Jordan Lawlar SS | Scouting Report: 2021 MLB Draft

Jordan Lawlar SS | Scouting Report: 2021 MLB Draft

Written by: Jake Tillinghast
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Jordan Lawlar is a pretty popular name in the Draft Circle this year. It should come as no surprise to anyone that he comes in as Prospects Worldwide’s #1 Ranked HS player in the Country, and a Top 5 overall prospect for the 2021 MLB Draft.

I currently have Jordan Lawlar Mocked at #2 to the Texas Rangers. A hometown star at a premium position, with a long rebuild in sight seems like the dream situation if you are the Rangers.

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MLB Draft Scouting Report
Shortstop | Jordan Lawlar | Age: 18.11

Commitment: Vanderbilt


An advanced hitter for his age, Jordan Lawlar has proven game after game, showcase after showcase, event after event, he is the #1 HS player in the country. With minimal weaknesses. The approach is fantastic, working to all fields with such ease.

You can see here with the open side video provided by, Lawlar gets that weight moving back into the side and explodes forward. And his head stays incredibly quiet during his swing.

**Video is from** — Jordan Lawlar swing open side.

The At Bat Below was a Matchup between Jordan Lawlar the #1 Position Player and the #1 Prep Arm in the class, Andrew Painter (Scouting Report coming on Painter soon).

Two of the Top HS players, and 2 I expect to be selected in the top half for the first round next draft. A matchup I was really looking forward to. As I am sure many were.

Winner: Jordan Lawlar

The first AB of the video was that matchup mentioned above. (The rest is more from the PG All American Classic)

With an impressive swing on a 94 MPH fastball up in the zone. Showing off that Plus bat speed, as well as the ability to find barrels in any quadrant of the zone. Against the top arm in the class.

**Video from Baseball Factory All-Star Classic**

Above, was Lawlar’s 1st At bat of the Baseball Factory All-Star Classic. Facing off against a quick rising arm from California, Thatcher Hurd, whom I currently have ranked 46th among HS Prospects.

Pitch by Pitch. He watches a Slider move off the outer edge for Ball 1. Swings through 1 High and in Fastball, and the next pitch swings through another high fastball up in the zone with ride.

To this point, Lawlar has been beat with 2 high Fastballs. He watches another Slider move off the outside edge to even the count 2-2.

Lawlar steps out, takes a deep breath, very likely reminding himself he just got beat by 2 high fastballs with both breaking balls missing off the plate that he easily took. He knew another Fastball was coming. And he put a heck of a swing on it. Getting on top of that high fastball that just beat him just 2 pitches earlier.


Lawlar is the SS making the slick play above. A quick 1st step to the ball allows him to get to the ball in quick enough to position his body to work through it the ball, instead of carry his momentum to 3rd base, making this throw even more difficult then it already is.

The smooth fielding SS made this play look easy at a level this play is hardly made at all. From that quick 1st step, to the concentration to ignore the diving 3rd baseman in front of him, to positioning himself to work through it rather then to it, and lastly, the arm strength and accuracy to make this throw with ease


Lay out the toolset, and you realize he really has no weaknesses. And if he were to ever tap into the rest of that Raw Power and reach a 55 Game Power. We are looking at POSSIBLE 5 Tool player, with an Above-Above to Plus skillset across the board. And that’s not a profile in this game you should throw around lightly. But we have that type of upside here with Lawlar.

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