2020 Perfect Game National Standout Hitters

2020 Perfect Game National Standout Hitters

Written by: Jake Tillinghast
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Let me start by saying this PG National was incredible, TONS, and I mean TONS of talent on display, this prep class is going to be a joy to dig into all year. Quiet honestly could have wrote up and added a ton more names to the list. And something to remember about the event. This for the most part is the first game action these players have seen in a few months due to COVID-19 Shutdown and quarantines. But you wouldn’t really have noticed. These players were putting in work during the shutdown and didn’t skip a beat, handling high velo, nasty spin and pitchers were doing a great job of showing their stuff and keeping hitters of balance. Just an overall fantastic week of baseball start to finish, congrats to all the athletes on competing in the event, had a ton of fun watching and covering each of you. Any players want to reach out and see on some notes I have of them from the event, feel free to DM me on twitter @JTillinghast27, have notes on virtually all of you!


CF Joshua Baez – 6’3 220lb – R/R- Dexter Southland HS, MA – Commit: Vanderbilt

Young for the class will be just 17 at the time the 2021 Draft rolls around. Tools off the charts.. Across the board…. Plus bat speed. Shows pull PWR. Big, strong, physical, roaming centerfielder, at 6’3 220lbs with ease. Threw 97 MPH from the OF in workouts, ran a 6.67 60 yard dash. Touching 96 off the mound. He knows he is a CF. He wants to be a CF. He will be a CF moving into his pro or college career. Baez has a chance to be a special player. He does have some kinks to iron out, as all prep players do. He has a good amount of swing and miss in his game, gets a bit ancy at the plate, chasing pitches out of the zone and breaking balls away has a hard time keeping his hands back not trusting his strength and quick hands to get the job done. But does a fairly good job of staying within himself. There is some swing & Miss. Breaking balls away gives him some trouble, looking for balls out over the middle of the plate. He shows plus tools out in CF, from the plus plus Arm, the plus Speed, strong reads off the bat, and good baseball instincts, he will have every chance to stick in CF, and be an impact player on both sides of the ball. Body is pretty filled out and not a ton of body projection left, but still a lot of room for him to grow as a player. 

1B/OF Jonathan Santucci – 6’2” 190lb – L/L – Phillips Academy HS, MA – Commit: Duke

25 pounds added this offseason. And still has more room to add some muscle and man strength as he matures, and still holding up his athleticism. And it’s showing up in a game with his plus power potential. And it shows up in-game to the pull side. Santucci has a sweet left-handed swing with some of the better bat speed in the prep class that again generates easy pull power but the ability to drive the ball all over the field. A really strong approach, very composed in the box. He gets great natural loft in his swing and strong weight shift and hip rotation and body lean and gets his bat in a great power position from start to finish. Absolutely crushing balls on the inner half and low in the zone. Does a great job of staying within himself and driving the ball the other way when the pitch dictates it.  

Black Team Honorable Mentions:
SS Casey Saucke II; Commit: Virginia
3B/SS Aries Samek; Commit: Clemson
2B/SS Noah Smith; Commit: Louisville


SS Jordan Lawlar – 6’2” 185lb – R/R – Jesuit College Prep HS, TX – Commit: Vanderbilt

One of the better looking all-around players at the PG National, really shined.. Vanderbilt commit again, shocker I know.  Everything seemed to come so naturally to him out there. Whether it be in the box, the field, basepaths, and the game comes so easy to him and has that ability to slow the game down. A nice smooth compact swing that generates plus bat speed from the right side that shows plus power potential, as well as hit tool with his ability to drive the ball to all fields and even when fooled, keep his hands and weight back to drive the ball to right field for singles. Gets nice extension and loft in his swing and uses his lower half well, and drives the ball GAP-GAP showing more PWR to pull side for now, but has the look of being able to hit the ball out to all fields in the near future. SB 2nd Base: 3.32 sec. On defense again it comes natural to him, and has the potential to be a plus plus defender at a premium position. His actions are clean, footwork is under control, quick and balanced, and soft hands out at SS. Good arm strength, with good accuracy, that should only get stronger as he matures and adds strength. One of the top talents on the prep circuit.

CF Braylon Bishop – 6’1” 196lb – L/L – Texarkana HS, AR – Commit: Arkansas

Easy swing. Slightly above average bat speed but gets the job done with great bat to ball skills and tremendous plate coverage. Shows Pull PWR at times. Gets good extension & loft, keeps hands close to the body. Great leverage and hip coil. It gives me a reason to think he can hit for above-average power at the next level with his toolset. With a plus hit tool. Gets good reads off the bat, as well as above-average range out in CF. Strong and accurate arm, should be able to stick in CF, would be a plus defender in a corner OF spot if moved however 60 Yard Dash: 6.62 sec, 2nd->3rd steal, 3.25 sec. So he has some nice in-game run times  Has potential to put up above-average to plus tools across the board. 

Cardinal Team Honorable Mentions:
OF Jay Allen; Commit: Florida
3B/2B Bryan Loriga; Commit: Florida International
OF Zach Martin; Commit: Maryland


RF Benny Montgomery – 6’4” 200 – R/R – Red Land HS, PA – Commit: Virginia

The most tooled up player at the PG National. Period. Quick twitch, wiry, just a fun athlete to watch on the field, hard to take your eyes off. Ran a 60-yard dash of 6.32 sec (3rd in the event), and just a 1.64 split, which was above average, but not in the top tier. Which tells me.. He COULD be even faster… not sure that will happen as he fills out but his ability to pick up and keep speed is remarkable… Tied for 1st with a 97 MPH throw from the OF in workouts. In BP Peppered balls off the Wall in LCF and showing some drive to CF as well, and more of a line drive approach and not a ton of carry the other way… Yet. It will come. Easy movements and quick 1st step and reads out in RF, True RF Profile. He has some movement in his swing to work through but barrels up balls with ease. The arm can get a bit erratic at times but should be able to hone it in. In the game he never was able to drive the ball hard, but he still found 3 hits, on the infield… Just too fast. Down the line with 4.06 sec, and was jammed hard and slow out of the box due to it and ran a 4.3 sec still down the line He has some development still no doubt, but man these are loud tools with plus ability across the board if it all clicks.. 

SS/3B Izaac Pacheco – 6’4” 220lb – L/R – Friendswood HS, TX – Commit: Texas A&M

Shows some strong athleticism for being 6’4”. Pacheco is one of the better power prep bats, that generates easy power to all fields with his big extension, plus bat speed and strength. Gets a ton of bend with the upper half helping add to the power in his swing. The hit tool will need some work put into it, but if he can even get it up to a 40-grade tool, Pacheco can be something really special. The power is legit, and he is going to work a TON of walks. Ya, he will strikeout, chasing the high fastball often, a pitch he has a bit of trouble getting to right now. Gets a bit ancy early in counts looking to put one in the seats, but once he is ahead, does a great job of shrinking his strike zone and making pitchers come into his power zone. With some slight swing adjustments, he can find a way to get on top of that ball more often, as well as increase that hit tool. Looks smooth at SS and could stick there, but due to the size and as he ages, imagine some slight quickness will leave for more power/strength and will find his home as a solid 3B. 

Gold Team Honorable Mentions:
SS Drake Varnado; Commit: Arkansas
INF Brock Daniels; Commit: Oklahoma
C/3B/OF Carter Jensen; Commit: Louisiana St


SS Daniel Corona – 6’2” 198lb – L/R – Baylor HS, NY – Commit: Wake Forest

I really liked what I saw out of Corona. Smooth line drive swing with a slight loft from the left side. See’s the balls out of the pitcher’s hand and tracks it extremely well. Stays in very well vs lefties showing an ability to drive the ball the other way. Really soft hands over at SS, picks the ball really well at 2b on steal attempts, multiple times saved his catcher and supplied a quick athletic tag for an out, when they probably shouldn’t have been. Has a strong arm across the diamond registering 91 MPH ion workout, and that carried into the game with firm on target throws. Below average runner, 60-yard time of 7.27 sec, virtually making him a “4 tool play” with a chance for those 4 tools to all grow into above average-plus grades in the future. With a bit more HIT>PWR with that approach at the plate. 

OF Gabe D’Arcy – 6’3” 220lb – R/R – JSerra Catholic HS, CA – Commit: Arkansas

Honestly.. I loved everything I saw out of Gabe. Not the biggest name on the Grey team, but had one of the best showings on the squad at the PG National. It’s the same thing I saw before the shutdown, only everything in his game improved, which is incredible considering he hasn’t had any game action. I was able to get out to a game to see him and Jserra take on Huntington Beach HS, (Jake Vogel’s HS, just drafted by the Dodgers) as well as a few other high profile names, Cody Schrier below. Gabe just missed a HR that night, played great defense and athleticism on the field. More or less confirming what I knew of him. Turn to the PG National, as I said, those tools are all improved. Looks to have more burst, improved discipline, and overall looks like an improved player. Showed the ability to turn on multiple 94+ MPH Fastballs while working the count deep multiple times and eventually getting a pitch he could handle. Looked great out in CF. I think he shifts into a RF role long term but won’t have any issues playing CF for the next few years with his athleticism. Big fan of seeing what he can develop into over the next few summer months leading into his senior year, as well as where he commits

Grey Team Honorable Mentions:
SS Cody Schrier; Commit: UCLA
OF Malakhi Knight; Commit: Oregon St
OF Nick McLain; Commit: UCLA


CF Corey Robinson – 5’11” 170lb – R/R – Spruce Creek HS, FL – Commit: Florida

60 Yard dash: 6.32 sec – 88 MPH from the OF in the workout, had a strong, loud BP session. Swing big leg kick, and a bit of bat wag in his load to keep an eye on going forward, but has very quick hands and plate coverage. Robinson was a standout before the games got going. Showing tons of athleticism, body control, speed, decent arm strength with room to get better, but throws on target to home. Turn game tie, all the tools translate effortlessly. And might have looked even a bit better. Barreling up balls consistently all over the field. Showing off a strong hit tool, but also some pop to all fields. Turning on a FB over the LF head for a double, and going down on a FB low and away and down the line for a triple, that registered a 94 MPH Exit velocity, the double earlier was 92 MPH Exit velo. As he grows into more body strength, you can imagine some power will be coming with it. Looks really comfortable in the box, reading breaking balls well, chasing on 1 for a strikeout, but it happens, other than that he wasn’t fooled or cheated at all. An exciting fun player on both sides of the ball. Looks more than comfortable at all 3 OF positions and goes back on the ball with ease. 

INF/OF Jorge De Goti – 6’1” 175lb – R/R – Belen Jesuit Prep HS, FL – Commit: Florida

De Goti is one of those players you could stick at virtually any position other than catcher and pitcher, (has a live arm wouldn’t be shocked to see him hop up on a mound and have success either) and he would find a way to become a plus defender there. Has quick feet, strong arm, good range, and quick twitch actions. Probably fits best on the field, but more then capable of moving around. Very balanced approach and stance at the plate. He keeps his hands and head very still throughout the entire process. Gets good hip rotation and handles velocity just fine. With an up, the middle approach, barreling up balls back up the middle consistently in BP and a few times in-game. A very strong mechanically sound player with some fun tools to play with. 

Green Team Honorable Mentions:
2B/SS Jake Fox; Commit: Florida
3B Aiden Miola; Commit: Oklahoma St
1B Marcus Franco; Uncommitted


SS/3B Colson Montgomery – 6’4” 190lb – L/R – Southridge HS, IN – Commit: Indiana

3 sport athlete. Very athletic with tools to get excited about. Projectable body, big 6’4 frame that projects to fill out nicely and add to that Power potential. Has a GAP-GAP approach, and shows the ability to open the hips and turn inside pitches and shows game power already. At the National, he hit several hard balls up the middle the and other way and hit BP showed everything we touched on above. With good balance in the box, and body lean. Has a high back elbow that lifts him some natural loft that will help him grow into above-average to plus Power in the future, to go with a nice hit tool. And remember, this is a kid that is focused on 3 sports and shows really strong actions on the baseball field already. If he chose to focus directly on baseball, you can only imagine his tools to be more refined. There is some swing and miss here, but nothing to be overly alarmed about. 

SS/2B Noah Miller – 6’0” 175lb – S/R – Ozaukee HS, WI – Commit: Alabama

A switch hitter who has a really smooth swing. More so from the left side, the right side gets a bit loftier and a bit longer at times, but overall shows good barrel skills from the Right side. The left side is a gorgeous swing, very smooth and direct to the ball, showing the ability to handle velocity, offspeed, use the whole field, not trying to do too much, but the ball still jumps off his bat. Average arm strength but shows plus accuracy and looks good in the hole at SS, and has enough on his throws to get it there firmly. Might move on over at 2B long term, but the bat is going to play vs any caliber pitching that comes at him along the way.

Maroon Team Honorable Mentions:
CF Jquann Smith; Uncommitted
SS/2B Cameron Cauley; Commit: Texas Tech
C Sam Hunt; Commit: Vanderbilt


C Harry Ford – 5’10” 200lb – R/R – North Cobb HS, GA – Commit: Georgia Tech

Other than Ian Moller, Ford is my favorite catcher in the prep class. His tools are just ridiculous, Ran the 60-yard dash in 6.5 seconds (tied 12th in the entire event, next closest catcher was Jamie Ferrer at 6.68 seconds). Stole 2nd base with a 3.53 sec time with aggressiveness on the basepaths. 10th in poptime in drills with 1.84 seconds, showed just as good in the game at a 1.86 sec, something that is not always seen with catchers and cheating a bit during drills for a better time. Threw 83 MPH down to 2nd base (Tied 3rd in the event for catchers). We haven’t even touched on the bat yet. Which is awesome in itself. Strong quick hands that possess near-elite bat speed. Extremely composed in the box with an easy approach. Holds hands low with not much movement at all and fires through the zone. Gets great hip separation manpower through his lower half. Shows pull power and ability to drive the ball in-game, and a sweet easy swing on balls on the outer half to go to RF for singles or drive a ball in the Gap or down the line. A little bit of a hanging front leg, but has really smooth timing and syncs up so well with his hands.

SS Michael Braswell – 6’2” 180lb – R/R – Campbell HS, GA – Commit: South Carolina

Really flashy, energetic, but doesn’t play outside of himself, his game is built around that high energy, wiry, athletic play-style. Reminds me a lot of Javier Baez in the field with the glove, and 1st step quickness, not to mention the high energy they both possess. Extremely soft hands gobbles up balls at SS and on throws down from the catcher with extremely quick tags. Shows off an above-average arm at SS that carries well into the whole and up the middle. With some projection remaining you can imagine the arm strength to pick up with it. Lots of room to fill into his body. At the plate, a GAP-GAP hitter who showed some of the best bat speed and ability to drive the ball hard the other way. Virtually every single at-bat Braswell came up he squared up. A majority of them to the CF-RF side of the field. Long limbs, crowds the plate, but such quick hands to handle the inside FB, gives him incredible plate coverage and can make contact even when fooled. And shows a patient approach at the plate.  Big showing from Braswell, and one not many will forget.

Navy Team Honorable Mentions:
SS Kristian Campbell; Commit: Georgia Tech
SS Christian Moore; Commit: Tennessee
SS/2B Justin Szestowski; Commit: North Carolina


2B/SS Luke Heefner – 5’11” 160lb – L/R – Home School, TX – Dallas Baptist

Not someone I was too familiar with heading into the PG National. That quickly changed. Barrel. Barrel. Barrel. Barrel. You get the drill. Heefner is a pure hitter. Simple. He has a knack for finding being able to square balls up. Has a tall slightly opened stance, and holds his hands high, is able to get to the high FB with ease, showing the ability to handle multiple pitches over 95+ MPH at the top of the strike zone and smack them into RF for a single. I’d slap a future 60 grade on his Hit tool right now, based on what I saw at the event. He was that smooth in the box and not 1 time did he look over-matched. Struck out 1 time on a tough CB that might have slightly been off the plate by Ryan Ginther (One of the better pitcher performances of the week) other than that. Barrels. Posted 3.55 sec on SB times to 2nd base. Very relaxed. Reminds me a lot of Mets 2B Jeff McNeil. Professional hitter and an extremely tough off. 

2B/SS Ryan Oniel Cepero Roman – 6’0” 164lb – R/R – Carlos Beltran HS Academy, PR – Uncommitted

2nd uncommitted player to make the write-up list. This time, from Puerto Rico. Cepero has a lot of room to add to weight and strength. Wiry, athletic, and looks comfortable on the field. Uses the whole field well at the plate with a strong Line drive oriented approach, that stays pretty flat through the zone. Not having a ton of weight to back him up, the approach is great and still finds a way to get some decent carry on the ball. Has tools to make me think he can stick at SS, has a strong arm 93 MPH from the infield in workouts, and is quick on his feet with soft hands making all the throws necessary. Looked good at 2B as well in the game. Good speed as you can see with his 60-yard time of 6.45 sec. Definitely a name trending in the right direction after the PG National, and firmly on my radar going forward, looking to see if he can add some weight and get more drive on the ball consistently that he shows flashes of.

Orange Team Honorable Mentions:
3B Eldridge Armstrong; Commit: San Diego St
3B/1B Brogan Napier; Commit: UCF
2B/SS Tyler Christmas; Commit: Duke


OF Michael Robertson – 6’1” 170lb – L/R – Venice Senior HS, FL Commit: Florida

Twitchy athlete. Plus plus speed. 60-yard dash time of 6.30 sec, and backed that up during the games with Home->1st times at 4 seconds flat. Giving him 70/80 run times, I’ll settle at 70 for now. Patient approach at the plate, more than willing to draw walks and use his speed on the basepaths. Great at spoiling pitches to live another day and work to a pitch he can handle, or walk. And still is a really strong hitter. Barreled up multiple balls, handling velo, offspeed looked very comfortable against anything that came his way. Executed a perfect hit and run, not sure it was planned, but placed the ball perfectly for a single where the defender left to cover the base. And he shows some Power potential as well. Strong defensively and uses his speed out there to run down balls in the gaps. And has great body control. Overall a strong player.

3B/1B Tommy White – 6’2” 220lb – R/R – IMG Academy HS, FL – Commit: North Carolina State

The 2021 Blaze Jordan???? Not quite, but he’s just as fun to watch, and more athletic than Blaze in my opinion, has a chance to stick at 3B with some soft hands, quick feet under him. He probably will find his way over to 1B but will get his shot to stick. With the bat, he’s a lot of fun to watch. Some of the quicker hands in the prep class, able to turn on any fastball and bring his hands in close so well to find the barrel and not be jammed very often at all. Picks up Fastballs very well and does a pretty good job on breaking balls, although it can get a bit long at times. Shows ability to shorten up his swing to avoid a high K rate, although he did K a few times during the event, he was chasing high FB well out of the zone over his head, something I don’t think he will do much of going forward as he shows good ability to stay within himself. Trusts his quick hands and barrel skills and will be more then happy to drive a ball for a single then one over the fence. 

Purple Team Honorable Mentions
1B/OF Bobby Marsh; Commit: Florida Atlantic
C/1B Rene Lastres; Commit: Florida
OF Renzo Gonzalez; Commit: Miami


OF/SS Braden Montgomery – 6’3” 203lb – S/R – Madison Central HS, MS – Commit: Stanford

What can’t you say about Braden Montgomery? By all accounts sounds like one of the most genuine kids in the draft off the field, and truly a special kid to be around. On the field, he is just as special. Extremely athletic and built really well. Showing a strong GAP-GAP approach, keeping his hands inside the ball well, showing an ability to go up and square up the high FB vs some good velocity. Switch hitter, who shows more contact/line-drive swing from the left side, and a bit more ability to tap into some Raw Power with his Right-handed swing. Overall shows a strong hitting ability from both sides of the plate.  Shows strong defensive abilities at SS and in the OF. Lost a ball in the sun on his 1st opportunity out there in LF, not going to count it against him sounded like the sun was brutal that day. After that showed plus abilities around the field. A heck of an arm throwing perfect strikes to home from RF in workouts. Strong base runner and good speed. Braden has a chance to flash average-plus in every grade moving forward. 

OF/1B Camden Hayslip – 6’3” 205lb – L/L – Friendship Christian HS, TN – Commit: Alabama

Didn’t get a ton of looks at Hayslip previous to the PG National, but he immediately caught my eyes in the workout with an under control demeanor and good body control in the outfield and during his throws, showing decent arm strength with some projection left in there as he grows into more strength. At the plate, Hayslip puts that strength on display. With an open stance that works into a toe tap with big extension and hip rotation. He had a very loud BP session showing great pull power, putting a few balls out to RF. Has the potential to grow into some serious power numbers in the future. In-game he showed some swing and miss, as most prep power bats will. Struck out vs Chase Burns 98 MPH Fastball away, (pretty normal bs Burns for most any hitter) and a Fastball up he couldn’t catch up to, so some things to be wary of moving forward. He did get pretty selective with 2 strikes showing a decent eye. I think Hayslip’s rise is quickly on the rise and should be hearing a whole lot more from him moving forward. 

Red Team Honorable Mentions:
INF Alex Ulloa; Commit: Oklahoma St
OF Thaddeus Ector; Commit: South Carolina
SS/OF Hunter Teplansky; Commit: TCU


C Ian Moller – 6’1” 201lb – R/R – Wahlert HS, IA – Commit: LSU

What can’t you say about Ian Moller… Just an all-around fantastic player. And just as great off the field. A true leader on and off the field, someone you can draft and think “We have our team captain for the next 15 years when he is fully developed”. Ian shows the ability to slow the game down so well and show his amazing abilities consistently in-game. He had high expectations heading into the PG National. And only improved his stock with his showing. His 1st AB he rocketed a ball deep to LF with a 97 MPH exit velo and showed consistent ability to drive the ball and barrel up balls all over the field with ease. Produces fantastic power from the right side with incredible body lean, rotation, weight shift, and extension, quite honestly it’s a thing of beauty to watch him hit. Some had question marks on his defensive abilities… He answered those with strong accurate throws, throwing out runners, and showing strong overall mechanics. Sure he can improve, but he has been showing those improvements and athleticism/drive to get better you can only imagine he will get better and better. Just an all-around gifted player. And one I can watch enough of. And I’m sure there are more who share that same feeling.  

CF Daylen Lile – 6’0” 195lb – L/R – Trinity HS, KY – Commit: Louisville

Do NOT throw an inside fastball to Daylen Lile… BIG MISTAKE. This man crushes and has some of the best bat speed in the class to go with incredibly strong wrists. In my opinion, he might have the best hit tool on the prep circuit. He just flat out knows how to hit and knows his abilities so well. All fields with a strong finish and incredible body torque and rotation show the ability to open the hips early on that inside FB and show power potential, and also that strength to drive the ball the other way with just as much power and strength. Just consistent barrel after barrel. Posting 94 & 97 MPH exit velocities in-game that I was able to find. Uses his lower half well, gets natural loft with easy pull carry. Showing above-average defensive ability. Timed him on a Home->2nd time of 8.10 seconds, showing some speed to add to his profile. A top 3 overall hitter at the event for me, potentially the best, just a great approach and bat control. Very impressive.

Royal Team Honorable Mentions:
3B/1B Cole Russo; Commit: UCF
2B/SS Max Johnson; Commit: Indiana
SS/3B Luke Leto; Commit: LSU


RF Victor Rodriguez – 6’5” 205lb – R/R – Montverde Academy HS, FL – Uncommitted

Draft? International Free Agent? No telling right now, my guess would be international Free Agent.. but who knows at this time. 1 thing is for sure, this kid is a stud. And going to be moving forward. Had a huge showing at the PG National. 105 MPH Exit velocity of a tee, and showing 99 MPH & 97 MPH in game on 2 separate singles.. Swings extremely hard. Has tremendous bat speed, and shows a fairly patient eye at the plate. His swing gets long at times, gets pull happy, and doesn’t always finish his swings with full extension. He has power that shows to CF when he is clicking. Some of his flyballs showed some massive hang times, telling me his RAW Power is legit. When he’s right, he is a treat to watch and one of the more explosive players in the draft. Huge arm topping the event with a 97 MPH throw from the Outfield in workouts.

C Anson Aroz- 5’11” 180lb – S/R – Placer HS, CA – Commit: Oregon

We end it with my favorite type of player. Switch hitting catchers with plus defensive abilites. That’s Anson Aroz for you. The standout defensive catcher of the event in my eyes. Extremely athletic, twitchy behind the plate, showing a remarkable ability to throw runners out from a number or arm angles, and situations in game and work out. He has a 70 grade arm behind the plate. It’s fun to watch. Throwing from his knees, on bad pitches, and finding very accurate throws. Blocking balls consistently, keeping it close. Throws behind runners, he does it all. A treat to watch. With the bat, as I mentioned, a switch hitter who shows some solid barrel skills. Showed off a decent hit tool throughout the week with some hidden pop in his bat. with some good bat speed and a good understanding of the strikezone, as a lot of catchers do considering they eat, sleep and dream the strikezone. There is so much to like here with Aroz.

White Team Honorable Mentions:
C/1B/3B/RF Max Soliz; Commit: Arkansas
2B/SS Isaac Rodriguez; Commit: USC
INF Hector G. Nieves
; Uncommited

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