Jaden Hill RHP | Scouting Report: 2021 MLB Draft

Jaden Hill RHP | Scouting Report: 2021 MLB Draft

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Starting to become the most improving name in the 2021 MLB Draft, Jaden Hill has quietly gone about his rehab and come back before exploding into life to start the 2021 season with a win for the LSU Tigers. He made just 4 appearances in 2020, all as reliever roles, and made just 2 starts in 2019 before suffering a season-ending injury.

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MLB Draft Scouting Report
RHP| Jaden Hill | Age: 21


**Age is at time of the 2021 July MLB Draft**

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As mentioned in the scouting report above, his fastball demonstrates power. Despite his long spell out injured Jaden Hill can still produce mid-90s to upper-90s velocity with relative ease. He has also shown he can work deeper into innings whilst maintaining this velocity.

He has a swagger that also goes well with such a powerful pitch. He has confidence in what he does and has the stuff to back it up. Although his fastball is his most-used tool, Jaden Hill demonstrates his qualities with both his slider and changeup, as well as some feel for a cutter. He has started to integrate his off-speed pitches more, thus making him more of a threat on the mound. He had some issues with his fastball being hit when used so often earlier in the season, but the adaptation to mix in his pitches has seen remarkable improvement.

His upper-80s sliders are particularly impressive. The movement of the pitch, and the location, cause problems for hitters as they move down and away from right-handed hitters. Used predominantly against RHH, he can attack LHH with the pitch, although he prefers changeups against them.

Hitters expecting powerful fastballs, before being caught frozen with his massive decrease in velocity. This is what keeps hitters on their toes, and Jaden Hill made the most of it in his first outing for LSU in 2021. In appearances where he used less of them, he had less impact. The video above shows the damage it can cause, whilst showing the way he deceives hitters by keeping the same wind-up and release.


Jaden Hill should easily be a first-day draft pick. He shows ability with his fastball and off-speed pitches, as well as having a repeatable delivery that consistently hits 97mph. If he can showcase his durability he could be a mid to lower 1st Round pick. However, if he’s restricted to a bullpen role, and occasional starter, that could be much later.

We will have to see what the 2021 season brings, but it is a big year for LSU and Jaden Hill. They certainly possess the talent to do well, and Hill certainly has the ability to be a star for them.

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