Jarlin Susana RHP | Scouting Report: Washington Nationals

Jarlin Susana RHP | Scouting Report: Washington Nationals

Written By: Austin Farmer
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Jarlin Susana is a sleeper pitching prospect for the Washington Nationals. Susana came over from the San Diego Padres as part of the package for Juan Soto. While he only had a small sample size in 2023, he showed explosive stuff. So explosive, that in one outing I saw him hit a batter in the head and they had to take out that batter to make sure he didn’t have a concussion. The fastball comes out of his hand loud and his changeup is devastatingly filthy. His curveball is a new pitch, and while it doesn’t project well, it’s still usable. He boasts an elite fastball and three secondaries that grade out at plus-plus. If it wasn’t for his curveball, Susana would project as an easy future ace, but he still looks like a front end rotation pitcher. If he can develop further spin in 2024, Susana should see a promotion at some point in the season. Susana is the definition of a hard thrower.

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