Eury Perez | Scouting Report: Miami Marlins RHP

Eury Perez | Scouting Report: Miami Marlins RHP

Written By: Austin Farmer
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This most recent in-depth scouting report takes a look at teenage pitching phenom Eury Perez. Perez has the potential to be an ace in a number of rotations, but with Sandy Alcantara as the ace in Miami, Perez will be a lethal #2 starter. Not only does Perez have a blow it by you upper-90s Fastball, he’s also got three legitimate off-speed pitches that he throws more than his Fastball. His Fastball has already reached 100, and he has more in the tank. The most impressive thing about Perez other than his heat is his command. He spots the corners consistently and can generate a lot of chase and weak contact.

Video Breakdown

In the report I mentioned how Perez spots all of his pitches on the corners and rarely leaves pitches in hittable parts of the zone. This Tweet does an excellent job showing in a small sample size. In the video, Perez had one full count, while it is a very small sample size, it does portray a decent feel for Perez’s ability to blow a Fastball by a hitter while also getting them to chase down in the zone with his developing Slider.

Perez’s Changeup is his most impressive secondary offering. He’s got a really nice feel for it, and consistently sits 89-91. He throws his Changeup harder than a lot of pitchers throw their Fastball. He can get a lot of chase with it and create weak contact, as it tails away from the hitter low in the zone.

Final Thoughts

Eury Perez is one of the most exciting pitching prospects in the game and for a good reason. He’s a tall, projectable arm who won’t turn 20-years-old until April. By the time Perez has finished developing, his four pitch mix will be devastating to a lot of hitters. Perez could be fighting for a start on the starting rotation for Miami during the 2024 Spring Training with another successful season in 2023. There’s a lot to love about Perez, and he’s one of the best pitching prospects in baseball.

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