2021 MLB Draft Rankings

2021 MLB Draft Rankings

Written by: Jake Tillinghast
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The first release of the 2021 MLB Draft Rankings for Prospects Worldwide. A lot has changed over the past few months as we have finally got College baseball back and rolling, and the prepsters are in their High School seasons getting their final prep ready for the upcoming 2021 MLB Draft League and Combine. There have been some heavy risers, as well as some major fallers. It is the nature of the draft process and all that comes with it.

This is by no means a finalized list. I am 100% certain there will be players I am low on that will be much higher closer to the draft as well as players I am higher on that will end up a bit lower than I expect, again all a part of the process.

There will be future updates to this list, as well as added Scouting Reports on the lower part of the list, so be sure to bookmark and check back for future updates. As well as follow Me and ProspectsWorldwide on Twitter for updates to the rankings and more Draft content..

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Last Update: 3/29/2021

1. RHP Jack Leiter | School: Vanderbilt | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’0 | Wt: 190lbs | Age: 21.2

Leiter, a hot commodity out of High school back in 2019 decided heading Vanderbilt was his best option. Smart decision, as Leiter finds himself in firm discussion to be the Top Overall Prospect in the 2021 MLB Draft with his teammate, Kumar Rocker. Working with outstanding pitchability, stuff, and control, Leiter stands above the rest with an incredibly deep arsenal of 4 pitches that grade out 55 or better with Above-average Command. Led by the Plus Curveball with 11/5 shape that is a strike getter, but also a bat misser and grades easy plus. Mixing in a Slider that flashes Plus, but settles as a 55 giving RHH trouble, and an Above-average Changeup with Vertical drop that is equally as effective at keeping hitters off-balanced. Leiter works with plus extension/drive and has been pumping up to 97 MPH with ease in 2021, something that I was looking for this season. The command of that Fastball has been good in his career but has had some hiccups early in the season, likely from that uptick in velo, nothing to be concerned about… I have a hard time seeing the Pirates pass him up at 1.1. 16 straight no-hit innings to start his SEC career, has virtually solidified his spot at the top of the class for any doubters that remain.

2. SS Jordan Lawlar | School: Jesuit College Prep HS, TX | Commit: Vanderbilt | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’2 | Wt: 185lbs | Age: 19


Lawlar shows off a rare polished skill set for an HS Shortstop with the ability to stick at a premium position. Showing 4 Above-Average to Plus Tools, with just the Power grading lower as the lone League-Average grade. And the Power has been showing up early in spring with several HR to CF. One of the few players in the entire class that has legitimate 5 Tool potential if he can tap into more consistent power. Smooth, comfortable in all aspects of the game with a Jeter-like approach and bat control in the box. A near-lock for the Top 5 with 1.1 considerations. Similar to Xander Bogaerts.

3. RHP Kumar Rocker | School: Vanderbilt | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’4 | Wt: 255 | Age: 21.6

Ever since he stepped foot on Vanderbilt’s campus, Kumar Rocker has been in discussion for the top spot of the 2021 Class. A strong, workhorse type (6’4 255lbs) with a bulldog mentality, capable of working 200+ IP per season. Despite that size, he works with an athletic delivery. Rocker has used his Fastball/Slider combo over 90% of the time, and for good reason. Pounding the zone with his mid-90s Plus Fastball with 2300 RPM. The best pitch he brings to the table (and on the shortlist for best pitches in the draft) is a true wipeout, knee-buckling Double-plus Curveball with vertical depth that has picked up an outstanding amount of swing and miss and hitters walking back to the dugout in disgust. Kumar has been working on a new Cutter this season and could advance his arsenal that much more as he starts to work it in, as well as more usage of the Changeup which flashes Above-average potential, although has been seldom used.

4. C Henry Davis | School: Louisville | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’2 | Wt: 195lbs | Age: 21.8

Davis comes in as the unquestioned best Catcher in the class, and arguable the top position player. Extremely athletic behind the plate and grades as a Plus Defender. A Double-plus Arm that is strong and accurate. Quick out of the squat. A Flattish bat path, that has added some loft this season, with an open stance, wide base, and he really covers the outside edge and the entire plate extremely well at the plate. With an Above-average Hit tool to go with a strong OBP skills and low strikeout numbers. The Power at the next level has some question marks, but potential for 10-13 HR per season on avg is easily within reach. There’s a strong floor here with Davis and a chance to become one of the better all around catchers in baseball with a bit of a boost to the offensive game. But regardless, this is a big league caliber backstop, and one a team should rely on for many years to come.

5. SS Marcelo Mayer | School: East Lake HS, CA | Commit: USC | B / T: L / R | Ht: 6’3 | Wt: 188lbs | Age: 18.6


An all-around talented athlete with one of the better approaches at the plate to go with a Plus Hit Tool. Showing a smooth, consistent swing from the left side. However, the bat path is rather flat but has been showing more loft as of late which has carried early into the spring and projects for League-Average Power numbers, with the potential for more as he tinkers with his bat path as he enters pro ball to tap into that power more consistently. As good as he is in the box, he shows equally as a Plus Defender at SS with a Plus Arm that’s capable of making most any throw on the infield. Similar to Corey Seager.

6. OF James Wood | School: IMG Academy HS, FL | Commit: Mississippi St | B / T: L / R | Ht: 6’6 | Wt: 230 | Age: 18.7

Not often you see a player 6’6 230 lbs with Plus Speed, Plus-Plus Raw Power with a chance to tap into all of it. The offensive ceiling is as high as any in the class when you have that strong hitability in such a powerful Left Handed hitter. Shows strong mechanics and the ability to stay short with those long arms. Not something you see often from a young hitter this size. Defensively, showing an ability to play CF, however likely sliding in as a Plus defender in RF as he reaches Pro ball. You can’t help but think of a Left-Handed Aaron Judge here. Similar to Aaron Judge.

7. RHP Gunnar Hoglund | School: Mississippi | B / T: L / R | Ht: 6’4 | Wt: 215lbs | Age: 21.6

Hoglund has a lot to like on the mound. What your buying into is Plus Command, good stuff, with ability to locate his entire arsenal in or out to L/R with ability to miss bats and high end projection. In his time at Mississippi, Hoglund has impressed and in the shortened 2020 season in 23.1 IP with a 37:4 K:BB and a 1.16 ERA. Working with a low effort delivery that should see some added velo down the line. An Above-average Fastball sitting 90-93 MPH T96 with a strong Vertical Approach Angle and ride up in the zone. Although he shows more tendencies working arm-side up in the zone with that heater, he shows good arm and glove-side command. His secondaries include an Above-average Slider with sharp bite and swing and miss tendencies that flashes plus often. And a Changeup to round out the arsenal. He ditched a Curveball for more usage on that Slider and seems to have been a smart move, Maybe that Curve makes a comeback at a later date. Hoglund has shown everything needed and then some to solidify himself in the first to start 2021. A strong floor as a mid-rotation arm with some upside to tap.

8. SS Khalil Watson | School: Wake Forest HS, NC | Commit: North Carolina St | B / T: L / R | Ht: 5’11 | Wt: 168lbs | Age: 18.1


Watson has continued his climb from an impressive summer circuit. Defensively he shows natural clean actions at the SS position where he grades as Plus to go with a strong Plus arm. Plus athleticism, bat speed, and a bat that has really been showing up loudly this summer. So much that he finds himself as a likely 1st round selection with his ability to produce on both sides of the ball, and there is still more to come with the bat. Patient and willing to take walks, to go with his Above-average Hit tool with 20+ HR Power and 25 SB potential. A rare blend of Power/Speed that has a clear path to sticking at the SS position.

9. OF Jud Fabian | School: Florida | B / T: R / L | Ht: 6’2 | Wt: 185 | Age: 20.8


Jud Fabian very likely is the most talented player in the 2021 Class, and one of the few prospects in the class with legitimate 5 tool potential. He enrolled early into Florida out of HS (will be just 20.8 years old on Draft Day) so he has youth on his side. While also getting challenged at the college level and performed very well against older competition in a strong SEC Conference loaded with high-end pitching. A strong floor with a high ceiling that will produce multiple All-Star Caliber seasons. There is swing and miss concerns, but I think the talent wins out in the end. Similar to Tommy Pham.

10. RHP Sam Bachman | School: Miami (OH) | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’1 | Wt: 235lbs | Age: 21.10

Bachman very likely brings the best 3-pitch mix to the table in the class. With the FB grading as Double-plus regularly touching mid to upper 90s having touched 101. Comes from that low slot riding up in the zone and showing ability to locate it fairly consistently. The secondaries are equally as impressive. A Slider 85-87 T89 MPH with tight late action, with gyro tendencies and a hard fading Changeup each grading as easy Plus offerings. A strong starters build to go with that 3 pitch mix all that have clear swing and miss potential. Has shown strong improvements with his command/control from struggles he showed during his Freshman year. Similar to Max Scherzer.

11. OF Christian Franklin | School: Arkansas | B / T: R / R | Ht: 5’11 | Wt: 185lbs | Age: 21.6

Franklin has a ton of athleticism and should have no issues maintaining his Plus Speed moving forward. As well as stick in CF Defensively as an Above-average Defender, with Plus Arm strength. Franklin very well may end up Plus out in CF due to his strong jumps and speed that helps run down balls in the gaps and make some highlight reel grabs. Offensively, there is a pretty high ceiling here but there is a bit of development left. He struggles with breaking balls away and has had legitimate strikeout concerns at Arkansas. There has been slight improvements from the shortened 2020 season and early 2021, but nothing to fully buy into yet as he still has shown swing and miss this year. All things considered, Franklin still projects for a slightly Below-average Hit tool. But this is very likely going to be a bit of a Power over Hit profile. A very well-rounded athlete that should continue to develop into a strong performer on both sides of the ball, albeit with a bit of a streaky offensive game at times.

12. OF Sal Frelick | School: Boston College | B / T: L / R | Ht: 5’9 | Wt: 175lbs | Age: 21.2

A spark plug, top of the order bat with good hitability, pitch recognition, and plate discipline. A fantastic approach at the plate not striking out much at all and drawing a good amount of walks. Shows an ability to handle the high fastball with ease. With an Above-average Hit Tool that has a pretty good chance at Plus with very strong hitability line to line. And some pop that should see him tapping 9-13 HR per season. Defensively, Frelick is a Plus Defender at all 3 OF positions, fitting in best in CF to utilize his impressive 70 grade Speed and run down balls in the gaps others simply cannot. With a league-average Arm. Frelick shouldn’t have many issues carving out a lengthy big-league career due to his ability to impact the game in a number of ways. Similar to Brett Gardner with slightly more upside.

13. 3B Brady House | School: Winder-Barrow HS, GA | Commit: Tennessee | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’3 | Weight: 217lbs | Age: 18


House long has been viewed as a Top talent in the class, and for good reason. Young for the class just turning 18 during the draft month, the Right-Handed Plus Power from House is legitimate and some of the best in the class. Expect his defensive home to be at 3B long-term, shifting off SS he currently plays. If the Hit Tool can show the consistency it once did, House will solidify himself as one of the Top Overall Prep talents in the class. He has a Plus arm that profiles well at 3B and has a chance to be an Above-Average Defender there at his best. There is some 2-way potential here, but the future with Brady is in the middle of a lineup driving in runs. Similar to Troy Glaus.

14. RHP Ryan Cusick | School: Wake Forest | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’6 | Wt: 225 | Age: 21.7

Wake Forest has slowly been turning into a Pitchers hotbed with a quick rising developmental program, Jared Shuster to the Braves in Round 1 in 2020, Ryan Cusick is next in line ticketed for the 1st Round. Cusick works from a 3/4 arm slot with a 3 pitch mix. A heavy Fastball approach, that grades as a future Plus, 95-98 MPH T99 with 2450 RPM, has ride with some arm side run when working glove side. His best pitch? That would be the Slider, although inconsistent and tendencies to leave some over the plate. It’s 84 MPH tight, with 2 plane break. The potential is there showing true wipeout. Rounding out the 3 pitch mix is a rarely used Below-average Changeup in the 86-88 MPH range with some vertical drop to it, mostly used vs LHH. The control will need to improve, as well as getting those secondaries more involved which will only make his fastball that much better. So there is some reliever risk here you cannot deny. But Cusick has the look, the stuff, and the continued development to see it all coming together in 2021.

15. C/1B Adrian Del Castillo | School: Miami | B / T: L / R | Ht: 5’11 | Wt: 208lbs | Age: 21.8

When evaluating Adrian Del Castillo you quickly realize you’re very likely looking at the best Pure Hitter in the 2021 Class. You also come to the conclusion he is pretty unlikely to stick behind the plate long-term. But that won’t stop any team who falls in love with the Bat to make Del Castillo a Top 15 pick. An easy load mechanism at the plate, gets his front foot down early, and sees the pitch out of the pitcher’s hand early, produces an easy Plus Hit tool. A strong approach at the plate with good OBP numbers and limited strikeouts. Mostly Pull-RCF Power which has the looks of Above-average and will occasionally show up the other way but mostly shows strong hitability and doubles power to that side of the field. Not a ton of flexibility behind the plate, athleticism is Below-average, the Arm is Average, maybe slightly better. The blocking/receiving need work behind the plate, and ultimately will likely push him off the position into a more LF/1B Profile.

16. C Harry Ford | School: North Cobb HS, GA | Commit: Georgia Tech | B / T: R / R | Ht: 5’10 | Wt: 200lbs | Age: 18.2


Ford skillset is unmatched at the catcher position with the exception of a handful of players at any level. From Above Average Power, Defense, and Speed (Shows Plus speed now, should see a dip to Above-average) to go with a plus arm and showing every chance to stick behind the plate with those tools and athleticism. Teams may feel the pressure of moving Ford of C to another position to maximize his bat potential and athleticism. I think the future is behind the plate, but what a nice fallback option if it goes south, 3B/LF/CF are all potential landing spots if so. This catcher class is deep, one of the best we have seen in some time on the HS and College level. But we haven’t seen many come through either side with the skill-set Ford carries. Similar to J.T. Realmuto or Craig Biggio.

17. RHP McCade Brown | School: Indiana | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’6 | Wt: 220lbs | Age: 20.9

McCade Brown’s stuff can rival any in the class. Featuring true swing and miss abilities with his 3 pitches and one of the best Curveballs in the class that is virtually unhittable when its on. (And it’s on more times than not). Has the looks of a Double-plus pitch with tight spin that’s tough lay off with the late action it brings to the table. A 4 pitch mix and a starter body with this type of stuff is tough to ignore. Coming into 2021 there were some control/command issues, but Brown has taken a big step forward in that category and looks like a clear1st round pick.

18. SS Matt McLain | School: UCLA | B / T: R / R | Ht: 5’11 | Wt: 170lbs | Age: 21.9

McLain is very athletic with a high baseball IQ. At the plate McLain profiles as a top-of-the-order bat with a Plus Hit tool and an extremely tough out at the plate, with good plate discipline that will lead to strong OBP numbers. An extremely flat bat path doesn’t lead to much power potential for McLain, but settling in around 5-10 HR annually is where we should find him. Defensively, a 2B/SS/CF Profile that should settle as an Average Defender at SS, and a chance for Plus at 2B with the skillset and athleticism necessary to show Above-average in CF. But in-game reps down the line will be the biggest tell there. Clean footwork on the infield dirt coming in and on DP turns has strong feeds and accurate throws across the diamond to go with Average Arm strength across the diamond. A strong floor, one of the best in the class, should move through the system very quickly. With tools that can carry McLain to become a consistent starter at the big league level. Similar profile to Nick Madrigal and David Fletcher.

19. OF Joshua Baez | School: Dexter Southland HS, MA | Commit: Vanderbilt | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’3 | Wt: 220lbs | Age: 18


One of the younger players in the Draft, Baez toolset and age are simply too hard to ignore and pass up. The only question is the hit tool. Will he strike out too much? As is your question with most prep bats with the power he possesses Double Plus Raw and ability to tap Plus Game Power which he shows in-game consistently to all fields. As he did at the Area Code Games with a 107 Exit Velocity HR to RCF. Double-plus Arm Grade, that should put fear in any baserunner, Baez fits naturally as an RF but could see some reps in CF with his strong reads off the bat and speed that should drop from the Plus it currently shows into a 50-55 Runner. Similar to Yoenis Cespedes.

20. RHP Ty Madden | School: Texas | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’3 | Wt: 215lbs | Age: 21.4

Madden has all the stuff of a top of the class arm, the one thing he is lacking is consistent control/command within the zone. Featuring a 3 pitch mix with 2 Plus pitches in the FB/SL. The heat, literally, touches up to 97 with arm side run. The Slider tunnels exceptionally off of it with 2 plane action creating major issues for hitters, especially RHH who have a tough time laying off the Slider off the plate. The 3rd pitch, a Changeup that shows potential but is lacking behind the 2 others.

21. RHP Thatcher Hurd | School: Mira Costa HS, CA | Commit: UCLA | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’4 | Wt: 195lbs 

Hurd, simply put, has an incredible feel to spin the ball with both the Above-average Curveball and Plus Slider both showing 2800+ RPM consistently. With projection remaining in the 6’4 frame, there’s every reason to see him adding velocity to the 90-93 MPH Fastball and touching mid to upper 90s at times with those Above-average to Plus spin rates, and eventually be an easy Plus pitch. A 4 pitch mix with the ability to miss bats. Similar pitching type to Eric Hammond, an earlier 2021 ranked High School RHP, similar profiles and pitch mix, just less established. Transferred to Mira Costa HS this offseason for a bit of a competition boost (a-La Peter Halpin; 2020 draft). One of the higher upside arms in the class, with a ceiling that’s tough to match.

22. LHP Gage Jump | School: JSerra Catholic HS, CA | Commit: UCLA | B / T: L / L | Ht: 5’11 | Wt: 180lbs 

Gage will just be turning 18 during his draft month. A young Left Hander with a blazing Fastball that Grades Double Plus with impressive metrics. Sitting 92-93 T95 generating a ton of Swing and Miss up in the zone with plus ride and flat VAA. With fantastic extension and drive off his back leg. Although he is a smaller pitcher, just (5’11 180lbs) he uses all of it and more and it really works to his advantage. He has a Curveball with 2/7 shape that is Above-Average working exceptionally well off the high FB. As well as a Changeup and newly added Cutter to round out the repertoire and has starter traits written all over him.

23. LHP Jordan Wicks | School: Kansas St | B / T: L / L | Ht: 6’3 | Wt: 220 | Age: 21.9

Jordan Wicks has been nearly untouchable his last year and a half on the mound. Posting a 0.35 ERA in the shortened season in 2020 at Kansas St, and a 20 Inning stint holding a 0.45 ERA over the summer in the Northwoods League. Wicks is a High upside Lefthander with Above-average to Plus Command. His best pitch, and possibly one of the better Changeups, grading as Double-plus, in the entire class that has produced a strong amount of swing and miss and soft contact. He consistently works his Fastball around 92 MPH; 2400-2500 RPM with the ability to locate in and out. His 3rd pitch is his Slider, 84-87 MPH; 2550 RPM which is pretty effective in itself. Extremely tough on lefties with that Slider. Wicks may project as a bit of a contact over swing and miss pitcher in the end but should hover around that 1K per inning mark producing a ton of soft contact. He shows everything you look for in LHP in the 1st Round. And the stuff seems to have gone up a notch in 2021. A similar Lefty with a nasty, potential best in the class Changeup went in the back of the 1st Round last year, Jared Shuster.

24. OF Levi Usher | School: Louisville | B / T: L / R | Ht: 6’0 | Wt: 210 | Age: 21.1

Usher is a gamer. Coming from JuCo to Louisville, he had a lot of eyes on him to perform. He plays the game hard and has a very nice skillset to back it up. a Quick-twitch athlete, with a double-plus run grade and a Hit over Power profile but should be able to tap into 12-15 HR power consistently. Fantastic base stealer, 20+ potential. Profiles as a top-of-the-order bat. Similar to Darin Erstad.

25. OF/RHP Braden Montgomery | School: Madison Central HS, MS | Commit: Stanford | B / T: S / R | Ht: 6’3 | Wt: 205 | Age: 18.1


The top two-way talent in the class, Montgomery’s future has many potential outcomes. For me, I can’t see many teams not pushing him to go full time position player, and focus on his skillset there. A switch-hitter with this type of bat-to-ball skills is rare. That double plus arm will play as a weapon out in the OF. Extremely athletic with a elite level makeup and baseball IQ, there’s so much to dream on with Braden moving into the future. Always having that fallback to jump on the mound if things go south offensively (don’t count on it). Similar to Carlos Beltran. Also, in many ways, a mixture of an Aaron Hicks (Arm, Power) and young Dexter Fowler (Hit tool, Makeup).

26. RHP Kevin Abel | School: Oregon State | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’2 | Wt: 200 | Age: 22.4


Abel missed the shortened 2020 season with TJ surgery but has come out firing on all cylinders in 2021. A strong 3 pitch mix with 2 very good secondaries and command of all 3 pitches. The Fastball, Above-average, with some projection remaining in the arm, we should see a tick of velocity added in the future. Those secondaries? A Curveball and a Changeup. In my eyes, the Changeup is slightly better grabbing plus grades, the Curve settles as a 55 but shows plus often. Starter profiles with command of all 3 pitches, a track record and a splash of projection typically don’t last long. Abel won’t be an exception.

27. 3B Izaac Pacheco | School: Friendswood HS, TX | Commit: Texas A&M | B / T: L / R | Ht: 6’4 | Wt: 220 | Age: 18.5

Likely the best LH Power in the prep class, giving James Wood a run for his money. Legitimate 70 Raw Power that should be able to tap 60 Game Power rather easy even if the hit tool never develops past a 35. I have Pacheco marked down as a Future 40 Hit (even if it ends a 35), which in my eyes is going to be an easy path to 30+ HR yearly in that bat. With 40 HR a real possibility in some seasons. Works a high amount of walks but will strike out a high rate. Potential 3 true outcome, but there is a bit of feel for the barrel that comes and goes. Very athletic for his size and smooth on the infield dirt, Has looked capable of handling SS but a much butter fit at 3B long-term where his footwork and glove skills will transfer naturally. Also a fit in RF due to the big power and arm strength. Similar to Joey Gallo.

28. LHP Joe Rock | School: Ohio | B / T: L / L | Ht: 6’5 | Wt: 180 | Age: 21

Joe Rock was a hot name without much of a track record heading into 2021. But to start the season, he has done nothing but impress and showcase plus stuff, oh yeah and a 12 K no-hitter vs Morehead State. The southpaw, has fairly clean, repeatable mechanics and a ton of projection left in his 6’6 180 lbs lanky frame. Already touches up to 96 with a filthy Slider that shows plus often, both of which he can use as a strikeout pitch. Also working in a Changeup. There is a bit of development left here and likely will be a slower mover as he develops more as a starter, but could move quicker as a left-handed option out of the pen. Similar to Chris Sale.

29. RHP Jaden Hill | School: LSU | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’4 | Wt: 234lbs | Age: 21.6


Jaden Hill is a strong Right Hander with an explosive arm and a 4 pitch mix, that has as much upside as any Pitcher in the class. Including the 2 Vanderbilt stars slated to go inside the Top 3 picks. The question here is can he put it all together consistently, and find a way to improve his Fastball. Hill may have the best Breaking ball or Changeup in the entire class, his secondaries are that good. A devastating Plus mid-80s Slider that generated a video game-like swing and miss rates. Sharp horizontal break that sprinkles in some tilt at times and shows some hard-slurve tendencies with some development left there, but all signs point to a lethal pitch. The Fastball is Above-average but also where some concerns start sprinkling in. Sitting 95-97 T98 in short stints, but falls off as he gets deeper in starts, although has made strides in this aspect in 2021. Heavy Fastball usage with a low amount of swing and miss generated, and fairly flat is not every enticing and will need to command and miss more bats with the Fastball to eventually grade as a Plus pitch but plays off the breaking ball well. Mixes in a Cutter at times. Hills Changeup, another Plus pitch has some filthy movement and fade away from LHH. This will be a big year for year, clearly to show he can utilize his secondaries more often and try and make his Fastball that much more effective and consistent.

30. OF Tyree Reed | School: American Canyon HS, CA | Commit: Oregon St | B / T: L / L | Ht: 6’3 | Wt: 197lbs | Age: 18.3


Tyree Reed comes with good athleticism, strong makeup, and leadership qualities. A CF/RF Profile, with 5 tool potential and a projectable body. Reed has one of the best all-around skill sets in the entire class. An impact player on both sides of the ball with a decent chance at sticking in CF or becoming a potential high caliber RF prospect with that big arm talent and ability to cover ground with quick bursts and solid speed will translate well. Developing power at the plate that shows 25+ HR Potential down the line and solid on-base potential can find himself hitting near the top of the lineup. All-Star caliber performer. Uses the entire field well. Similar to Curtis Granderson.

31. OF Colton Cowser | School: Sam Houston St | B / T: L / R | Ht: 6’3 | Wt: 190lbs | Age: 21.3


There is a lot to like with Cowser from the size, hitability, and athleticism. An Above-average Hit tool and potential to tap 20 HR Power. Controlling the strike zone extremely well with Plus plate discipline and simply is a pretty tough out at the plate. Mostly showing Gap Power to this point, but as he fills into his frame, can start seeing balls leave the yard more frequently. Not to mention some tinkering with the bat path. His barrel control and the overall body of work at the plate should have no issues with trying to add a bit of loft for more pop. Now, Cowser hasn’t been challenged much at Sam Houston State, and limited chances against better arms have been hit or miss, literally. But the offensive talent is there, no doubt. Defensively, Cowser shows well in CF and should stick there long-term. Some feel he is a better fit in LF, but I think he has a chance to stick in CF due to his strong jumps and efficient routes in CF. Sort of a Garrett Mitchell-lite.

32. LHP Josh Hartle | School: Reagen HS, NC | Commit: Wake Forest | B / T: L / L | Ht: 6’5 | Wt: 200lbs | Age: 18.1

With Hartle, you are getting a hard-working, strong, projectable LHP with good control of his arsenal. A clear starters build and future. With the built-in deception from the arm angle and ability to hide the ball behind his frame, the projectable body, and velocity boost, Capable of getting through the lineup 3+ times with 3 pitches able to attack each RHH/LHH. Hartle’s 3 pitch mix. all Above-average to Plus offerings, that will bump up to the next level and start generating more swings and misses in the zone as well as finding more chase outside of it. Hartle has a nice floor as a #3/4 SP rotation arm with #2 SP upside as he grows into the expected velo and starts missing more bats.

33. LHP Steven Hajjar | School: Michigan | B / T: R / L | Ht: 6’5 | Wt: 215lbs | Age: 20.9

A big starters frame from the Left-hander with tons of projection here for the stuff to tick up. Working from a high 3/4 arm slot with terrific extension and works through the lower half well with strong hip/shoulder separation. A present 3 pitch mix that features a Fastball, Slider, and a Changeup. It’s an Above-average Fastball currently works in the low 90s but projects for more and should find himself working mid-90s with ease. The height + extension in the profile makes the heater play up even more and may end up Plus when it’s all said and done. The Slider, Above-average, is his breaking ball of choice flashing swing and misses potential if he can tighten it up a bit and add a touch of velo as well. His best pitch is in my opinion the Changeup that flashes true plus and swing and miss ability. The only thing holding it back at this stage is just added usage of the pitch. There is reason to think Hajaar could find himself creeping closer into the Top 10 as the draft nears closer and he can get more innings underneath him and prove his value.

34. C Luca Tresh | School: North Carolina State | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’0 | Wt: 200bs | Age: 21.5

Tresh brings Plus power that has showed up in a loud way in the shortened 2020 season and 2021. 30 HR Power is realistic. Swing and miss concerns may ultimately dampen the long term power numbers, but there’s a big league bat here. Will offset some of those strikeouts with at worst a league average walk rate. Receiving and framing need some work, but the arm is solid here. Should have a future behind the plate as a slugging catch and throw type profile. Has also played 1B, 3B, and LF during his time at NC State when stashed behind Patrick Bailey (Giants 1st rounder, 2020). Similar to Gary Sanchez.

35. SS Cody Schrier | School: JSerra Catholic HS, CA | Commit: UCLA | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’1 | Wt: 195lbs | Age: 18.3

Capable of playing Above-Average Defense all around the infield dirt with leadership qualities that would excite any franchise come Draft Day. Showing off an Above-average Hit Tool that has seen him make more consistent hard contact with much more balance at the plate as well as increased bat speed and ability to turn on the inside Fastball. Shows some pull side power to tap into 15+ HR a year. A plus runner with great instincts on the basepaths. Schrier’s talent, leadership, makeup, and ability to play a premium position make him a dream prospect for teams.

36. RHP Bryce Miller | School: Texas A&M | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’2 | Wt: 190bs | Age: 22.11

Miller stepped into the Texas A&M starting rotation in a loud way in 2021. Previously worked out of the pen but looks like the future is in the rotation. Misses tons of bats and should continue to grow in the starters role working deeper in games and holding his strong stuff deeper into those starts as well. A Fastball sitting 95-97 T98 t o go with a wipeout 12/6 Curveball with each generating high amount of swing and miss. Mixes in a Slider and Changeup as well with control/command of his entire arsenal. The rise for Miller has been quick, but extremely warranted and the rise likely is not done.

37. RHP Andrew Painter | School: Calvary Christian Academy HS, FL | Commit: Florida | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’7 | Wt: 230 | Age: 18


Painter, stands 6’7 with easy and repeatable mechanics, command of a 4 pitch mix all grading Above-Average or better. His Plus Fastball sits 93-95 T97, 2300-2500 RPM, that he can command to both sides of the plate. Features 2 Breaking balls, the Slider being the better of the 2 at this stage grading as Plus, however each show Above-Average spin rates that he can use as weapons vs either LHH or RHH that get a high amount of swing and miss and a Changeup that flashes Plus at its best and works so well off the Fastball. Similar to Adam Wainwright.

38. RHP Jackson Jobe | School: Heritage Hall HS, OK | Commit: Mississippi | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’2 | Wt: 190lbs | Age: 19


Solid floor as a wipeout, back of the bullpen reliever with at least a Plus 2 pitch combo (FB/SL Combo, With that SL grading as a future Double-Plus posting elite 3000-3250 RPM with 2 plane tilt. But I see a strong chance to stick as a mid-rotation Starting Pitcher with some upside to become a solid #2 as the Change Up develops into a league-average or better pitch. Pro coaching will only tighten this overall package up, and with the athleticism, feel to spin and locate. Will go to the Slider as a put-away pitch a majority of the time. Still developing endurance to hold plus stuff late into starts. Due to previously being a Primary INF, hasn’t focused much on starting until this summer. There is reason to think Jobe can add a 4th pitch to the mix, he has used a curveball in the past and shows an advanced feel for spin at a young age. Only enhancing his ceiling of becoming that #2 starter with high strikeout totals. Similar pitch arsenal to Jacob deGrom; overall comp of Corbin Burnes.

39. OF Benny Montgomery | School: Red Land HS, PA | Commit: Virginia | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’4 | Wt: 200lbs | Age: 18.7

Benny brings possibly the loudest skillset to the table in the class. Showing Plus-Plus tools from the Speed, Arm, and Overall Athleticism. Projectable Power with the elite bat speed and an improving Hit Tool as the Summer Circuit has progressed. The hitch in his swing/load is much improved from the start of the Summer and has helped him be more consistent in the box, and showing that high-end potential more consistently. If those developments continue to fruition, Benny will likely see himself as a 1st Round pick. He possesses some of the best bat speed (85! Barrel Speed) in the entire class. The sky is the limit for Benny Montgomery if it all starts to click.

40. SS Edwin Arroyo | School: Arecibo Baseball Academy HS, PR | Commit: Florida State | B / T: S / B | Ht: 6’0 | Wt: 170lbs | Age: 17.9

Talk about an athlete… Arroyo has the most unique skill set and overall profile in the entire class. A switch hitter, switch thrower, that plays a premium position (SS) at a high level. A Future Plus Defender at the position, a Plus Runner, not to mention the plus Arm(s), he can touch up to 90 with each from the mound… So yeah, he has Plus Arm Strength as well. He shows fantastic barrel control from both sides of the plate with 20 HR Power easily within reach, to go with that hitability from both sides of that plate. Oh yeah… Edwin is one of the youngest players in the entire class to top it all off. Just 17.9 years old during the 2021 July Draft Month. Made his way stateside for his Senior year of HS, was ranked the #1 player in Puerto Rico prior.

41. RHP Sean Burke | School: Maryland | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’6 | Wt: 230lbs | Age: 21.6

A big, strong frame built to last in the rotation. Burke has some big swing and miss abilities. Fastball works 92-94 T95 with a wipeout horizontal Slider that moves off the outer edge of the plate getting some pretty ugly swings from RHH, but with some added tick of velocity, would become pretty lethal. A slower Curveball, 73-76 MPH, Grades as Average. Also working in a Changeup which is Below-average right now, with a chance at Average with additional development as he gets into pro ball. There are some control issues, but the stuff and projection once he gets into pro ball and pro coaching/development get their hands on him.

42. SS Alex Mooney | School: Orchard Lake St Marys Prep HS, MI | Commit: Duke | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’1 | Wt: 175lbs | Age: 18.11

A leadoff type with some pop, and strong base stealing ability to stick at a premium position. The bat has consistently shown up this summer against some strong pitching with some pop as well. Will settle in as a Hit over Power guy, but should be able to tap 10-15 HR on a consistent basis. When you pair that with a Plus Runner with base stealing abilities, to go with a Plus Defender and Arm at the SS position, you’re talking about a pretty well-rounded player and consistent player. Was named the 2021 PG All-American Classic MVP.

43. C Joe Mack | School: Williamsville East, NY | Commit: Clemson | B / T: L / R | Ht: 6’1 | Wt: 203lbs | Age: 18.4

Carrying a bat that has a legitimate middle of the order upside from the Power that shows up to all fields, to the ability to consistently find barrels with high Exit Velocities against good pitching. Defensively, he shows incredible pop times, as good as 1.78 sec at the PG All-American Classic (unofficial), which is pretty unheard of in-game. MLB Average is roughly 2.0 sec to go with a Plus Arm he can use to challenge any base stealer. So the catch and throw potential is clearly very good. The blocking, framing and receiving as a whole need to continue to progress if he wants to be looked at as a strong player on both sides of the ball. But should see himself with a better then not chance to stick behind the plate. One of the more consistent bats in the class.

44. RHP Chase Petty | School: Mainland Reg HS, NJ | Commit: Florida | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’1 | Wt: 185lbs | Age: 18.1

The absolute most electric arm in the Prep Class. And quite frankly, it might not be that close. Petty brings a Fastball that reaches Triple Digits, sitting 94-97 MPH with Average Spin Rates, but will show some fantastic movement. From hard 2 seamers in on RHH to some natural cut at times. With improved command, it has every chance of reaching a future 70 Grade and honestly even 80. It is that good. The Slider gets big Horizontal Movement and is a wipeout pitch against RHH. He rounds the arsenal out with a Changeup that again, shows plus movement, just Below-Average, command, but shows true potential to give him a possible 3 Plus-Pitch mix. The command is Below Average and the high effort delivery will lead some to bullpen risk questions, I think if the command can settle at that 45, he has a chance, but without it, it’s an uphill battle even with his nasty stuff. Similar stuff to Max Meyer.

45. OF Ethan Wilson | School: South Alabama | B / T: L / L | Ht: 6’2 | Wt: 210lbs | Age: 21.7

Some of the better LH Power in the class, however comes with inconsistencies and lack of track record against strong competition. Came into 2021 with an ankle injury and has been slow to start and has seen some stock drop due to it. Very well may see himself rise as the season rolls along and he gets comfortable in the box. Plus power potential that will ultimately ride on the hit tool to be a legitimate offensive force, or a volatile LH Power hitter. Corner OF Profile defensively.

46. RHP Ben Kudrna | School: Blue Valley Southwest, KS | Commit: LSU | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’3 | Wt: 195lbs | Age: 18.3

Another recent riser, Kudrna features a 3 pitch mix with plus arm speed and projection remaining in the frame. The Fastball, grading as a future Plus, touches 91-93 T95 (with room for upper 90s well within reach) a league-average Slider and a Plus Changeup he has shown impressive command and ability to miss bats simultaneously. Likely not done with his climb, a loud spring will push Kudrna closer to early 2nd or potentially Late-1st Round grades,

47. OF Jay Allen | School: John Carroll Catholic HS, FL | Commit: Florida | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’3 | Wt: 190lbs | Age: 17.11

A high-end football recruit, officially signed to Florida to play baseball. Allen, a quick-twitch projectable athlete, that brings Plus Speed and bringing some 70 times to the table. A natural fit out in CF. Compact swing that can handle velo. With Plus bat speed, Allen uses his strong lower half well and gets good leverage at the plate. He hasn’t produced the strongest Exit Velos in-game but is starting to turn a corner and show some power and harder contact this summer. With an Average Hit tool and a very patient approach, he should be on base more than enough to take advantage of his strong Stolen Base potential and extreme aggressiveness on the basepaths. There’s a solid chance for double-digit HR Power, but should always be a Hit over Power prospect with game-changing speed. Increased focus on baseball moving forward, should see Allen’s entire game should start to elevate itself and show that natural talent more consistently. A potential 10-12 HR and 30 SB caliber talent with true CF defensive ability. Similar to Victor Robles.

48. 3B Zack Gelof | School: Virginia | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’3 | Wt: 205lbs | Age: 21.7

An athletic 6’3 with a strong body and upper half. An Above-average Hit tool with consistent hard line drive contact, and I think as he develops into his game he will start running into a few more in-game HR as he enters pro ball, and show 20 HR Potential. Although the offensive game has come with some swing and miss to this point, he has shown improvements in that aspect. With Above-average Speed, Gelof has stolen base potential, likely near double-digits yearly. Defensively, Gelof plays an athletic 3B. Shows very well making plays down the line with quick reactions to show off that athleticism. The Arm is capable of making throws on the move going into foul territory and in the hole, on the move and multiple arm angles. Overall a very strong profile that doesn’t have a ton of flaws other than the swing and miss concerns. With athleticism to step out to the OF if needed. Similar to Brian Anderson.

49. RHP Bubba Chandler | School: North Oconee HS, GA | Commit: Clemson | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’3 | Wt: 191lbs | Age: 18.10

Chandler is a fantastic athlete with loads of physical and game projection. A QB recruit to Clemson for Football and Baseball, which may bring out a tough sign come draft day due to that. Also a pretty good hitter at the prep level, although that’s not his future. The Fastball works 92-95 MPH with a filthy swing and miss Slider that grades Plus. Also mixing in a Changeup that generally sits 82-84 MPH. The stuff is good and will only get better is a team can sway him away from Clemson and get him full time on the mound.

50. Cody Morissette | School: Virginia | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’3 | Wt: 205lbs | Age: 21.7

Battling an early season injury and a slow start with the bat hasn’t helped Morissette’s stock to start 2021. But that should change fairly quickly as he is one of the more talented prospects in the country. An Above-average Hit with 15-18 HR Power potential on top of an ability to chip in 5-8 SB per season at the next level. Defensively fits in at 3B/2B best, with the skillset necessary to step out to a corner OF spot and provide solid defense. Similar to Jeff McNeil.

51. RHP Mason Black | School: Lehigh | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’3 | Wt: 210lbs | Age: 21.6

Black has some of the best pure stuff in the entire class. Has been working in the secondaries more frequently and much improved this fall, and shows high potential to fill in as a starter long-term. Keeps the ball on the ground consistently. Working with a 4 pitch mix, the Plus Fastball consistently works in the upper 90s T99, with heavy usage. The best of his secondaries would be his Changeup that grades a Plus, getting swing and misses and be will be a consistent out pitch. A league Average Slider with 2400 RPM that has some inconsistencies, but flashes Above-average at times. Rounding out the 4 pitch mix is a Curveball that flashes Plus often and has generated a fair share of swing and miss. With the secondaries trending up and showing a strong ability to play off that heavy Fastball, Black has the stuff and friendly data that should entice a team early in the draft.

52. C Ian Moller | School: Mainland Reg HS, NJ | Commit: Florida | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’1 | Wt: 185lbs | Age: 18.1

It’s not often you see a Catcher who possesses one of the better bats in the Prep class, with the ability to stick at Catcher long-term. But that’s what you get with Moller, a likely Average Hit tool and 25-30 HR Power, with some upside for more. Showing strong catch and throw ability behind the plate, with improved blocking and receiving in recent months. Built to last at the position, with a middle of the order bat that can rival most in the class and seems more than capable of handling a pitching staff as he moves into the higher levels. A rare HS prospect who does not play season ball, so the coming months during the MLB Combine and MLB Draft League will be the time for Moller to solidify his draft stock, and potentially look to push himself back into the 1st Round come Draft Day. Similar to Wilson Contreras.

53. LHP Evan Shawver | School: South Alabama | B / T: L / L | Ht: 6’2 | Wt: 210lbs | Age: 21.7

Shawver brings one of the better Fastballs in the class to the table, touching mid 90s regularly touching 97. But it’s the combination of elite extension and a vertical approach angle that helps make that Fastball that much better grading as a Future Double-plus. Also tossing in an Above-average Slider that misses bats regularly and a Below-average Changeup, but still developing and seems to be putting in the work with it. With the LHP group being a question mark early in the season, Shawver is one of the few southpaws who may end up hearing their names eventually creep into Round 1 conversations.

54. OF Malakhi Knight | School: Archbishop Murphy HS, WA | Commit: UCLA | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’3 | Wt: 190lbs | Age: 18.8

Malakhi is a gifted athlete with a very well balanced toolset and ability to stick in CF. The Hit and Power each project for Above-average. The athleticism is an exciting. Has some chase tendency, and will need to work on his plate discipline a bit moving forward, which I think he will be able to work into his approach, and tap into his full offensive ceiling He has true CF capabilities and with his potential offensive ceiling, there is room for Knight to be an impact player on both sides of the ball, at a premium position. Those player don’t typically last long during the draft.

55. RHP Tommy Mace | School: Florida | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’6 | Wt: 225lbs | Age: 22.7

Mace has a pretty balanced profile, although nothing really stands out as a true “out” or Plus pitch at this point. Not necessarily a horrible thing, as he showcases a deep 4 pitch mix that works well vs L/R and an extremely strong starters build (6’7 225 lbs) that profiles as a #3/4 SP moving forward. But one with a fairly solid floor. Not going to miss an excessive amount of bats with his sinker approach, but works deep into his starts consistently. Similar to Michael Wacha.

56. C Luke Hancock | School: Mississippi State | B / T: S / R | Ht: 5’11 | Wt: 190lbs | Age: 21.3

Hancock brings to the table Plus Defense, with a strong accurate arm consistently nailing base stealers that will translate well to the next level. The future is behind the plate with Hancock and one with a solid floor at that, with a bit of upside to tap into. Offensively, posting fantastic OBP numbers with microscopic strikeout numbers. A player who knows his zone extremely well from his time behind the plate and it translates to his at bats. Tapping into some Power in 2021 that has really boosting the stock as one of the better Catchers in the class.

57. LHP Christian Macleod | School: Mississippi State | B / T: L / L | Ht: 6’4 | Wt: 230lbs | Age: 21.3

Macleod has done nothing but shove at Mississippi St in his short time there between 2020 and 2021. Showing Above-average stuff across the board from a Fastball, Slider, and Changeup 3-pitch mix with Above average Command. He has shown a strong ability to miss bats at the college level, that will likely translate to roughly league average strikeout numbers. A mid rotation arm with a touch of upside as a #2 if the stuff takes a step forward.

58. SS Peyton Stovall | School: Haughton HS, LA | Commit: Arkansas | B / T: L / R | Ht: 6’0 | Wt: 185lbs | Age: 18.4

Hit tool has always been a carrying tool consistently finding barrels into the gaps alongside solid defense up the middle and a shot to stick at SS, although the profile may best fit overall at 2B or 3B. Power has popped massively in the spring, one of the biggest risers early in the spring has put himself in early round consideration. Strong, balanced overall skillset that’s starting to put it all together and show more Power then expected at this stage of the development.

59. OF Ryan Holgate | School: Arizona | B / T: L / L | Ht: 6’1 | Wt: 205lbs | Age: 21.1

An early season riser, Holgate impressed in 2020 short season and during the Northwoods league throughout the summer where he hit 13 HR in 58 Games. That success has carried over into 2021, showcasing that improved Hit tool that grades as Average with the Power numbers likely settling in the 24-28 HR a season range. Solid OBP numbers but will always have strikeouts be apart of his game. A Corner OF defensively. Similar to Max Kepler

60. SS Maxwell Muncy | School: Thousand Oaks HS, CA | Commit: Arkansas | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’1 | Wt: 170lbs | Age: 18.6

Not to be confused with Dodgers INF Max Muncy… Muncy has good makeup, work ethic, plays the game hard, and as good a pure hitter as there is in the class. A top of the order talent with a fantastic approach at the plate, with good plate discipline, feel for wood, and consistent barrels. Will hit for a high average, capable of turning in .300 seasons with 15-18 HR, and a high amount of extra-base hits along the way using the entire field with relative ease. Capable of playing SS/3B/2B at an average or better rate, best fit maybe 3B long-term. Expect Muncy to come off the board somewhere in the 2nd-4th Round range. If he can prove worthy of sticking at SS thru his Senior year, he may lock himself into that 2nd Round range. Similar to old Rangers SS Michael Young.

61. LHP Ryan Webb | School: Georgia | B / T: L / L | Ht: 6’1 | Wt: 196lbs | Age: 22.3

Webb has steadily improved during his time at Georgia. The control was very questionable his Freshman year, but has improved year to year. Missing more bats this year as well. he stuff is solid, Fastball in the low 90s T95 with ride up in the zone. His Curveball is a bit inconsistent but generates plus spin and find swing and misses often. Also working in a Slider. The development of his Changeup will be key for his long term success in the rotation in my opinion. All the secondaries have shown ability to miss bats at times.

62. OF Tyler Whitaker | School: Bishop Gorman HS, AZ | Commit: Arizona | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’4 | Wt: 190lbs | Age: 18.11

Extremely athletic 6’4 with projection remaining, Whitaker has shown Plus Power, Speed and Arm. The Game Power plays as an easy Plus. Getting great leverage at the plate through the lower half, Plus extension and loft in the swing looking to elevate. Attacking the ball out front well with a strong Vertical Bat Angle (VBA) and Plus bat speed. Finds barrels at a high rate, although there will be some swing and miss in his game, but shouldn’t stop him from being able to reach his potential in the box. Has a background on the dirt and the mound due to the arm strength. 3B is a possibility, as is CF with the speed and range he has shown, but RF is the best fit long-term with the Power + Arm talent. Similar to George Springer.

63. OF Daylen Lile | School: Trinity HS, KY | Commit: Louisville | B / T: L / L | Ht: 6’0 | Wt: 195lbs | Age: 18.6

I’ve said for a few months now I truly believe Lyle has the absolute best Hit Tool in the Prep class, and if evaluators have that same feeling, he may end up going much earlier than this ranking suggests. His pure hitability is unmatched consistently against the better pitching in the class. He shows plus bat speed to pair with hands and bat control he shows a knack for barreling up balls more consistently than most in the class. Likely a 15 HR guy at his peak, and profiling as a strong Lead-off talent with his ability to find his way on base at a high rate. A corner OF profile as he ages. Similar to Michael Brantley and David Peralta with a touch more speed.

64. OF Justice Thompson | School: North Carolina | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’4 | Wt: 200lbs | Age: 21

One of the major risers this season so far, Thompson has a very interesting profile with a pro-style body. Playing CF now, but likely a Corner OF at the next level as the body continues to fill out. Grading as an Above-average Defender. The offensive ceiling is where the excitement is with Plus power potential and consistent high EV in game. A good fastball hitter who still has some questions to answer in regards to breaking balls, but has made adjustments in small sample sizes, however ACC play will be the ultimate test here. With a strong showing, could see himself rise the rankings even more and potential end up a 1st rounder with so many questions this season. Time will tell.

65. LHP Brandon Clarke | School: Independence HS, VA | Commit: Alabama | B / T: L / L | Ht: 6’4 | Wt: 215lbs | Age: 18.2

Coming off TJ. Arm looks 100% and the stuff looks better then it had pre-injury. Velo is up, touching mid 90s with ease, touching up to 96 with projection in the body and arm for more. Working in a both a Slider and Changeup that have flashed above-average to plus while showing ability to command all 3 of his pitches in recent outings. Big helium arm, who may not have finished his climb in the rankings by the time draft day rolls around. Swing and miss potential with all 3 pitches. Massive upside.

66. RHP Richard Fitts | School: Auburn | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’3 | Wt: 220lbs | Age: 21.6

Plus Fastball, mixing in an Average Slider and Changeup with solid control of his arsenal, although the command within the zone could use some work moving forward. The Fastball sits mid to upper 90s with plus spin and a flat VAA. Touching 97 working good up in the zone generating swing and miss. The Slider is 82-84 MPH with gyro movement. The Changeup is thrown hard, 87-88 T89, has some fade to it and maintains arm speed well. Slightly more difference of MPH off his FB would likely add more movement + swing and miss ability to the pitch, also likely making his Fastball a bit more effective in the process.

67. 3B Gavin Conticello | School: Coral Springs Charter HS, FL | Commit: South Florida | B / T: L / R | Ht: 6’4 | Wt: 200lbs | Age: 18.1

A young, big, athletic prospect with projection remaining in that 6’4 frame. At the plate, Conticello has easy Plus-plus bat speed, a Strong Vertical Bat Angle (VBA), launch angle, great leverage, and extension. It’s a strong powerful swing that generates easy Plus Power Potential. Consistently showing in-game Exit Velos North of 100+ MPH with true GAP-GAP Pop, but doesn’t sell out for the power. Conticello does a fantastic job of controlling the barrel and going with where the pitch is thrown with an ability to adjust mid-at-bat. A SS currently, should see a natural slide over the 3B where he should grade as an Average Defender with Above-average Arm strength. Think of a more athletic Triston Casas with a more realistic 3B potential.

68. RHP Irving Carter | School: Calvary Christian Academy HS, FL | Commit: Miami | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’4 | Wt: 200lbs | Age: 18.5

Irving has the perfect mix of projection, pitchability, electric arm, nasty movement, and ability to give so many different looks from hesitations to multiple leg pumps that hardly give his command issues, as it grades as Above-Average. With a Plus Fastball with strong-arm side sink that sits 91-94 T95, a Plus Slider combo, a Splitter/Changeup that flashes Plus at times as well, and potentially his best pitch. He misses a ton of bats and has all the bulldog mentality, fire and competitive edge you want from a Starting Pitcher.

69. RHP Jonathan Cannon | School: Georgia | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’6 | Wt: 207lbs | Age: 21

A high-end talent with a limited track record, a late start to 2021, but has started his quest to show he has Round 1 type stuff. A 3-pitch mix. Not a big swing and miss guy but is consistently in the zone with his stuff working the Fastball down with good sink and arm side run, makes it tough to elevate. The Fastball, Above-average sits 93-95 T97 with sink and arm side run, working low in the zone showing ability to command the zone effectively and get early out via the ground ball at a high rate. Although not missing many bats with that Fastball due to the nature of the pitch. His best pitch, a Plus horizontal Slider he again is able to control and consistently land for strikes, although command can improve with 2 strikes as a chase pitch. A Changeup he will use mostly to LHH that again, doesn’t miss bats but works exceptionally well off his Fastball and keeps the ball on the ground well. If you cant tell by now, this is not a big bat missing profile, but one that will pound the zone with Above-average stuff while generating a high amount of ground balls.

70. OF John Rhodes | School: Kentucky | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’0 | Wt: 200lbs | Age: 21

Rhodes brings a fairly balanced profile to the table. An Above-average Hit tool and runner with some pop to the pull side that should see him reach 15+ per season with his impressive bat speed and loft built into the swing and sees him driving the ball into the LCF gap consistently. Doesn’t strike out often and has solid OBP numbers. Profiling as a top of the order bat. Likely a Corner OF at the next level, has shown improvements defensively after a pretty rough showing in 2020.

71. RHP Eric Hammond | School: Keller HS, TX | Commit: USC | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’4 | Wt: 180lbs | Age: 18.5

Hammond gives hitters a lot to worry about with a wide-ranged pitch movement profile. From the projectable Fastball already sitting low to mid-90s you can see him sitting 94-96 touching upper 90s at times with relative ease when the body fills in. A big 11/5 breaking Curveball that lands for strikes and finds a high amount of swing and miss in the zone vs Lefties and Righties. A Slider that gives RHH fits, and a Changeup he will use vs R/L with hard fading action in on RHH, and away from LHH. A weapon vs both sides. He can come after any hitter with 4 average to plus pitches (When fully developed don’t be shocked to see 3 Plus pitches) with the ability to command them. He has the perfect combination of stuff, projection, arm speed/strength, and control of his arsenal to become a strong #2 Starting Pitcher with above-average strikeout numbers and command.

72. LHP Seth Lonsway | School: Georgia | B / T: L / L | Ht: 6’3 | Wt: 200lbs | Age: 22.8

4-pitch with with legitimate swing and miss stuff. The Fastball, a Plus pitch, sits in the low 90s touching up to 94/95. The Curveball is his best pitch grading plus. Their are command issues that have held him back from reaching his ultimate ceiling, but with improvements in 2021, Lonsway has the stuff to push up into the back of round 1 or early 2nd round territory.

73. RHP Will Bednar | School: Mississippi State | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’2 | Wt: 240lbs | Age: 22.8

Bednar has a solid Fastball/Curveball combo. Each grading as Above-average with the Slider showing Plus often. Does a good solid tunneling those pitches consistently. There’s a starters build but a desperate need for a 3rd pitch or a reliever future is extremely likely. Even a 45 grade Changeup could do him wonders in ability to attack LHH more consistently and wrinkle in a 3rd pitch to get them off his FB when the SL is off.

74. SS Ryan Spikes | School: Parkview HS, GA | Commit: Tennessee | B / T: R / R | Ht: 5’9 | Wt: 180lbs | Age: 18.1

Quick twitch athlete showing clean athletic actions in the box and defensively. Working with Plus bat speed and hip separation, Spikes shows off some Pull Power that gives him a shot at 15 HR a year with a chance to tap into more with his pure hitability and ability to produce hard contact at a high rate. But the carrying too here is the Hit tool, which grades as Plus. Not to mention the Plus Speed. An Above-average Defender capable of handling all 3 INF positions, but the best fit may be at 2B. Height doesn’t stop this kid from producing consistent hard contact to all fields with some sneaky power he taps into in-game. Middle of the diamond, impact bat. Tennessee had a similar overlooked Commit heading into the draft a couple of years back, Mookie Betts, just saying

75. RHP Mike Vasil | School: Virginia | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’5 | Wt: 225lbs | Age: 21.3

Vasil’s control/command has taken a major step forward in 2021 after some big question marks in years past. If he is able to carry the new found control into ACC play, he very well may jump a significant amount come draft day. It’s a 3-pitch mix, Fastball, Slider, Changeup. The Fastball works in the mid to upper 90s. The Slider had shown inconsistencies in years prior, but has really tightened up this season, showing some back foot ability to LHH and has the looks of a now Above-average offering moving forward with more swing and miss potential. The Changeup is just Average, but more than capable 3rd pitch. Mid rotation upside.

76. INF Max Ferguson | School: Tennessee | B / T: L / R | Ht: 6’1 | Wt: 180lbs | Age: 22.1

Fantastic OBP skills. Hit over Power profile, with the Hit grading as Above-average but has 15+ HR Power with an outside chance at tapping 20 or more HR a season. A good base runner who has shown stolen base potential throughout his college career, and should translate to 7-10 SB per season at the next level. A bit of physical projection here left to grow in to. A 2B/ 3B Profile defensively where he grades as an Average defender at either position. Similar to Matt Carpenter.

77. LHP Carter Holton | School: Benedictine Military HS, GA | Commit: Vanderbilt | B / T: L / L | Ht: 5’11 | Wt: 175lbs | Age: 18.8

Ask 10 prep hitters who their toughest AB was this summer, you will likely get 9 of those players utter the name Carter Holton. Gifted Left handed arm with some legitimate potential to stick as a starter moving forward with a 3 pitch mix. But also sees himself having a rather solid floor as well for a prep arm as a LH Reliever with late innings stuff capable of locking down the later innings. Holton is an undersized but powerful Left-Hander. With a Plus Fastball touching 96 regularly but generally sits 93-95 in his starts. Generating some of the best arm speed of any pitcher in the class with plus extension and vertical approach angle that helps make his Fastball a true weapon at the next level and shows legitimate Swing and Miss potential. He also has a Curveball that shows some inconsistencies, and a Changeup that shows Above-Average. A bit of a high effort delivery, and improvements needed in the secondaries, so there is some pen risk, and would likely figure into the back end of a Bullpen. Similar to Bill Wagner.

78. C/1B/OF Hunter Goodman | School: Kentucky | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’1 | Wt: 210lbs | Age: 21.8

Goodman is an interesting prospect. One that is not likely to stick behind the plate, but has experience at 1B and the corner OF positions. Bringing Above-average Power to the table, and a chance at Plus if the Hit tool can develop a bit better then expected at this stage. Big strikeout numbers and low walk rates, which have take a nice step forward in 2021, although not against the best of arms faces yet. A good athlete capable for swiping a few bags and starting in the OF shouldn’t be much concern moving forward. How he performs in Conference play will likely make or break his draft stock and could jump as high as an early Round 2 pick or see himself drop a couple of rounds, the early looks have been encouraging however. Had an 11 RBI game in 2020

79. SS/3B Trey Sweeney | School: Eastern Illinois | B / T: L / R | Ht: 6’4 | Wt: 185lbs | Age: 21.3

There’s a lot to like with Sweeney. The size and projection stand out immediately. Working with a Plus arm and solid footwork on the dirt, but as the body develops, likely fits best at 3B long-term. There’s Plus Power to tap into here dependent on the Hit tool, which has shown well, but against avg competition at best. And his ability to hit secondaries at the next level will be key as he will be tested.

80. SS Davis Diaz | School: Acalanes HS, CA | Commit: Vanderbilt | B / T: R / R | Ht: 5’11 | Wt: 170lbs | Age: 18.2

Diaz is a natural athlete and Plus Defender at SS with very clean actions, a quick 1st step, good lateral range in the whole and up the middle behind the bag. Soft hands, with an incredibly quick trigger and transfer to go with an Above-average arm. Plus barrel control and ability to drive the ball to all fields with an inside out approach with an Above-Average possible Plus Hit tool. There is some sneaky pull side Power here. I can see roughly 15 HR Per season down the line with very strong OBP numbers with his patient approach, hardly chasing outside the zone. Profiling as a top of the order bat with ability to stick at SS, Davis has great makeup and has the looks of the future big league infielder.

81. RHP Landon Marceaux | School: LSU | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’0 | Wt: 180lbs | Age: 21.10

Landon Marceaux, a year-to-year improver, has been off to an incredible start to 2021. Allowing 0 ER allowed through his first 30 IP. Offering a 3-pitch mix, Fastball, Slider, Changeup. The Fastball works 91-93 MPH, and is an average offering. The Slider, Above-average has sharp late break and get some ugly swing and miss vs RHH, with exceptional tunneling . The Changeup, another Average offering, has some fade and is effective vs LHH. Not a big strikeout guy, but will find his fair share of them, but one that works deep consistently. There are lots starter traits here, and continued success throughout the SEC season will likely lock him into the round 3-4 range, with a shot at jumping into Round 2.

82. RHP Eric Silva | School: JSerra Catholic HS, CA | Commit: UCLA | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’0 | Wt: 180lbs | Age: 18.7

Silva, who is transferring to JSerra for his senior year, will join a loaded pitching staff with Gage Jump, Luke Jewett, and 2022 prospect David Horn (all UCLA commits). Silva has electric stuff backed behind some impressive arm speed. After missing most of the summer circuit, he has come out hot in the spring with a Fastball touching 97 and grades as a future Plus. The secondaries feature an Above-average Slider in the low 80s and a nasty Changeup 86-89 MPH, which grades as Plus. Coming back from injury, there’s massive helium potential here.

83. 2B/SS Ryan Bliss | School: LSU | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’0 | Wt: 180lbs | Age: 21.10

Bliss goes a bit overlooked due to his size, but don’t let that fool you, this dude can swing the bat. A Hit over Power profile, but one that constantly is finding hard contact and has some sneaky pull side power that should tap 10+ HR due to the pure hitability. An Above-average Hit tool with god bat speed and ability to use the whole field. May fit best defensively at 2B moving forward

84. C/3B/OF Carter Jensen | School: Parkview HS, CA | Commit: LSU | B / T: L / R | Ht: 6’1 | Wt: 210lbs | Age: 17.11

Very young for the class, not turning 18 before the draft. Middle of the order Left-handed bat with an Above-average Hit Tool and 20+ HR Power that shows up to all fields, athleticism, ability to play multiple positions from C/1B/3B/Corner OF. Shows average pop times behind the plate and an Above-Average Arm. I see Jensen’s draft profile and value being a slightly lesser version of Tyler Soderstrom. Has some C ability, and will get a long look there when he advances to the next level, but the bat, athleticism and defense as a whole probably profile best at 3B or a corner OF spot. I’d give Jensen a slightly better chance then Soderstrom has to stick behind the plate, I won’t count it out yet. There is a ton to like here.

85. C CJ Rodriguez | School: Vanderbilt | B / T: R / R | Ht: 5’10 | Wt: 185lbs | Age: 21

Rodriguez is everything you look for in a big league catcher. Strong defensively, shows an ability to handle a strong staff filled with big league caliber arms. Strong pop-times, accurate throws and a body built to last at the position. Offensively, a clear Hit over Power profile, likely maxing out at 10 HR in any given year. The Hit tool is slightly Below-average but does fit best at the bottom of the order as a clear defensive first catcher capable of handling the staff full time. Similar to Francisco Cervelli.

86. LHP Maddux Bruns | School: UMS Wright Prep, AL | Commit: Mississippi State | B / T: L / L | Ht: 6’2 | Wt: 210lbs | Age: 19

Not many Left-handers can match Bruns upside on the mound. A 4-pitch mix with 2 breaking balls that each give hitters tough looks and gets some ugly swings in the process, each with plus spin rates. The heater works in the low-mid 90s and at times has touched up to 97 in short stints. Also working in a Changeup that needs some development but has a chance to be wrinkled in and play off the Fastball with improved arm speed and usage as he gets comfortable with it.

87. LHP Rickey Tiedemann | School: Golden West Community College | B / T: L / L | Ht: 6’3 | Wt: 190lbs | Age: 18.8

Tiedemann went unselected in the 2020 Draft, and took his talents to the JuCo route and finds himself in position to be an early round selection in 2021.Younger then a lot of HS prospects, Tiedemann offers a unique blend of projection and youth but also a bit more battle tested then most, assuming he holds up as he should. Working with a 4 pitch mix and a Fastball touching low 90s with great arm side run working low in the zone. 2 breaking balls, Curve and Slider, the Curve grabs Plus grades with the Slider an Average offering. Works in a Plus Changeup as well with fade and has ability to miss bats with his secondaries that should continue to develop,

88. OF Lonnie White | School: Malvern Preparatory HS, PA | Commit: Penn State | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’3 | Wt: 205lbs | Age: 18.3

Another 2 sport star, White is signed to play (WR) football and (OF) baseball at Penn St, so you know the athleticism is the profile. A big, strong 6’3 he brings a loud skillset to the table from the speed/power combo. The speed is Plus and the Power shows Above-average with a pretty good chance at Plus if the hit tool can find even a little consistency. Will be an interesting situation to watch with his football background if a team can entice him to sign out of HS.

89. RHP Brandon Birdsell | School: Texas Tech | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’2 | Wt: 210lbs | Age: 21.4

A JuCo transfer to Texas Tech, immediately became their Friday Night guy. A Fastball grading as Plus that is up to 97 MPH. A swing and miss Slider 86 MPH, and a Changeup he mixes in that has a chance at an Average offering with more usage and focus on development as he shows some feel. Birdsell has fairly solid command but does nibble on the edges a bit to much which leads to deep counts and some walks, he has the stuff to attack the zone more frequently and if he does so, we would likely see him reach his potential as a mid rotation arm.

90. RHP Chase Burns | School: Station Camp HS, TN | Commit: Tennessee | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’4 | Wt: 215lbs | Age: 18.3

If your someone who likes pure power pitching, look no further than Chase Burns. Who regularly pumps his Fastball in at 95+ and touching 100. With Plus spin rates (2400-2650 RPM) working up in the zone as he should, generating a ton of swing and misses. Has the potential to end up as a Plus-Plus pitch. Mixed in with a Curveball that flashes 2 plane break wipe out potential, a Slider, and Changeup. Tons of starter traits. Some worry of Burns “peaking too early” and maybe it’s the case. But you can’t deny the potential here is still top of the rotation stuff if it can reach its max.

91. SS Spencer Schwellenbach | School: Texas Tech | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’2 | Wt: 210lbs | Age: 21.4

Schwellenbach came into the year as a more floor over ceiling prospect, but has started to show he has a bit more ceiling than originally expected. A grinder with some tools consistently pounding balls into the gap. A strong arm at SS which can be confirmed by him recently jumping on the mound in game and bumping 99… So there’s a bit of untapped potential on the mound if a team feels there’s a future there. Regardless, Schwellenbach stock is on the rise and a strong season in conference play will solidify himself in the early rounds.

92. 3B Wes Kath | School: Desert Mountain HS, AZ | Commit: Arizona State | B / T: L / R | Ht: 6’3 | Wt: 200lbs | Age: 19

Another big riser this spring showing incredible early season Power that he has always posses, but never to the degree he has shown early in 2021. Kath’s bat has been the calling card for some time now, with the looks of at least a league average Hit tool paired with Plus Power from the left side. 3B Profile through and through, an Average Defender at the hot corner, with a capable glove and strong arm to hold down the position with run producer type bat to match. Similar to Mike Moustakas.

93. OF Nick McLain | School: Beckman HS, CA | Commit: UCLA | B / T: S / L | Ht: 5’10 | Wt: 195lbs | Age: 18.5

Switch-hitting OF who has a good feel for the barrel that produces an Above-average Hit tool and sneaky pop to the pull side that may develop into consistent 12-15 HR per season at the next level. A Plus runner with some SB potential and aggressive baserunning. May play some CF early in his career, but more likely a corner OF profile at the next level and has also some 1B experience in his background that may come in handy down the line for some positional flexibility. Brother of likely 1st Rounder UCLA SS Matt McLain.

94. RHP Eric Cerantola | School: Mississippi State | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’5 | Wt: 195lbs | Age: 21.2

Cerantola has some of the best pure stuff in the class. The problem? Control. The Fastball, which is used often, is regularly mid 90s touching 97, but has been known to dip deeper into starts. The Curveball, an easy Plus with Double-plus , which in my opinion is his best pitch when he’s able to have any kind of Fastball command the Curve becomes deadly. 80-84 MPH with 3200+ RPM tunneling exceptionally well with the Fastball. His 3rd pitch is a seldom used Changeup, that will need to develop more into a consistent 3rd pitch he can use more frequently to get hitters off the FB. If the Changeup doesn’t develop, Cerentola has closer type stuff if he can figure out that control a bit more if shifted to the pen and simplify things. Also, would expect that FB velo to bump to 95-97 with a legitimate chance at tapping 100 MPH on the guns with his fantastic arm speed. Moved out of the weekend rotation 2nd week of SEC play.

95. OF Braylon Bishop | School: Arkansas HS, AR | Commit: Arkansas | B / T: L / L | Ht: 6’1 | Wt: 195lbs | Age: 18.1

Plus bat speed creates a ton of body torque and hip separation that helps lead to Plus Raw Power that he can tap into. Grading as a Above-average future Power hitter. A plus runner that should be able to maintain his speed. Shows well defensively, but likely will get moved off the CF position long-term, but very well could turn into an Above-Average or plus defender in RF or LF with his Above-Average Arm, Plus Speed, and instincts on the field.

96. LHP Anthony Solomento | School: Bishop Eustace Prep HS, NJ | Commit: North Carolina | B / T: L / L | Ht: 6’3 | Wt: 210lbs | Age: 18.5

Working in the mid to upper 90s with his Fastball with arm side run with Above-average spin rates that can miss a whole lot of bats. There is a ton of deception built-in here, extremely tough on Lefties. The secondaries include a Slider that flashes Plus and a Changeup, although seldom used throughout the Summer circuit (due to the Fastball/Slider combo being more than enough to handle High School hitters, has shown some feel and a chance to become an Average offering. There is some reliever risk here, but I have every reason to think Solomento can develop as a starter with even a fringe-average Changeup. There is a floor here as a strong option out of the pen with potential be a shutdown Left-hander in the late innings with Plus swing and miss abilities with his entire arsenal. Absolutely deadly on LHH. With a great ability to get in and back foot RHH. Similar look and arm action as Madison Bumgarner or Brian Fuentes.

97. 1B/LF Alex Binelas | School: Louisville | B / T: L / R | Ht: 6’3 | Wt: 205lbs | Age: 21.1

Lightning quick hands and keeps them close to the body, although not the prettiest of swings has made it work. Easy Plus Power to all fields and stays compact through the entire swing, no question the power can play at the next level, however if the hit tool can’t materialize, that may drop to just Above-average Power. There is likely always going to be a high amount of swing and miss in Binelas’ game, especially on secondaries, but he will offset it will fairly well with solid BB rates. Improved contact rates will allow that impressive power to play more consistently. Defensively, below average at 3B, glove and footwork at the position are pretty choppy and likely pushing him to 1B or LF duties, which seems to have already started taking place in College. Shows a strong Arm across the diamond, but struggles on double play feeds and the accuracy in general could see some major improvements. If Binelas can prove himself capable of handling the hot corner with just league average marks, his value takes a big jump. If not, it’s going to be tough to see himself get back into 1st Round territory the way he has performed thus far.

98. SS Justin Javier Colon | School: Montverde Academy HS, FL | Commit: Missouri | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’3 | Wt: 180lbs | Age: 18

Young for class just turning 18 during the Draft month, with a whole lot of projection remaining. Colon is strong, athletic with quick-twitch actions and plays the game with a ton of passion and energy. Pull approach with some hitability the other way. The majority of his Above-average Power will show up to the Pull side and has a chance to grade Plus if the body develops as it should. Natural loft built into the swing. Consistent hard contact although there are some swing and miss concerns here as he has a tendency to sell out and over swing at times, it shows up in-game. Good actions at SS, slick quick tags, very light on his feet and quick transfers. Plus Arm Strength with easy carry that is accurate on all types of throws around the infield with multiple arm angles. There are similarities in this profile to Carlos Correa.

99. RHP Brady Tygart | School: Lewisburg HS, MS | Commit: Arkansas | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’3 | Wt: 195lbs | Age: 18.3

Tygart brings good stuff, projection and a ton of confidence to the mound. A 3-Pitch mix led by a Plus Fastball that sits 92-94 touching 97 this spring with some heavy arm side run that boars in on RHH hands. The secondaries, Slider and Changeup are both above average, with either having the ability to bump to Plus as he continues to develop. Each with swing and miss ability as well as get strikes early in counts.

100. RHP Chase Silseth | School: Arizona | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’0 | Wt: 205lbs | Age: 21.1

JuCo Transfer to Arizona. Stepped into rotation immediately. 3 pitch mix, Fastball, Curveball, Changeup. Fastball works in the mid-upper 90s but his best pitch is likely his plus Changeup that really give LHH trouble featuring legitimate swing and miss capabilities and tons of soft contact. Has shown good control of entire arsenal, but does need to work on getting more consistent command when working in the zone. Has the stuff to remain as a Starter moving forward.

101. SS Jalen Battles | School: Arkansas | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’2 | Wt: 205lbs | Age: 21.7

JuCo transfer. Stepped right into Arkansas starting SS job. Has looked the part and has the tools to stick at SS long term, as an Above-average shows good range up the middle and in the hole with an arm capable of making the throws necessary. Hit over Power profile, with the Hit tool looking like it should land as an eventual Above-average grade with double-digit HR well within reach, but likely not surpassing 15 in most seasons. A great athlete who will stick at SS and can swing it is a good type of talent to take a chance on, a bit of of swing change could see some extra Power down the line. Solid floor, with upside.

102. 3B/SS Colson Montgomery | School: Southridge HS, IN | Commit: Indiana | B / T: L / R | Ht: 6’4 | Wt: 190lbs | Age: 19.3

If not for his age, (19.3) on draft day, Colson likely would have found himself much higher in the rankings. But that is a pretty big impact on any prospect’s profile and it does stand out as an HS draftee. But man… is he an exciting player on the field. From Plus-Plus bat speed, hip separation, and lower half usage that helps him produce Above-average Power numbers while also flashing an Average Hit tool with hitability to all fields. And it doesn’t stop there. He shows the ability to stick at SS long-term however the size (6’4, 190lbs) likely will push him over to 3B as his body develops and fully matures, where he grades as a Plus Defender.

103. LHP Jonathan Childress | School: Texas A&M | B / T: L / L | Ht: 6’4 | Wt: 205lbs | Age: 21.5

Childress, coming off TJ but has looked as good as he had prior to the injury, if not better. The Fastball is in the low 90s, which he controls fairly well. Also working in a Curveball, which is his best pitch, an Above-average offering. Also working in a Changeup which grades as an Average 3rd pitch to round out the arsenal. With fairly good control of his arsenal, and a bit of projection remaining in the profile, there is a lot to like with Childress if he can prove he is able to get through a full SEC season healthy and continue to show he can be effective with just Average-Above-average stuff.

104. SS Michael Braswell | School: Campbell HS, GA | Commit: South Carolina | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’2 | Wt: 180lbs | Age: 18.8

Braswell is a player who is tough to take your eyes off of when he first steps on the field. From the body projection to the athleticism, to the quick-twitch athleticism he shows, the free and easy actions as a Plus defender at SS with a TON of flare and energy out on the field. It’s a lot of the same characteristics that Javier Baez brings to the table for the Cubs. However that’s where the comp ends because they are pretty different offensive talents, but Braswell has his own strengths with the Above-average Hit tool that he shows such a unique ability at this age to have a CF-RCF line drive approach that he consistently finds hard contact and barrels, it wouldn’t shock me to see him develop into a Plus hitter down the line while producing 15-18 HR Power.

105. SS Jose Torres | School: North Carolina State | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’0 | Wt: 162lbs | Age: 21.8

Torres has the tools you look for in a SS at the next level. Clean footwork, quick transfers, a good arm, instincts, range, you name it, he’s got it. One of the better defenders at the SS position in the class, an Double-plus defender. The Hit tool is Below-average with some doubles Power to go with Average Speed. The approach needs some definite work, he strikes out a ton and doesn’t walk much at all right now, and moving forward that likely will only get worse without a change in approach or swing to generate more consistent contact. The defense will carry him through the MiLB, and has the tools for a bench role in the future unless the hit tool can start to materialize a bit more moving forward. Similar to Jose Iglesias.

106. OF Thaddeus Ector | School: Starrs Mill HS, GA | Commit: South Carolina | B / T: S / R | Ht: 6’2 | Wt: 190lbs | Age: 17.11

Ector is a very versatile and athletic switch hitter. Well built with strength and body projection, will add strength down the line. Capable of playing all 3 OF positions, with solid Arm Strength to move around the diamond if necessary. Potential to stick in CF long-term, and has also shown some comfort at 3B. Some twitch and plus instincts. An Above-average Hit tool with a smooth stroke, barrel control and similar swings from both sides, although the LH swing is a bit more advanced at this stage. There is some Power here, likely a late bloomer in the HR department. Ector will produce high OBP numbers with his patient approach and will be a threat for double-digit SB numbers with his Plus Speed and strong jumps and aggressiveness on the base paths. Similar to Ketel Marte from the versatility, hitability, and sneaky late developing power.

107. RHP Mack Anglin | School: Clemson | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’4 | Wt: 220lbs | Age: 21

Anglin has some of the best ability to create raw spin in the class, all 3 of his pitches post incredible Spin Rates. The Curveball has registered on regular occasion, a gaudy 3,000+ RPM in 2021 with true swing and miss capabilities. And very much has the looks for a Double-plus. The Fastball touches 96-97 regularly. Also working in a Slider. All 3 features swing and miss ability. Anglin has recently stepped into the rotation and with a strong showing can really see his stock continue to rise as high as the 2nd round.

108. OF Ty Evans | School: Lakeland Christian HS, FL | Commit: Florida | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’2 | Wt: 200lbs | Age: 18.1

Evans is one of the more athletic and interesting prospects in the prep class. A quick-twitch, ultra-athletic prospect with a Double-plus Run tool, Above-average Hit tool, Defender and Arm. With 15+ HR and SB Potential down the line, with a shot at 20/20. A bit of a a swing change to generate some more power could really push this profile to the next level, however even the projection as is, is extremely exciting.

109. OF Isaiah Thomas | School: Vanderbilt | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’2 | Wt: 200lbs | Age: 21.3

Corner OF profile. Above-average Power potential, with a shot at Plus if the Hit tool can develop past the Below-average marks it currently sits at. Legitimate swing and miss concerns that could make or break his draft stock as SEC play rolls around, having still shown major issues early on against some weak arms, still showing the Power, but the Ks are piling up at an alarming rate.

110. RHP Luke Hayden | School: Edgewood HS, IN | Commit: Indiana | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’1 | Wt: 205lbs | Age: 18.5

Hayden features a Plus Fastball/Slider combo with a developing Changeup. The Fastball, 2600 RPM creates massive amounts of swing and miss at the top of the zone. Tunneling his Slider and Fastball consistently make his hard biting Slider make hitters look ugly. Has some control issues to battle, showing development here over the spring will surely boost his stock, as well as further development of the Changeup he has had tendencies of slowing his arm up in the past, making it noticeable and hittable.

111. RHP Griff McGarry | School: Virginia | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’2 | Wt: 185lbs | Age: 22.1

Big command issues hovering around 8 BB/9 during his Virginia Career. The stuff is great when he’s throwing strikes, but those times are very hard to find. Likely finding his home in the pen with hopes of finding more control of his arsenal and be able to put his plus stuff to work more consistently. If a team is willing to take a chance as a starter, there is hope no question, the stuffs great, but the road ahead is a tough one. But one worth taking a chance on.

112. SS Drake Varnado | School: IMG Academy HS, FL | Commit: Arkansas | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’2 | Wt: 175lbs | Age: 18.5

Varnado is a wiry, quick-twitch athlete currently locked into SS although the future may be at 3B, but he’ll get a shot to stick there with his skillset. Plus bat speed and a strong gap-gap approach that has the feel of a future 35+ Doubles a year hitter with 10-15 HR pop to match. A bit handsy with his swing, may need to tinker with it in the future. A solid overall prospect that continues to trend upward.

113. C Rene Lastres | School: Miami Christian HS, FL | Commit: Florida | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’3 | Wt: 205lbs | Age: 17.9

I am typically not a fan of tall, big bodied catchers, generally don’t last long behind the plate, but Lastres looks to buck that trend. With some of the best strong catch and throw skills in the prep class alongside an all-around strong defensive skill set. Offense has been gaining steam of late, has shown some power potential in previous looks, but seems to be putting it together at the plate to pair with the defensive skill-set gives Lastres a solid floor to build off of. Very young for the class, there’s still a lot of developing left to be done.

114. RHP Thomas Farr | School: South Carolina | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’0 | Wt: 190lbs | Age: 22.2

Farr has pitched well in limited action at South Carolina due to the shortened season. He can miss bats but does have some control issues that have led to a high amount of walks to this point but believe there is room for improvement as he gets more innings under him. A Fastball working 92-95 T96 with plus spin rates. He mixes in 2 offspeed pitches, an Above-average Curveball, and an Average Changeup. Consistently working deep into starts and improved command/control are the main things needed to solidify and improve his draft stock.

115. LHP Hagen Smith | School: Bullard HS, TX | Commit: Arkansas | B / T: L / L | Ht: 6’3 | Wt: 200lbs | Age: 17.8

Smith has come out in a loud and I mean LOUD way this spring. How about 3 straight no-hitters, (even in HS, that is incredibly impressive). But that’s not the reason he’s here. He brings a lot of projection, stuff, and one of the youngest arms in the class. A strong 3-pitch mix led by a Fastball/Slider combo, rounded out by a Changeup. Big swing and miss potential here with tons of deception.

116. 2B/OF Roc Riggio | School: Thousand Oaks HS, CA | Commit: Oklahoma State | B / T: L / R | Ht: 5’9 | Wt: 180lbs | Age: 19

Riggio has been on an absolute tear to start the HS Season. How about 5 straight games with a HR.. (and counting as of this writing). Undersized, just 5’9, but do not let that fool you, the power is legit. This kid can flat out swing the bat and find hard contact with plus bat speed and natural loft in his swing built to get the ball in the air. An Average Hit and Power tools that should see him be able to be consistently around 20 HR or more per season. Defensively, a solid defender, fits in best at 2B but can also slide out to the OF in LF and perhaps get some reps in at 3B as well. Similar to Willie Calhoun.

117. LHP Michael Kirian | School: Louisville | B / T: L / L | Ht: 6’6 | Wt: 260lbs | Age: 22.5

Kirian had just 1 start in his Louisville career coming into 2021. Stuck behind some 1st round arms in Reid Detmers and Bobby Miller, alongside other good rotation option. Kirian waited for his time, and he is shining. He misses bats with fairly good command and deception from a crossfire delivery and ability to hide the ball exceptionally well behind his big frame. The Fastball is 91-93 T94. Curveball works across the zone with hard break. And rounds out the 3 pitch mix with a Changeup. The stuff is good, the deception makes it even tougher to square up. Kirian showed extremely well out of the pen the past few years and has carried out over the the rotation very well so far.

118. LHP/OF Drew Gray | School: Belleville East, IL | Commit: Arkansas | B / T: L / L | Ht: 6’3 | Wt: 180lbs | Age: 18

Legit 2-way potential. Gray offers high spin rates (2750-2850 RPM) on his Plus Slider, tough on both RHH/LHH. Has a heavy Fastball approach at times 90-93 MPH (2550 RPM) challenges hitters up in the zone until they prove they can handle it, and grades as a Plus pitch. Would like to see more usage of the Slider with how dominant it can be vs both LHH and RHH and a 3rd pitch that could be developed as he focuses more on pitching moving forward. And remember he’s a 2-way guy, with a ton of athleticism in the outfield, and some pull side power. Teams likely will look at him on the mound with his plus ability to create High-Spin and a high amount of Swing and Miss on top of it. But don’t be shocked if a team gives him a legit chance at becoming a 2-way. Once the focus shifts full-time to the mound, we should expect him to take legitimate strides in all aspects of his game.

119. 3B/1B JT Schwartz | School: UCLA | B / T: L / R | Ht: 6’4 | Wt: 210lbs | Age: 21.6

A projectable bat that has yet to consistently tap into the Power everyone has been waiting for. But there is clear 20+HR Potential here if he can start to bring it more in-game, to go with an Above-average Hit tool. A corner infielder, with some potential to mix in out at LF, with the likeliest outcome being 1B. If the Power starts to develop this spring, expect to see Schwartz rise 20-40 spots in the rankings.

120. RHP Luke Hayden | School: Wilson HS, PA | Commit: Alabama | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’4 | Wt: 190lbs | Age: 18.4

Lots of projection left with Holman who brings a very good 3 pitch mix to the table. A Plus Fastball sitting 90-93 with 2350-2500 PRM, a Plus Curveball, 75-77 MPH 2450-2600 RPM, each with legitimate swing and miss potential. Also working in a Splitter that is equally as dangerous although a whole lot more inconsistent, lacking control of the pitch and ability to bury it when needed. But does rip off some nasty ones, so the potential is there for an Above-average offering. If that Split develops, there is a clear starters role here, if not, late inning reliever potential.

121. 2B/3B Tyler Black | School: Wright State | B / T: L / R | Ht: 6’2 | Wt: 190lbs | Age: 21

Black is a very solid hitter with a good approach at the plate, with an Above-average Hit tool and 17-20 HR Power to tap into, and there may be more in there beyond 20. Also showing Above-average Speed with some SB potential. Black’s bat will need to carry him throughout his career, as he fits best as a 2B long-term with some defensive question marks right now. But the bat is more than good enough to do just that.

122. C Charlie Saum | School: Thousand Oaks HS, CA | Commit: Stanford | B / T: R / R | Ht: 5’11 | Wt: 185lbs | Age: 17.8

Saum is a talented young catcher and good athlete behind the plate with lateral agility and quickness. Plus Defensively, and may end up being the best defensive catcher in the class in time. A firm, accurate Above-average Arm. 20+ HR Power that shows up in-game against good arms. A bat path built to elevate with a consistent VBA and hip separation. Showing up strong to the pull side and into CF. A Below-average Hit tool should be offset by a fair share of walks with his patient approach. Although there is reason to see the Hit tool improving with his ability to pick up spin and barrel balls up as well as he does at this stage. And if that hit tool creeps up, expect the power to as well, making this an extremely exciting and underrated prospect.

123. RHP Caedmon Parker | School: Woodlands Christian HS, TX | Commit: TCU | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’4 | Wt: 185lbs | Age: 18

Parker brings a pretty lethal Fastball/Slider duo with command of each to the table that’s complemented by a Changeup. The Fastball and Slider each grade as future Plus offerings. Sitting 91-94 currently, with a ton of projection and arm speed there room to see 93-96 constantly touching upper 90s at times. The Slider gets tight lateral movement across the zone, and generates a high amount of swing and miss in and out of the zone. If that Changeup comes around more consistently, this entire package becomes much more complete.

124. LHP Rodney Boone | School: UC Santa Barbara | B / T: L / L | Ht: 6’2 | Wt: 175lbs | Age: 21.3

Boone has a great feel for pitching and how to get outs, although it comes with comes control question marks that slowly have improved, but still exist into his draft year. An underwhelming Fastball on paper, sitting 89-91 T92 but with heavy vertical rise, Vertical Approach Angle and low arm slot which help it play up in the zone effectively. His Changeup is easily his best pitch getting a healthy amount of swing and miss in and out of the zone. There is a lot of inconsistencies with the breaking ball right now, showing below average, but has a chance at an Average offering. There is back end of the mid-back end rotation floor here with #2 upside if the velo ticks up a bit more and more development of the breaking ball, which would do absolutely wonders for the overall profile.

125. 3B/1B Tommy White | School: IMG Academy HS, FL | Commit: North Carolina State | B / T: R / R | Ht: 5’11 | Wt: 185lbs | Age: 17.8

Very loose and fun attitude, Tommy is going to be a fan favorite wherever he ends up. A 3B by trade but very likely may see his future at 1B. But is fairly athletic and decent enough with the glove, to give him a chance to stick at 3B with some improvements. Let’s forget the glove for now. This dude lives and dies from the bat and offensive potential. One of the most consistent Hit tools that grades as Above-average with likely chance at Plus if he adapts to plus secondaries moving forward. A patient, prostyle approach at the plate that helps him drive the ball to all fields, and stay inside the ball with relative ease. A knack for finding barrels on balls all over the strike zone. He has some good pop as well with Above-Average Power. Not a ton of speed, but again does show some athleticism on the field. An exciting bat that is a fit in the middle of any lineup. Similar to Vlad Guerrero Jr.

126. RHP Max Debiec | School: O’Dea HS, WA | Commit: Washington | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’7 | Wt: 202lbs | Age: 18.2

Debiec has immense upside and may end up much higher when this is all said and done with a loud spring, but there are some question marks alongside that upside. The command/control has some big questions, as you would expect with someone his size and stuff. He falls in love with his breaking balls a bit to much for my liking at this stage, and hinders his ability to work ahead in the count consistently. Fastball command and ability to work ahead will do Debiec wonders, I think it’s in there, but need to see more before jumping the position right now. His 4 pitch mix is strong and there are tons of starter traits here.

127. C Nathan Hickey | School: Florida | B / T: L / R | Ht: 6’0 | Wt: 205lbs | Age: 21.6

Strong offensive ceiling, led by 55 Power. Has struggled vs LHP at Florida but has hit RHP very well, so a platoon role may be in order without any improvements moving forward. Defensively, solid catch and throw skills. The blocking needs clear work, he struggles to keep balls in front of him with 2 strikes and may end up moving off the position in my opinion which is why I’m a bit hesitant to push him up higher at this stage. Will need heavy focus on the defensive end if he wants to stick their long term. The bat will play at the next level vs RHP.

128. RHP James Peyton Smith | School: East Robertson, TN | Commit: Vanderbilt | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’4 | Wt: 228lbs | Age: 18

JPS is a very young pitching prospect, just turning 18 during the draft month with an incredibly fast arm that shows the ability to miss bats with at least 2 pitches. Led by a clear best pitch, the Fastball that grades as Double-plus (70) sitting 93-96 T98 in-game, with a natural tail from his low ¾ arm slot. Touching 100 MPH in a max effort pen recently this winter. There is good reason to think he will continue to refine his secondaries, a Curveball, Slider, and Changeup and control to become an impact SP. However, there is a very high effort delivery here and may lead to a bullpen role, albeit a high leverage one if he can improve on some issues with his command. But the stuff is as electric as any in the class. There is as much upside as any in the arm with JPS.

129. RHP Thomas Schultz | School: Vanderbilt | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’6 | Wt: 215lbs | Age: 21.10

Vandy’s 3rd and somewhat forgotten about Starting Pitcher, Schultz has done nothing but shove at Vandy when on the hill and has some things to get excited about him. A Fastball running up to 95 with sink but showcasing some ability to play up in the zone and find some swing and miss above it. Future plus command to go with some good stuff is going to make Schultz an enticing prospect come July and one who again is likely to be overlooked due to the 2 headed monster of Leiter and Rocker at the top of the class.

130. SS Noah Miller | School: Ozaukee, WI | Commit: Alabama | B / T: S / R | Ht: 6’0 | Wt: 175lbs | Age: 18.6

Switch-hitter with the footwork and a glove to stick at SS long-term. A Hit over Power profile who finds barrels consistently with a line drive approach at the plate and should hit for a solid average with equally as good OBP skills. Plays HS ball in Wisconsin, not a ton of strong competition out there, but has looked good against top arms at events over the summer. Solid profile all around. Brother of Indians prospect INF Owen Miller.

131. RHP Glenn Albanese | School: Louisville | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’6 | Wt: 220lbs | Age: 22.7

Albanese missed some time with Tommy John but is 100% healthy now, and looks even better than before. A high velocity Fastball reaching mid-upper 90s consistently. Mixing in a Above-average Slider with Plus spin but comes with some inconsistencies holding it back from a true Plus pitch. The 3rd offering, a league Average Changeup, shows some feel for it, but does again need to put further development into it for a consistent 3rd pitch. The upside is there with showing those improved secondaries to rise as high as a mid Round 2 pick.

132. RHP Sean Hard | School: St Joseph’s Regional HS, NJ | Commit: Boston College | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’5 | Wt: 198lbs | Age: 18.9

A big, projectable right-hander who has a ton of helium potential. With 2 Plus pitches, a Fastball and Curveball. The Fastball is 92-93 T95 with ride up in the zone and a Curveball that each generate swing and misses at a high rate. The Slider, Above-average has tight, late bite and plays off the FB well. The Changeup is an Average offering. A loud spring can really elevate Hard’s draft stock after missing some time in the summer and winter months due to COVID/Weather issues having to get creative and travel often in order to get his innings in. Back on the field, we should continue to see Hard’s stock rise.

133. SS Josh Day | School: Missouri | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’2 | Wt: 185lbs | Age: 21.4

A JuCo product, made his way to Missouri. Day is a good athlete with Plus speed who has tools to stick at SS with good footwork and glove but depending how the body develops may see a shift off the position long-term, but should break into pro ball as a SS with no issues. A fairly balanced offensive profile, with the Power aspect of his game likely being a later bloomer then the rest of his tools. 10-15 HR Power seems likely and double-digit steals are well within reach. There’s a valuable asset to be had and developed perhaps into something special if a team can help him tap into some more of his Raw Power.

134. RHP Cale Lansville | School: Thunder Ridge HS, CO | Commit: LSU | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’0 | Wt: 210lbs | Age: 18.4

Lansville isn’t going to wow you at first glance. Not a ton of projection left, not a big frame to get overly excited about, but man can this kid pitch. Simple, easy and repeatable mechanics. A Fastball sitting 91-93 MPH, 2350-2450 RPM, with command to both sides of the plate and ability to miss bats. His best pitch, a Slider 82-84 MPH, 2600 RPM, that grades as Plus with gyro movement and misses bats at a good rate. Rounding out the 4-pitch mix is a Changeup, League-average and a Curveball that he shows feel for but undoubtedly needs a bit of development left.

135. RHP Trent Denholm | School: UC Irvine | B / T: R / R | Ht: 5’11 | Wt: 180lbs | Age: 21.6

Denholm, an undersized pitching prospect for some, but one with a bulldog mentality on the mound. The type of pitcher who is going to beat you with command and heart over stuff. Although, the stuff ain’t half bad either. A sinker baller who keeps the ball low in the zone working his secondaries off it it. Works in an Average Curveball that gets out, but doesn’t miss many bats. His best pitch, a Changeup that gets a lot of his wing and miss and outs throughout his outings. Strong performances on the Cape, Denholm profiles as a #4 Starter at the next level.

136.OF Michael Robertson | School: Venice Senior HS, FL | Commit: Florida | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’1 | Wt: 170lbs | Age: 18.8

Robertson is a fantastic athlete with projection to go with Double-plus, pushing Elite speed that he utilizes on both sides of the ball. Patient approach at the plate with an ability to spoil tough pitches on the black with 2 strikes and putting the ball in play often with low K rates. With a CF skillset defensively, Robertson has a nice floor to build on. Then we get to the offensive side. Where he is just as talented. An Average possible Above-average Hit tool with an ability to spray the ball around the field line-to-line, to go with 10-15 HR power and 20+ SBs.

137. OF Parker Chavers | School: Coastal Carolina | B / T: L / R | Ht: 6’0 | Wt: 180lbs | Age: 23

An older prospect, will already be 23 old draft day so he will need to prove he’s able to move fairly quickly through the system to hold his ground in the early rounds. I believe he can do just that. A Double-plus runner that has a good chance to stick in CF using his speed to run down balls in the gaps as well as going back on the ball with efficient routes. The bat is what will determine the status come July. Sneaky pop that should eclipse double digits to go with an Average Hit tool and SB potential. He brings some excitement to the field and has shown to have some clutch genes with some late game heroics at Coastal Carolina.

138. RHP Tyler Ras | School: Alabama | B / T: S / R | Ht: 6’4 | Wt: 210lbs | Age: 21.7

Former 2-way who seems to have shifted full focus to the mound in 2021. A projectable, athletic prospect who brings it to the mound with a 4 pitch mix and a bit of a deceptive delivery that helps his stuff play up even more. The Fastball works 92-95 T96, a Curveball in the upper 70s and a Slider in the low- mid 80’s. A changeup that is a ways behind the rest of the arsenal, but gives reason to think he can develop it into a serviceable 4th pitch to wrinkle in on occasion. There’s a lot of projection in the body and game here with Ras from working deeper into starts with conditioning his arm and body, as well as further development of the secondaries he shows feel for.

139. LHP Mason Albright | School: Alabama | Commit: Virginia Tech | B / T: S / R | Ht: 6’4 | Wt: 210 | Age: 18.5

Albright wins with stuff, Above-average Command and a fantastic feel for pitching. With a Fastball that plays up due to the deception built in, getting natural sinking action from his low release, and consistently works low in the zone. But does show an ability to elevate and get above the eye level of hitters. Extremely tough on LHH with that low arm slot, pairing it with great extension. Flashes a Plus Curveball that absolutely kills lefties, and shows an ability to backdoor it vs RHH. A Changeup that shows flashes Above-average, but is a League Average offering at present to round out the 3 pitch mix. A consistent performer with some bulldog in him that doesn’t back down from any hitter filling up the zone.

140. RHP Carson Seymour | School: Kansas State | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’6 | Wt: 260lbs | Age: 22.6

The big right-hander brings some good stuff with his 4-pitch mix although with has come with some mixed results at Kansas State. Seymour has a Fastball with Plus potential that sits 93-95 T96, 2350-2500 RPM which he has started showing ability to hold deeper into his starts in 2021. His best secondary, a Slider, Above-average, with 2500-2600 RPM. Throws it hard, 86-89 MPH and works well off when he’s working downhill, getting good movement and the velocity to pair with it which should lead to more swing and miss down the line, and may end up a Plus pitch. Also working in an average Curveball and Changeup to round out the arsenal. Command in the zone and let his stuff play more often, and if he starts doing so, we will really start to let Seymour reach his potential.

141. 2B Jake Fox | School: Lakeland Christian HS, FL | Commit: Florida | B / T: L / R | Ht: 6’0 | Wt: 185 | Age: 18.2

When looking at Fox, you see a lot of similarities between himself and Dodgers 2B Gavin Lux in the box. Extremely similar swings and setups that lead to hard contact and consistent barrels. Fox is a offensive first prospect who likely lands at 2B as a Average Defender. But the bat is what will carry him. An Above-average potential Plus Hit tool down the line with ability to use the whole field with ease. The swings a bit handsy, but syncs up beautifully when he’s seeing the ball well. Similar to Gavin Lux.

142. RHP Brandon Neely | School: Spruce Creek HS, FL | Commit: Florida | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’3 | Wt: 200 | Age: 18

Very young, but advanced for his age and lots of projection left. Flashes swing/miss stuff with secondaries. Plus arm speed. Fastball sits 90-93 T94 with sub 2,000 RPM giving him natural sink, the command needs improvement at times but when he’s working his 2 seamers down, it’s nasty and tough to elevate as a hitter. Slider shows tight spin, looks just like his FB, great tunneling when working outer half, very tough on RHH, and is his go-to breaking ball. Flashes plus potential at its best but is Above-Average for now. The Curveball shows nice depth and big downer breaking action. The Changeup rounds out the 4 pitch mix, a Below-Average offering, with room to develop. But the feel for spin, and arm speed to go with him projection gives me a reason to think it will be a future 50-55 offering.

143. SS Danny Serretti | School: North Carolina | B / T: S / R | Ht: 6’1 | Wt: 195lbs | Age: 21.8

Came into college glove first, but the bat has came on nicely showing strong EV in game, and some sneaky power when he gets a pitch up in the zone he can handle. Showing some tools to stick at SS with a bit off offensive upside with a Gap-gap approach and ability to tap into 10-12 HR at the next level. There aren’t many switch-hitting SS in the bigs, Serretti has the tools to be on that shortlist. However, the overall profile may fit best at 2B, perhaps even 3B.

144. C Sam Hunt | School: IMG Academy HS, FL | Commit: Vanderbilt | B / T: S / R | Ht: 6’2 | Wt: 205 | Age: 18.4

Former 2-way who seems to have shifted full focus to the mound in 2021. A projectable, athletic prospect who brings it to the mound with a 4 pitch mix and a bit of a deceptive delivery that helps his stuff play up even more. The Fastball works 92-95 T96, a Curveball in the upper 70s and a Slider in the low-mid 80’s. A changeup that is a ways behind the rest of the arsenal, but gives reason to think he can develop it into a serviceable 4th pitch to wrinkle in on occasion. There’s a lot of projection in the body and game here with Ras from working deeper into starts with conditioning his arm and body, as well as further development of the secondaries he shows feel for.

145. SS Cameron Cauley | School: Barbers Hill HS, TX | Commit: Texas Tech | B / T: R / R | Ht: 5’11 | Wt: 170 | Age: 18.4

Wiry, quick twitch athlete with Double-plus speed he utilizes on both sides of the ball exceptionally. Hammering balls into the gap and testing arms in the OF consistently with aggressive baserunning. Cauley has tools to stick at SS where he grades as Above-average with a similar graded Above-average Arm. There double digit HR pop here as he adds strength to the frame, but likely never surpassing 15 in any given season. Don’t be surprised to see Cauley get some looks in CF with his speed, instincts and jumps off the bat he has shown on the infield would translate well to CF. A good base stealer and an easy candidate for 20+ a season. Top of the lineup/table setter profile. Similar to Garret Hampson.

146. RHP Gavin Williams | School: East Carolina | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’6 | Wt: 240lbs | Age: 22

Needs to prove he can start consistently and hold his stuff as most of his work has came out of the pen for East Carolina. Having touched 99 and up to 101 out of the pen, is something evaluators everywhere including myself will be on the lookout for when he gets a chance to start if he is able to hold some of that velo, for now its all projection. Working in a Curveball and a Changeup that each show Above-average with some ability to miss bats. Without proving he can start in 2021, his helium potential will be tough to take off, if he does, this could be a Round 2 arm. Floor of a late inning reliever, with Closer stuff.

147. 3B Alex Ulloa | School: Miami Christian HS, FL | Commit: Oklahoma State | B / T: R / R | Ht: 5’11 | Wt: 180 | Age: 18.6

A twitchy, strong compact body with a thick lower half and strong arms. A good approach at the plate, with a Above-average potential Plus Hit tool working Gap-Gap quick hands that stay inside the ball extremely well with some extra juice in the bat with some of the better exit velos north of 105 in the class, and with consistency into the gaps. You can see a path to 20+ HR Power down the line, but 15-18 is more realistic. Currently, a SS, although not having the range for the position, I think he slides over to 3B or maybe even 2B long-term as a league Average Defender. The Arm is capable of making most throws from the infield dirt. The bat will play wherever he ends up. Some players just know how to hit and find consistent barrels at a high rate no matter what level of pitching they face, and Ulloa seems to be on that list.

148. RHP Braden Olthoff | School: Tulane | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’4 | Wt: 221lbs | Age: 22.3

Floor over ceiling prospect. Olthoff has one of the nastiest changeups in the class, grading as Plus. With a short stride and a bit awkward of a look from the mound, he’s able to mess with some timings and produce soft contact at a high rate. The Fastball has some sneaky velo that gets on hitters quick. Olthoff projects as an innings eater #4 SP at the next level, and one that could move fairly quickly through the system with little to no projection remaining.

149. LHP William “Pico ” Kohn | School: Verbena HS, AL | Commit: Mississippi State | B / T: L / L | Ht: 6’5 | Wt: 205lbs Age: 18.7

Pico is one of my absolute favorite pitchers in the class. Strong build Left-Hander (6’5, 205) with projection remaining. Featuring one of the better overall Curveballs that an easy Plus in the class, and could end up a 70. Heavy downer action at 78-80 MPH. He shows the ability to command fairly well to both sides of the plate and is a weapon vs either LHH or RHH with a knee-buckling effect. Projectable Fastball sitting 87-90 T92 with ride up in the zone. And a changeup to round out the arsenal shows Below Average at present but does have the potential to move into League-Average Grades. Has some similarities to Reid Detmers, but is throwing harder than Detmers had in HS and has a bit more physical projection in the body/arm where he might have a better FB long-term, although the Command is a tick down from Detmers.

150. RHP Jack Perkins | School: Louisville | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’1 | Wt: 200lbs | Age: 21.6

Lights out FB/SL combo both featuring Plus spin rates and swing and miss capabilities. The Fastball working great up in the zone and Slider tunneling off of it with 2-plane action. Control has been an issue for Perkins during his college career, but you can’t deny the stuff at a minimum of a 2 pitch reliever floor is here with any improved command and development to his Changeup that’s currently Below-average, there’s clear mid-rotation upside here with Perkins. Coming off TJ, working out of the pen currently will need to show he can work as a starter for teams to consider him in the 1st couple of rounds.

151. RHP Zach Pettway | School: UCLA | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’1 | Wt: 195lbs | Age: 22.6

152. RHP Michael Morales | School: East Pennsboro Area HS, PA | Commit: Vanderbilt | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’2 | Wt: 200lbs | Age: 18.8

Report coming soon…

153. 1B/3B David McCabe | School: Charlotte | B / T: S / R | Ht: 6’5 | Wt: 230lbs | Age: 21.4

Report coming soon…

154. RHP Hawley Hector | School: Anna HS, TX | Commit: Texas A&M | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’2 | Wt: 190lbs | Age: 19

Report coming soon…

155. RHP Michael McGreevy | School: UC Santa Barbara | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’4 | Wt: 260lbs | Age: 21.4

Report coming soon…

156. 3B Jake Rucker | School: Tennessee | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’1 | Wt: 185lbs | Age: 21.8

Report coming soon…

157. 3B/OF Luke Leto | School: Portage Central HS, MI | Commit: LSU | B / T: L / R | Ht: 6’2 | Wt: 190lbs | Age: 21.4

Someone most had inside their 1st round as the 2021 class got rolling, and I was one of them. The talent and track record were there. But the development hasn’t gone as expected. He has some concerns on the defensive side of the ball, a SS now, will won’t stick, 3B/LF maybe even 1B is the fit long-term. Early in the summer, there were some concerns about his ability to tap into the Power and then you add the defensive question marks. He has a strong approach to the opposite field, which is good, but you want to see some consistent Power with Leto to the Pull side which has been few and far between. If he shows that consistently in the spring, we could still see Leto creep back into 2-4 Round territory, but the bats going to have to show it can carry him big time.

158. LHP Hugh Fisher | School: Vanderbilt | B / T: R / L | Ht: 6’5 | Wt: 185lbs | Age: 22.4

Report coming soon…

159. OF Robby Martin | School: Florida State | B / T: L / R | Ht: 6’3 | Wt: 215lbs | Age: 21.9

Report coming soon…

160. LHP Brock Selvidge | School: Hamilton HS, AZ | Commit: LSU | B / T: L / L | Ht: 6’3 | Wt: 205lbs | Age: 18.8

Report coming soon…

161. LHP Andrew Abbott | School: Virginia | B / T: L / L | Ht: 6’0 | Wt: 175lbs | Age: 22.1

Control has seemed to take the next step and elevated his entire game. Has shown more swing and miss abilities in and out of the zone with the Curveball with plus spin rates, which is his best pitch, grading out as an Above-average offering. His Fastball works 91-94 with natural arm side run due to a low 3/4 arm slot. A Below-average Changeup which needs more usage and development. Abbott misses a ton of bats in college, likely see less of that at the next level, but should still be over 1K per inning. Mid-back end rotation upside.

162. RHP Nick Nastrini | School: UCLA | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’3 | Wt: 200lbs | Age: 21.4

Report coming soon…

163. RHP JP Massey | School: Minnesota | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’5 | Wt: 205lbs | Age: 21.3

Report coming soon…

164. OF Corey Robinson | School: Spruce Creek HS, FL | Commit: Florida | B / T: R / R | Ht: 5’10 | Wt: 170lbs | Age: 19.3

Report coming soon…

165. OF Davis Sharpe | School: Clemson | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’4 | Wt: 210lbs | Age: 21.6

Report coming soon…

166. RHP Jack Leftwich | School: Florida | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’2 | Wt: 210lbs | Age: 22.8

Report coming soon…

167. C Connor Pavaloney | School: Tennessee | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’0 | Wt: 200lbs | Age: 21.9

Report coming soon…

168. OF Camden Hayslip | School: Friendship Christian HS, TN | Commit: Alabama | B / T: L / L | Ht: 6’3 | Wt: 205lbs | Age: 18.9

Report coming soon…

169. RHP Mason Pelio | School: Boston College | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’3 | Wt: 230lbs | Age: 21

Report coming soon…

170. LHP Pete Hansen | School: Texas | B / T: R / L | Ht: 6’2 | Wt: 200lbs | Age: 20.11

Report coming soon…

171. SS Nic Kent | School: Virginia | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’2 | Wt: 180lbs | Age: 21.3

Report coming soon…

172. 1B/LHP Jac Caglianone Jr. | School: Plant HS, FL | Commit: Florida | B / T: L / L | Ht: 6’5 | Wt: 210lbs | Age: 18.2

Report coming soon…

173. LHP Mo Hanley | School: Adrian College | B / T: L / L | Ht: 6’2 | Wt: 195lbs | Age: 22

Report coming soon…

174. C Michael Rothenberg | School: Duke | B / T: S / R | Ht: 6’3 | Wt: 210lbs | Age: 22.8

Report coming soon…

175. SS Carson Williams | School: Torrey Pines HS, CA | Commit: California | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’2 | Wt: 185lbs | Age: 18

Report coming soon…

176. 1B Kyle Manzardo | School: Washington State | B / T: L / R | Ht: 6’2 | Wt: 205lbs | Age: 21

Report coming soon…

177. RHP Cooper Stinson | School: Duke | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’6 | Wt: 245lbs | Age: 21.9

Report coming soon…

178. RHP Drew Christo | School: Elkhorn HS, NE | Commit: Nebraska | B / T: L / R | Ht: 6’4 | Wt: 225lbs | Age: 18.3

Report coming soon…

179. SS Harold Coll | School: San Jacinto JC | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’2 | Wt: 210lbs | Age: 20

Report coming soon…

180. SS Rob Gordon | School: Ben Franklin Academy HS, GA | Commit: Vanderbilt | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’1 | Wt: 174lbs | Age: 18.8

Range could be better at Shortstop, but shows a fantastic 1st step to make up for some of it. The body has some projection left, and there is potential to see Above-Average grades moving forward. Although, I do think he fits best at 3B as the bod fills out. A fairly balanced hitter with Average Hit and Power Potential. Not looking to take many walks, with his aggressive approach at the plate at this stage of his development, but it works for him. If the plate discipline ticks up the offensive ceiling is pretty impressive. If not, it will get streaky at times.

181. 1B Kris Armstrong | School: Florida | B / T: S / R | Ht: 6’4 | Wt: 235lbs | Age: 22

Report coming soon…

182. RHP Miles Langehorne | School: Greenwhich HS, CT | Commit: Vanderbilt | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’4 | Wt: 205lbs | Age: 18.1

Report coming soon…

183. LHP Julian Bosnic | School: South Carolina | B / T: L / L | Ht: 6’3 | Wt: 219lbs | Age: 21.6

Report coming soon…

184. OF Josh Smith | School: Georgia State | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’4 | Wt: 180lbs | Age: 21.5

Report coming soon…

185. RHP Ryan Johnson | School: Home School, TX | Commit: Vanderbilt | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’6 | Wt: 205lbs | Age: 18.9

Report coming soon…

186. SS Noah Smith | School: Marist HS, IL | Commit: Louisville | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’2 | Wt: 185lbs | Age: 18.5

Report coming soon…

187. OF Elijah Cabell | School: Florida State | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’3 | Wt: 230lbs | Age: 22

Report coming soon…

188. SS Ethan Murray | School: Duke | B / T: R / R | Ht: 5’11 | Wt: 180lbs | Age: 21.2

Report coming soon…

189. 1B Vytas Valincius | School: Baylor HS, IL | Commit: South Carolina | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’4 | Wt: 240lbs | Age: 18.3

Report coming soon…

190. RHP Riley Cornelio | School: TCU | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’3 | Wt: 195lbs | Age: 21.1

Report coming soon…

191. OF Lorenzo Carrier | School: Appoquinimink HS, DE | Commit: Miami | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’4 | Wt: 203lbs | Age: 18

Report coming soon…

192. RHP Dominic Hamel | School: TCU | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’2 | Wt: 205lbs | Age: 22.4

Report coming soon…

193. LHP Devin Futrell | School: American Heritage HS, FL | Commit: Vanderbilt | B / T: L / L | Ht: 6’5 | Wt: 190lbs | Age: 18

Report coming soon…

194. C Anson Aroz | School: Placer HS, CA | Commit: Oregon | B / T: S / R | Ht: 5’11 | Wt: 180lbs | Age: 18.6

Report coming soon…

195. OF Steven Williams | School: Auburn | B / T: L / R | Ht: 6’3 | Wt: 216lbs | Age: 22.4

Report coming soon…

196. 2B/3B Luke Heefner | School: Home School, TX | Commit: Dallas Baptist | B / T: L / R | Ht: 5’11 | Wt: 160lbs | Age: 18.9

Report coming soon…

197. RHP Johnny Ray | School: TCU | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’2 | Wt: 220lbs | Age: 22.8

Report coming soon…

198. 1B Gavin Kash | School: Monsignor Kelly HS, TX | Commit: Texas | B / T: L / R | Ht: 6’4 | Wt: 195lbs | Age: 18.7

Report coming soon…

199. RHP Jesse Bergin | School: UCLA | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’3 | Wt: 200lbs | Age: 21.8

Report coming soon…

200. LHP Mitch Bratt | School: Newmarket HS, ON | Commit: Florida State | B / T: L / L | Ht: 6’1 | Wt: 195lbs | Age: 18

Report coming soon…

201. 1B/3B Brady Slavens | School: Arkansas | B / T: L / R | Ht: 6’3 | Wt: 195lbs | Age: 20.9

Report coming soon…

202. RHP Dennis Colleran | School: North Attleborough HS, MA | Commit: Northeastern | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’3 | Wt: 220lbs | Age: 17.9

Report coming soon…

203. OF Gabe D’Arcy | School: JSerra Catholic HS, CA | Commit: Arkansas | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’3 | Wt: 220lbs | Age: 18.8

Report coming soon…

204. 1B Brandon Hylton | School: Stetson | B / T: L / R | Ht: 6’7 | Wt: 230lbs | Age: 21.5

Report coming soon…

205. 2B/3B Matthew Polk | School: Orange Lutheran HS, CA | Commit: Vanderbilt | B / T: R / R | Ht: 5’10 | Wt: 180lbs | Age: 18.8

Report coming soon…

206. RHP Peter Heubeck | School: Gilman HS, MD | Commit: Wake Forest | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’3 | Wt: 170lbs | Age: 19

Report coming soon…

207. LHP Justin Fall | School: Arizona State | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’3 | Wt: 240lbs | Age: 22

Report coming soon…

208. LHP Phillip Abner | School: Charlotte Christian HS, NC | Commit: Florida | B / T: L / L | Ht: 6’1 | Wt: 220lbs | Age: 19

Report coming soon…

209. RHP Troy Melton | School: San Diego State | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’4 | Wt: 200lbs | Age: 20.6

Report coming soon…

210. C/3B/OF Anthony Migliaccio | School: Detroit Country Day Upper HS, MI | Commit: Vanderbilt | B / T: S / L | Ht: 6’1 | Wt: 195lbs | Age: 18.5

Report coming soon…

211. LHP Mason Montgomery | School: Texas Tech | B / T: L / L | Ht: 6’2 | Wt: 185lbs | Age: 21.1

Report coming soon…

212. RHP Luke Jewett | School: JSerra Catholic HS, CA | Commit: UCLA | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’3 | Wt: 190lbs | Age: 18.5

Report coming soon…

213. C Noah Cardenas | School: UCLA | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’1 | Wt: 185lbs | Age: 21.8

Report coming soon…

214. RHP Ben Specht | School: Florida | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’1 | Wt: 210lbs | Age: 21.8

Report coming soon…

215. RHP Calvin Ziegler | School: Home School, CN | Commit: Connecticut | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’0 | Wt: 195lbs | Age: 18.9

Report coming soon…

216. 2B Luke Waddell | School: Georgia Tech | B / T: L / R | Ht: 5’9 | Wt: 176lbs | Age: 23

Older prospect who gained an extra year of eligibility with the COVID-19 regulations. Waddell is a spark-plug type at the top of the lineup who profiles as a 2nd baseman defensively at the next level. An Above-average Hit tool with limited power. But should have fairly high OBP numbers and has a decent floor as a bench option.

217. 1B Maxwell Costes | School: Maryland | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’1 | Wt: 215lbs | Age: 22

Report coming soon…

218. RHP/1B Alonzo Tredwell | School: Mater Dei HS, CA | Commit: UCLA | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’7 | Wt: 225lbs | Age: 19.2

Report coming soon…

219. OF Kier Meredith | School: Clemson | B / T: L / L | Ht: 5’10 | Wt: 180lbs | Age: 21.8

Report coming soon…

220. C Pat Winkel | School: Connecticut | B / T: L / R | Ht: 6’1 | Wt: 200lbs | Age: 21.6

Report coming soon…

221. C Chris Katz | School: Heritage HS, NC | Commit: Wake Forest | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’0 | Wt: 209lbs | Age: 18.3

Report coming soon…

222. 3B Christian Moore | School: Suffield Academy HS, NY | Commit: Tennessee | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’1 | Wt: 200lbs | Age: 18.6

Report coming soon…

223. OF Jacob Young | School: Florida | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’0 | Wt: 175lbs | Age: 22

Report coming soon…

224. OF John Rogers | School: Carmel HS, IN | Commit: Vanderbilt | B / T: L / L | Ht: 5’9 | Wt: 178lbs | Age: 19

Report coming soon…

225. LHP Zach Torra | School: UC Santa Barbara | B / T: L / L | Ht: 6’1 | Wt: 195lbs | Age: 22.9

Report coming soon…

226. LHP Hunter Elliot | School: Tupelo HS, MS | Commit: Mississippi | B / T: L / L | Ht: 6’3 | Wt: 205lbs | Age: 18.8

Report coming soon…

227. RHP Carter Raffield | School: Clemson | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’4 | Wt: 225lbs | Age: 21.4

Report coming soon…

228. RHP Brody Brecht | School: Ankeny HS, IA | Commit: Iowa | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’4 | Wt: 185lbs | Age: 18.9

Report coming soon…

229. OF Thomas Dilandri | School: Palo Verde HS, NV | Commit: TCU | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’3 | Wt: 195lbs | Age: 18.4

Report coming soon…

230. C/1B Wes Clarke | School: South Carolina | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’2 | Wt: 225lbs | Age: 21.8

Report coming soon…

231. 3B Daniel Corona | School: Baylor HS, NY | Commit: TCU | B / T: L / R | Ht: 6’2 | Wt: 198lbs | Age: 17.9

Report coming soon…

232. 3B Jamal O’Quinn | School: USC | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’4 | Wt: 220lbs | Age: 22.5

Report coming soon…

233. RHP Matt Ager | School: Foothill HS, CA | Commit: UC Santa Barbara | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’5 | Wt: 205lbs | Age: 18.2

Report coming soon…

234. RHP Shane Panzini | School: Red Blank Catholic HS, NJ | Commit: Virginia | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’3 | Wt: 220lbs | Age: 19.6

Report coming soon…

235. SS Liam Spence | School: Clemson | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’1 | Wt: 170lbs | Age: 23.2

Report coming soon…

236. OF Braiden Ward | School: Washington | B / T: L / R | Ht: 5’10 | Wt: 160lbs | Age: 22.6

Report coming soon…

237. 3B William Cook | School: Miamisburg HS, OH | Commit: Louisville | B / T: L / R | Ht: 6’5 | Wt: 190lbs | Age: 18.7

Report coming soon…

238. LHP Brant Hurter | School: Georgia Tech | B / T: L / L | Ht: 6’6 | Wt: 245lbs | Age: 22.9

Report coming soon…

239. SS Max Cotier | School: Virginia | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’0 | Wt: 165lbs | Age: 20.11

Report coming soon…

240. OF Chase Mason | School: Viborg-Hurley HS, SD | Commit: Nebraska | B / T: L / R | Ht: 6’4 | Wt: 215lbs | Age: 18.8

Report coming soon…

241. 1B/OF Josiah Sightler | School: South Carolina | B / T: L / L | Ht: 6’5 | Wt: 232lbs | Age: 21.9

Report coming soon…

242. OF Denzel Clarke | School: Cal State Northridge | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’4 | Wt: 205lbs | Age: 21.1

Report coming soon…

243. LHP Jose Valadez-Acuna | School: Veterans Memorial HS, TX | Commit: Texas Tech | B / T: L / L | Ht: 6’0 | Wt: 200lbs | Age: 18.10

Report coming soon…

244. RHP Daniel Brooks | School: Bishop England HS, SC | Commit: College of Charleston | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’8 | Wt: 245lbs | Age: 18.6

Report coming soon…

245. RHP Franco Aleman | School: Florida | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’6 | Wt: 230lbs | Age: 21.1

Report coming soon…

246. OF Will Taylor | School: Dutch Fork HS, SC | Commit: Clemson | B / T: R / R | Ht: 6’0 | Wt: 175lbs | Age: 18.3

Report coming soon…

247. OF Donta’ Williams | School: Arizona | B / T: L / L | Ht: 5’10 | Wt: 170lbs | Age: 21.11

Report coming soon…

248.1B/OF Jonathan Santucci | School: Phillips Academy HS, MA | Commit: Duke | B / T: L / L | Ht: 6’2 | Wt: 190lbs | Age: 18.5

Report coming soon…

249. OF Grant Richardson | School: Indiana | B / T: L / L | Ht: 6’2 | Wt: 186lbs | Age: 22

Report coming soon…

250. 1B/OF Matt Goodheart | School: Arkansas | B / T: L / R | Ht: 6’1 | Wt: 180lbs | Age: 22.7

Report coming soon…

Last Update: 3/29/2021

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