Juaron Watts-Brown RHP | Scouting Report: 2023 MLB Draft

Juaron Watts-Brown RHP | Scouting Report: 2023 MLB Draft

Written By: Austin Farmer
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Juaron Watts-Brown has been an excellent strikeout pitcher. He’ll be a draft eligible sophomore for the 2023 draft and is easily a top 100 guy with two breaking pitches that could carry him into a possible day one slot. He’s struggled with command since he transferred to Oklahoma State from Long Beach State, but is about to have back-to-back triple digit strikeout seasons. This in-depth scouting reports takes a closer look at what makes Watts-Brown a potential day one guy.

Devastating Stuff:

You can see in the video how well Juaron Watts-Brown’s slider works glove side and how devastating it can be against left-handed hitters. It’s a pitch that could produce him a lot of whiffs and weak contact at the big-league level.

Final Thoughts:

If Watts-Brown can develop better command after he’s picked, he shouldn’t have an issue sticking in the rotation. He’s a legit strikeout guy who’s got filthy stuff. If he continues to struggle with location though, he will end up in the bullpen. If he does move to the pen, we could possibly see an up tick in his velo and he’d be an above-average reliever who comes in for multiple innings and posts very high k/9 rates.

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