Bat: R – Ht: 6’1″ – Wt: 200lbs ETA 2023

Present/Future Grades


Here is were you think, alright the Angels have another pitching prospect to be excited about, and your right. Rodriguez is loaded with talent. But that talent comes with probably the most risk of any in the entire system due to his extreme inability to stay healthy over the 4 years of being drafted.

Just 77.2 Innings under his belt in those 4 years (55.2 came in 2017) it is tough to ultimately project Rodriguez to be a long-term starting pitcher unless he can find a way to stay healthy consistently, even though he shows the repertoire to be an impact starter.

Back fully healthy and working out at the team Alternate Site in Long Beach. The Fastball has ticked up, touching as high as 98 and sitting 93-96 MPH. Showing command (potential for a jump to 50 when he gets into game action next season) of his arsenal and is starting to show that high end talent we all have been waiting for. But there are still reasons to be concerned of course.

The high effort delivery and the arm action still exist and need some cleaning up to do. As well as just building up that overall arm strength, endurance and facing live hitters.

With the Angels lack of depth of starting talent in the lower levels, and major league roster for the foreseeable future barring trades, and free agent deals. I fully expect Rodriguez to return to the mound with every intention of being used as a starter when the MiLB season rolls back around next season. But I really have a hard time seeing him be able to consistently get through the grind of an MLB Season as a starting pitcher. The stuff is there to be an electric arm out of the pen with the stuff he has, that would play up even more in the pen.

8. D’Shawn Knowles – OF – Orem Owlz (Rookie Advanced)
19 Years Old – Bat: S –
Throw: R – Ht: 5’11” – Wt: 175lbs – ETA: 2

HitRaw PowerPowerSpeedFieldArmFV
Present/Future Grades
** Combined stats from the entire 2019 season**

Knowles isn’t letting the Corona Virus stop him from working out, check out this video of him doing whatever needed to get his workout in back home in the Bahamas.

Shows an ability to show off some power to the pull side, but has only shown that from the Left side, as all 11 of his career HR have come from that side of the plate. He is a fine RHH showing hitability and room to think he can at least develop some power from that side. With the Left side always producing more, but he should be more then capable of sticking as a Switch hitter long term.

I would like to see him get better jumps on the base paths and try to become an improved base stealer with that Plus-Plus speed. He has 14 Career SBs to 11 CS. That’s only going to get worse as he faces better catchers and pitchers who can control running games. With a hot start offensively in 2021, he could really put his name on the prospect map as someone we need to start paying a whole lot more attention to.

9. Alexander Ramirez – OF – DSL Angels (Rookie Ball)
17 Years Old – Bat: R – Throw: R – Ht: 6’3″ Wt: 218lbs – ETA: 2025

HitRaw PowerPowerSpeedFieldArmFV
Present/Future Grades
** Combined stats from the entire 2019 season**

Signed for $1 Million out of the Dominican Republic in 2018, Alexander Ramirez has Plus-Plus Raw Power that can show up in game and something I like to look for in young hitters is their total extra base hits, as it shows some ability to either drive the ball in the gaps, or down the lines, and as they grow can project some of those long doubles to reach the seats.

Especially with Ramirez’s power potential. He tacked on 8 Doubles, 5 Triples, 4 Home Runs and 6 Stolen Bases in his 39 games in 2019.

He did however strike out in 33% of his ABs, with a unfathomable 43.3% Swinging Strike%.. Will no question need to show improvements in that area. But the tools are clearly there to pop if he can find that consistent contact. When he makes contact, he does damage, simple as that.

A Centerfielder now, will very likely move off to a Corner OF when his body is fully grown and fill in. When he signed, Ramirez was listed at 6’2; 180lbs, but showed up to Angels Instructs with a 6’3; 218lbs frame. And he might not be done growing…

Ramirez is expected to make his debut in the states in 2021 as he was unable to in 2020 with the COVID-19 Cancellation of the MiLB season, but look for Ramirez to break onto the scene with the Angels in the lower levels as they see what kind of talent he ultimately can become. There is as much upside here as any in the system , but so so young and far away from producing at the big league level with that 2025 ETA.

If all goes well, I could see a 2024 ETA, but he still would be just 21 years old… Tons of time to develop for Ramirez. I see some Eloy Jimenez offensive upside here down the road.

10. Hector Yan – LHP – Burlington Bees (A)
21 Years Old – Bat: L – Throw: L – Ht: 5’11 – Wt: 180 ETA: 2021

Present/Future Grades
**Combined stats from the entire 2019 season**

Working from a Low 3/4 arm slot in 2019, but it seems the Arm slot has lowered a bit more at the Angels Alternate Site as you can see in the video below. Tough to tell on how it will turn out, but the stuff looks as electric as ever in videos that have surfaced. Yan hides the ball really well behind his body with his delivery that has some moving parts and a bit of awkwardness to it that works in his benefit, when he is able to hone in his command, which is an issue with Yan.

A cross fire delivery, that is very tough on LHH, coming from virtually behind them, but again hides the ball well enough vs RHH when it doesn’t hurt him there.

Leading all Angels minor leaguers with 148 strikeouts last year, he shows that potential to miss bats with his fastball and slider. And opposing hitters hit just .190 against him. Hes just an all around tough AB for opposing hitters. He will need to focus on improving the command, and will need to see the Slider and Changeup reach their potential if he wants a future in the rotation.

The high BB rates (11.4%), which did improve in 2019 (roughly 15% BB rate in 2017/18 in 46 total innings) lack of consistency in the secondaries and highish effort delivery some reason for concerns with bullpen risk. And eventually, I see him ending up there as a back of the bullpen power lefty where the stuff will tick up and he can focus more on making the FB/SL Combo lethal.

Very likely see him in 2021 and may get his first chance in the Pen as the Angels lack lefties currently in their bullpen, having just 1 on their roster currently, and rolling with mostly 1 maybe 2 at most over the past few seasons.

11. Jose Soriano – RHP – Burlington Bees (A)
22 Years Old – Bat: R – Throw: R – Ht: 6’3 – Wt: 170lbs – ETA: 2022

Present/Future Grades
5**Combined stats from the entire 2019 season**

Soriano underwent Tommy John in February of this year and is expected to retake the mound when the Minor Leagues reopen in 2021.

Soriano has a legitimate 2 pitch mix with the FB/CB and a developing CH. Touching 99 MPH on last season, it’s now the second straight year he has experienced a velo bump. And could be part to blame for the command issues as he learns to harness new velocity each year.

Working from a High 3/4 arm slot but does at times lowers into a more traditional 3/4 at times when throwing his FB. He really emphasizes getting on top of his CB to get the heavy downer action.

Mechanically, he has a bit of a rushed delivery that will make the arm lag at times and not a lot him to get that extension on his pitches he is looking for and leaves his CB up in the zone and likely will come back to bite him against better competition down the down. He uses his breaking ball against Lefties and Righties and is the pitch he trusts most for his strikeouts and when he needs a bit out. His changeup defiantly needs work, and may never develop into a reliable 3rd pitch which leaves a big risk to end up in the pen.

The FB/CB have some tunneling when he repeats his arm slot (which is inconsistent at times as I mentioned above). Soriano will likely return to the mound in the Starter role, but at this stage of his development, coming off the arm injury the command issues, and lack of a 3rd pitch are likely to lead to to a bullpen role and likely scrapping that CH. If the command can tick up into even just a 45, he could figure into a high leverage role. 2021 will be a make or break year to stick in the rotation for Soriano, let’s see what he has to say about that.

12. Jack Kochanowicz RHP – AZL Angels (Rookie Ball)
19 Years Old – Bat: L – Throw: R – Ht: 6’7″ – Wt: 224lbs – ETA: 2024

Present/Future Grades


A 3rd Round selection by the Angels in the 2019 draft, Kochanowicz has yet to make his big league debut. He shows a start frame with a 3 pitch mix that shows an ability to last in a rotation. Lead by a Plus Curveball.

Kochanowicz’s Fastball sits 90-93 T94 with some life at the top of the zone and slight run when working arm side. Has advanced feel for his Curveball that shows 11/5 downer action with 2700+ RPM and is the pitch he uses to get most his Strikeouts on, although he does get some with his Fastball up in the zone as well. Shows command of it his Curve, and ability to use in any count, no doubt is his go to pitch and the one he has most confidence in.

The Changeup shows some effectiveness with fading action away from LHH that he hides well behind his consistent arm speed. I wouldn’t be shocked to see his Changeup improve as he gets onto the field and moves into a potential 55.

I am a bit concerned with the fact Jack that he will not have a professional inning under his belt until he turns 20 years old next season. But he has been getting extensive work in with the club at the Angels Alternate Site in Long Beach and could end up paying dividends for him in terms of development.

He will need to build up the endurance and arm strength to withstand a long season and prove capable of handling 150+ innings to stick in a rotation. He added 15-20 pounds since the start of 2019, and will be a nice start to showing he has the profile to be a Starting Pitcher long-term.

13. Jahmai Jones – 2B/OF – Mobile BayBears (AA Mobile BayBears)
23 Years Old – Bat: R – Throw: R – Ht: 6’0″ – Wt: 205lbs – ETA: 2020

HitRaw PowerPowerSpeedFieldArmFV
Present/Future Grades
**Combined stats from the entire 2019 season**

Drafted as an Outfielder in 2015 Jahmai moved to 2B in 2018, and in 2019 split time in the OF and 2B, which likely will be his role moving forward. Jahmai has gone through a few swing changes in his minor league career. From a stiff low hands with a big leg kick then to a more loose and higher hand setup with that leg kick eliminated and more of a stride. Then back to his old stance to yet change it again recently. It’s been a wild ride with Jahmai.

He saw time in AA in 2018 and 2019 for the Angels. In 2018 he stole 11 Bases and was caught just 1 time. In 2019, he stole 9 bases but was caught 11 TIMES. The speed didn’t seem to tick down at all, but the overall jumps and picking spots to steal. And he does have a pull heavy approach with that 45% Pull. Getting a bit jumpy in the box and consistently attacking the ball well out in front.

A 2B/LF Profile. I have been fairly low on Jahmai Jones for a few years now. The athleticism and talent are clear, he just has trouble consistently tapping into it. He has gone through a position change, swing change and has definitely improved his game over the past year or so, but I still have a hard time seeing him carve out a fulltime starting role at this point. There is room for him on a big league roster however, and expect him to carve out a utility role, but have a hard time seeing anything more then that.

Jahmai made his MLB Debut late in the 2020 season for the Angels, and will compete for a bench spot in Spring Training heading into 2021.

14. William Holmes – RHP/DH – Orem Owlz (Rookie Advanced)
19 Years Old – Bat: R – Throw: R – Ht: 6’4 – Wt: 227lbs – ETA: 2025

Present/Future Grades
**Combined stats from the entire 2019 season**
HitRaw PowerPowerSpeedFieldArmFV
Present/Future Grades
**Combined stats from the entire 2019 season**

The Angels are doing the 2 way Prospect thing again. Always fun.

A high waisted, long limbs, Holmes has a ton of untapped potential After not pitching in his draft year, a common theme for most Angels pitching prospects right out of the draft, the athletic 2 way prospect got a chance with the bat, and for the most part struggled in his first taste on action. In 2019, he looked a whole lot more comfortable and also started to get some work on the mound as well as continuing to get work as a rotating DH.

On the mound, Holmes has an exciting ceiling. Starting with a clean, athletic delivery that has the looks of a starting pitcher. A Fastball that sits 93-95 T97 that comes with Above Average spin rate (2450 RPM) and shows an ability to cut and sink the Fastball, however he is lacking with some command of the FB. A spiked Curveball in the upper 70s that he uses often and shows fairly solid command of. And a Changeup that he is still getting a feel for after ditching his Split-Finger in favor of it. His showed big swing and miss potential with that 35% K Rate.

Offensively, Holmes has some upside with the in terms of Power. But does lack with the Hit tool. The swing gets a bit long and has trouble catching up to the high fastball.

Personally, I feel there is much more upside long-term on the mound and think over the next year or 2 we could see a move be made to stop the 2 way and focus entirely on pitching. He shows some tools offensively, but I’m not sure it will ever materialize into a productive big league hitter. Expect a slower development with Holmes.

Holmes has added 20 pounds since last season, and even added an inch from his 6’3 frame, as he is now listed at 6’4.

15. David Calabrese – OF – 2020 3rd Round Draft Pick
18 Years Old – Bat: L – Throw: R – Height: 5’11 – Weight: 165 – ETA: 2024

HitRaw PowerPowerSpeedFieldArmFV
Present/Future Grades


Oh Canada, one of the best if not the best 2020 Prospect from the country. Back to the basics for the Angels in the 2020 MLB Draft after selecting Reid Detmers with their 1st round pick, not they go after an athletic Prep OF (shocker).  I like what Calabrese brings to the table. The speed is legitimate 70 grade and has no issues remaining in CF tracking balls down, with developing arm strength that shows pretty consistently on target. Tons of twitch and athleticism. Calabrese has top of the lineup capabilities.

At the plate, a GAP-GAP approach, that projects to gain some more carry in the future as he adds some weight to his 5’11’’ 160lb frame. He has a knack for spraying balls around the field and using that speed to his advantage on the basepaths to take extra bases and also pitch in a healthy amount of Stolen Bases.

This is a typical Angels selection. Toolsy, athletic young OF they watch develop into another hopeful talented young OF at the top of their prospect ranks. I believe he has that type of upside, but may be overlooked with his lack of power. The Hit Tool, Speed, and Defense scream big leaguer. And you can dream on a bit of Power here with his ability to find barrels, bat speed, and likely an improved bat path and approach to tap into more as his body develops and adds the weight that seems to be on its way.

I think Calabrese has a chance to be one of the steals of the 2020 Draft and climb the rankings quickly with his skillset and projection as he fills out that young frame, as he was one of the youngest prospects in the 2020 Draft, being 18 the entirety of the 2021 season. Has a similar skillset to D’Backs prospects Corbin Carroll, with slightly less power potential. But may take a year to see that start to fruition as the body develops.

16. Packy Naughton – LHP – Chattanooga Lookouts (AA Reds Affiliate)
24 Years Old – Bat: R – Throw: L – Ht: – 6’2″ – Wt: 195lbs – ETA 2021

Present/Future Grades
**Combined stats from the entire 2019 season**

Packy was acquired by the Angels at the 2020 trade deadline in the Brian Goodwin deal as 1 of the 2 young left-handers in the deal. Packy is your typical crafty lefty who wont overpower hitters, but beats them with Plus Command and Plus Changeup he will drop in on LHH or RHH in any count, ahead or behind. Backed up by a Fastball sitting 88-92 T94, Grading as a 50. However, does play up at times with that command and ability to play off his Changeup that clearly is his go to pitch.

He has that Tommy Milone or Jason Vargas feel to him. Beating hitters with location and keeping them off balance rather then winning with pure stuff. The floor here is pretty safe in terms of reaching the big leagues are carving out at least a long relief/spot starter role. But there is some back of the rotation upside here if he is able to improve that Curveball a bit as a consistent 3rd pitch.

Naughton will get a chance in 2021 to show what he has in 2021 when a spot in the rotation opens up for him. And could prove to be a valuable piece for them throughout the season making spot starts and filling holes in the rotation as they present themselves.

17. Adrian Placencia – SS – DSL Angels (Rookie)
17 Years Old – Bat: S – Throw: R – Height: 5’11 – Wt: 155lbs – ETA 2025

HitRaw PowerPowerSpeedFieldArmFV
Present/Future Grades


The Angels handed Placencia a $1.1 Million Signing Bonus. Showing rare bat control for someone so young, and on top of that a switch hitter showing consistent plus bat control from each side of the plate. Finds barrels and just has that feel of an advanced hitter at a young age that you could see the Hit Tool becoming a 60 as he develops.

Probably not going to be a SS long-term. With the likely home being 2B with the lack of Power and overall arm strength. With the arm having strong accuracy and will be more then capable of making throws up the middle of the diamond from 2B as he develops. I love the hit tool potential, and has a chance to move into a Plus with that impressive bat control and knack for finding barrels.

He is extremely young, but in order for Placencia to climb his way through the system he is going to have to hit. Simple as that, it’s his 1 tool he can rely on consistently, and if it doesn’t show that 55, he may be looking at a platoon or utility role at best. Maybe he adds some extra power down the line to have something else to fall back on.

18. Trent Deveaux – OF – Orem Owlz (Rookie Advanced)
20 Years Old – Bat: R – Throw: Right – Ht: 6’0″ – Wt: 16
0lbs – ETA: 2023

HitRaw PowerPowerSpeedFieldArmFV
Present/Future Grades
**Combined stats from the entire 2019 season**

Hey, another athletic Outfielder in the Angels system, what a surprise. The Bahamian native has an exciting skillset. But it comes with a whole lot of inconsistencies and worries presently. Starting with the Strikeout rate and Pull% (33% K and a incredibly high 60% Pull). The more he advances through the Minors he will continue to get exposed on the outer half with that inability to use RF. He has trouble getting the barrel out there and consistently with swing and miss or make soft roll over contact on any decently executed pitch.

With the struggles, has come a few changes in approach at the plate. He went to an interesting extremely tall and feet virtually right on top of each other, which had little to no success. He then moved to a more spread stance with a leg kick, the landing on his leg kick in a bit late forcing him to speed up the whole process at the plate. All of which seems to have made the hitch in his swing a bit more evident and concerning. Leading to those high Strikeout and Pull %s.

Seems to have a new stance and swing to work with, hoping to see less swing and miss and more consistency. Not much we can do but wait and see in 2021 how it works out for him, He has a lower hand setup and gets his process going earlier, and lowered the leg kick a bit, just overall looks a lot more smooth and eliminated a few unnecessary variables.

The tools are there for Deveaux to turn into the player the Angels hoped when they signed him, but he will have to get more consistent with the bat and likely find go through another swing change and ton down the approach a tad and look for more contact. Very flyball oriented approach, this he would really benefit from flattening the bat path a bit and look for more Line Drives in the Gaps and find the power with it.

19. Jose Bonilla – 3B/2B – DSL Angels (Rookie)
18 Years Old – Bat: R – Throw: R – Ht: 6’1″ – Wt: 200lbs – ETA: 2024

HitRaw PowerPowerSpeedFieldArmFV
Present/Future Grades

**Combined stats from the entire 2019 season**

The young prospect plays SS now but there is not much of a future at the position with his overall build and skillset likely shifting over to 3B or 2B long-term. Showing good footwork at SS, but lacking the quickness, and range you want at the position. The Arm is more then capable of handling most throws on the infield, although he could improve the Arm Accuracy a touch.

He played a 5 games at 3B in his debut season, and with the SS depth in the system, likely could see a move over to the hot corner early in his career, possibly even in 2021 when he next takes the field.

Has an open stance and leg kick in his swing. Has consistent Hip/Shoulder separation, and balance at the plate, with a 1 handed finish and finds barrels consistently with that 55 future Hit Tool. As well as being known for having a fairly good eye at the plate that should turn into consistently high OBP numbers as he progresses through the system.

Some worry on his long-term power potential, an I think there are some concerns there. Currently he is more focused on finding gaps and line drives, which he does a very good job of at a young age, and does show some big pull power at times in Batting Practice so there is hope he could start to show some of that in game and start seeing some over the fence power instead of just consistent gap power.

Bonilla added 15 pounds to his frame heading into Instructs this season, could help add to the Power projection.

20. Werner Blakely – 2020 Draftee
18 Years Old – Bat: L – Throw: R – Ht: 6’3 – Wt: 185lbs – ETA: 2025

HitRaw PowerPowerSpeedFieldArmFV
Present/Future Grades


Taken in the 4th round pick of the 2020 MLB Draft by the Angels. A big, strong, projectable 6’3” with the tools to stick at SS long-term. And with that come with pretty big power projection with Blakely, and some other loud tools that make him a pretty exciting prospect to see debut in 2021.

He will need to fix some swing and miss issues. Likely starting with a bit of a swing change, with getting his hands a bit higher; he starts them off pretty low. He has a great Vertical bat angle, and generates plus bat speed from the left side. Occasionally, the swing can get a bit to lift heavy and that’s when you see the Swing and Miss get exposed.

Strong armed, quick twitch athlete. I really like the potential with him. Quick release to pair with the strong arm, strong glove skills. Showing to be rushed in the field and can lead to some miscues, but should be able to iron them out, as he shows the twitch, athleticism, glove skills, reactions and quickness you look for at the SS position. If it doesn’t work out, 3B is an easy slide over, but he should be able to move out to the OF grass and be fine in RF or LF with his offensive profile and arm will be playable in RF, but I do think he sticks on the infield. Just needs to slow himself down a bit. His quick twitch actions and release will take care of speeding up the process for him I think can turn into one of the bigger sleepers in the draft.

If the development goes right, and a lot of this hinders on that Hit tool progressing into a 45. Then we are looking at a potential top 5 talent in the system type of guy. But there is as much risk as any in the system, as well as the entire Minor leagues with his limited track record against strong competition throughout his amateur career. A complete Wild Card, but one that could turn into a lottery ticket down the line.

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