Dynasty Leagues: Top 50 Outfield Prospects

Dynasty Leagues: Top 50 Outfield Prospects

Written By: Michael Richards
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The outfield position has gone through many phases throughout the years. Dynasty Baseball managers have used various approaches to how they fill the spots. In the past, most managers aggressively filled their infield early and settled on the outfielders that fell in the draft. It was considered relatively questionable to use a first-round pick on the position. Some managers would still do it, and as a result, it seemed they were playing catch-up the rest of the draft.

With the current wave of elite talents roaming the outfield, nobody bats an eye if you select players like Trout, Acuna, Betts, or Soto early. The fact that they play the position does not even seem to register anymore. They are just great players with elite production, and that fact supersedes any positional considerations. The bottom line is some of the best players in fantasy baseball play in the outfield. Their names are scattered throughout the first round of drafts and atop prospect lists.

This fact makes it imperative for dynasty managers to seek out premium talent at the position to keep up with the rest of your league mates.

Every type of profile you can imagine is on this list. The outfield is the only position where that is the case. Whether you need a speed option, a power boost, or anything in between, the outfield has you covered. Without further ado, I present the future of the outfield position. Enjoy!

**These Rankings are focused for Dynasty Leagues only. And specifically leagues that focus on OBP over AVG as a statistic.**

Top 50 Outfield Prospects

1. Julio Rodriguez, Mariners | Age : 19 | Level : AAA
Height : 6’3” | Weight : 180 | Bats : R | Throws : R

The Mariners gave the outfielder from the Dominican Repulic a $1.75 million signing bonus as a member of the 2017 J2 class. Since that point, Rodriguez has developed into one of the most intriguing teenage prospects in recent memory. Typically it would take players like him several years to gain their footing in professional baseball, particularly when they are challenged with a full-season assignment.

In an unprecedented move, the Mariners jumped Rodriguez from the Dominican Summer League to the Midwest League, and the phenom answered the call. Rodriguez excelled before being promoted to High-A, despite being several years younger than the average competition, Amazingly, he was able to put up even better statistics upon his promotion, posting a 13.9 K% and .277 ISO. To top it off, as the youngest hitter in the Arizona Fall League, Rodriguez posted a .398 OBP while showing advanced plate discipline and the ability to hit the ball hard to all fields.

Rodriguez is a special talent regardless of how you break it down. Dynasty managers should consider him among the very best prospects at any position and a franchise-altering talent worth building around.

2. Jarred Kelenic, Mariners | Age : 21 | Level : AAA
Height : 6’1” | Weight : 190 | Bats : L | Throws : L

Selected 6th overall out of the prep ranks in 2018 by the Mets, Kelenic projected to have a plus hit tool, solid pop, and above-average speed. After destroying rookie ball during his pro debut, the lefty was traded to the Mariners as part of the Robinson Cano/Edwin Diaz deal in December of 2018.

Last season, Kelenic moved through three levels of the organization, culminating in an appearance in Double-A. Kelenic has surprised some with his ability to steal bases effectively (20-for-27 SB), and his pull side power has been noticeable. Kelenic possesses the potential for a couple 20/20 seasons early in his career. Eventually, he is expected to morph into a perennial 30/15 player, who posts excellent AVG/OBP.

There may not be a better option for fantasy managers when it comes to high floor/high ceiling players who are close to debuting at the highest level. The overall package puts the lefty in the discussion as the top overall prospect. Dynasty managers should consider Kelenic a cornerstone player who has the potential for a long, and productive career, making him a highly desirable asset long-term.

3. Kristian Robinson, Diamondbacks | Age : 19­­ | Level : A
Height : 6’3” | Weight : 190 | Bats : R | Throws : R

Originally signed during the 2017 J2 period for $2.5 million, Robinson is the most high profile prospect to come from the Bahamas. His athletic frame and size are clear to see, with a build similar to an NFL wide receiver. Considered one of the most toolsy prospects in the Minor Leagues, his upside is off the charts from a fantasy perspective. That being said, the risk is also more prevalent than in the typical Top 10 prospect.

Robinson is blessed with plus-plus speed in which he used effectively to steal 17-of-22 bases. The speedster also has plus power upside. He possesses mouth-watering power/speed upside that all fantasy managers dream about having. There are some swing and miss concerns, and his ability to keep that in check will play a significant role in determining his ultimate upside. He also needs to work on hitting the ball in the air more and keeping his walk rate above 10%.

Should everything fall into place, Robinson will be a five-category monster in the discussion as a first-round pick in all leagues. Dynasty managers should consider Robinson a premium prospect capable of becoming a cornerstone, but not a guarantee without changing his approach.

4. Dylan Carlson, Cardinals | Age : 22 | Level : MLB
Height : 6’2” | Weight : 205 | Bats : S | Throws : L

Originally signed as a first base prospect, Carlson was drafted by the Cardinals with the 33rd pick in the 2016 draft out of the prep ranks. After struggling to gain footing as a professional, Carlson broke out in a big way during his time at Double-A in 2019. He ended up going from fringe sleeper to a Top 10 prospect in all of baseball.

As the second-youngest player in the Texas League, he was the second-best hitter, showing an immense upside. His 10.8 BB% and 20.3 K% are indications of an advanced understanding of the strike zone far beyond his years. Carlson shows a strong ability to hit line drives to all fields and generally makes hard contact in the process. After an 18-game audition in Triple-A, in which he posted the best statistics of his career, his status among the elite prospects was solidified.

Carlson has the potential to be a coveted five-category roto player capable of helping in all facets of the game. Dynasty managers should consider him an elite asset worthy of aggressively targetting and building around.

5. Jasson Dominguez, Yankees | Age : 17­­ | Level : Rookie
Height : 5’10” | Weight : 190 | Bats : S | Throws : R

Nicknamed The Martian, Dominguez was possibly the most highly decorated J2 signing in baseball history. The Yankees inked the tooled-up outfielder, giving him a $5.1 signing bonus out of the Dominican Republic in July of 2019.

He is currently a plus-runner, and his thick, muscular frame stands out on tape. The switch-hitter reportedly has an advanced approach for his age, which he combines with eye-popping bat speed that projects to easy plus power. The biggest concern is that Dominguez doesn’t look like a teenager, and he could already be physically mature. The development of his body should be a hot topic for years to come.

There have been some extremely valuable dynasty prospects coming from the J2 ranks in recent years, and Dominguez profiles as potentially the best of the bunch. Players of his ilk often debut at age 19 or 20, so he is on track to debut in 2023. If he can maintain his speed as he ages, Dominguez has the potential to be a perennial first-round pick in all leagues during his prime.

6. Corbin Carroll, Diamondbacks | Age : 20­­ | Level : AAA
Height : 5’10” | Weight : 165 | Bats : L | Throws : L

Selected with the 16th pick in 2019 by Arizona, the extremely toolsy outfielder’s size scared some teams off. His best tool is his plus-plus speed in which he used effectively in his debut season (18-for-19 on stolen base attempts in 42 games).

Despite being undersized, Carroll can produce excellent bat speed with his strong hands. His 22.0 K% and 15.6 BB% last season were noteworthy for his age. Carroll possesses the mouthwatering potential for a plus hit tool, plus patience, developing power, and difference-making speed. Even if his power doesn’t become a strength, he projects as a potent lead off hitter.

If all the components come together, we are looking at a five-category monster hitting out of the two or three-hole. He has the potential to become an early-round selection in redraft leagues during his prime. Do not be scared off by his size, as this is a special talent that could become a cornerstone player for dynasty managers who invest early.

7. Randy Arozarena, Rays | Age : 25­­ | Level : MLB
Height : 5’11” | Weight : 185 | Bats : R | Throws : R

Signed as a 21-year old international player out of Cuba for $1.25 million by the Cardinals. The athletic Arozarena is considered a promising prospect with the skills to develop into a lead-off hitter. In January of 2020, the speedster was traded alongside Jose Martinez to Tampa Bay, who coveted his ability to crush left-handed pitching.

He made his Major League debut in 2019 after posting an impressive .344/.431/.571 line with 15 homers and 17 steals in 92 games between Double-A and Triple-A. His best fantasy asset is his speed (96th percentile). He uses his legs effectively on the bases and defensively. His ability to play all three outfield positions helps keep his bat in the lineup.

Arozarena will need to stay productive to maintain every day playing time on a deep team. That being said, all signs point to him being a key piece for the Rays moving forward. His breakout during the playoffs is the end to his sleeper status, but dynasty managers should consider targeting him if the price is right.

8. Alex Kirilloff, Twins | Age : 22­­ | Level : MLB
Height : 6’2” | Weight : 195 | Bats : L | Throws : L

It’s been a roller coaster ride for the talented Kirilloff since being selected with the 15th pick in 2016. Originally signed as an athletic two-way player, his plus hit tool and plus power stand out as the most appealing aspect of his game. He combines that with solid plate discipline, and a strong ability to make contact. His 15.9 K% over the final two months last season indicates strong plate discipline.

His development has been slowed by injuries throughout his career. There will be questions about his durability, at least until he can put those concerns to bed. Kirilloff does possess a strong enough arm for right field. His lack of mobility will likely limit him to first base the majority of his career.

Kirilloff is not expected to be a stolen base threat in the Major Leagues. He should be a potent four category contributor hitting in the middle of the lineup for the foreseeable future. If everything clicks, he could have a Justin Morneau-like influence for the Twins and dynasty managers alike.

9. Riley Greene, Tigers | Age : 20­­ | Level : A+
Height : 6’3” | Weight : 200 | Bats : L | Throws : L

The best prep bat in his class upon being drafted, Greene was selected 5th overall in 2019 by the Tigers. Scouts consider him a hit over power prospect, but that has more to do with their praise of the lefties hit tool rather than a criticism of his power.

Since his bat is already considered so advanced, and he’s expected to shift to right field due to his below-average speed, improving his defense won’t be a major roadblock in his progression through the system. In his first taste of professional ball he showed good patience, an all-fields approach, and hit the ball hard. He projects to become a high OBP player capable of hitting 30 home runs in his prime.

While the speed element won’t be there, Greene has all the components needed to become a potent four-category contributor. Expect the talented outfielder to be fast-tracked because of his bat .He makes for an excellent long-term dynasty option for an offensive starved Detroit team.

10. Erick Pena, Royals | Age : 17­­ | Level : Rookie
Height : 6’3” | Weight : 180 | Bats : L | Throws : R

After receiving a nearly $4 million signing bonus, many evaluators had Pena ranked as a top five signing from the 2019 J2 class. He is an above-average athlete who should have no problem playing a corner outfield spot on defense.

Offensively he has a good understanding of the strike zone, elite bat speed, solid plate discipline, and makes hard contact to all fields. His makeup is considered a strength, and his work ethic at a young age has drawn praise. Some members of the Royals organization have compared Pena to a young Carlos Beltran. He has the potential to become the face of the franchise.

Pena possesses a skill set that could translate into premium four-category production down the line. Dynasty managers looking to strike gold on the next big international prospect should look no further than the talented outfielder. It will take a few years, but the lefty possesses as much upside as any 17-year old besides Jasson Dominguez.

11. Brennen Davis, Cubs | Age : 20 | Level : AAA
Height : 6’4” | Weight : 175 | Bats : R | Throws : R

The intriguing Davis was drafted 62nd overall in the 2018 draft by the Cubs. After completing a standout two-sport prep career he was considered raw. He flashed intriguing tools that could be polished once he committed full-time to baseball.

Hand and finger injuries limited Davis to only 50 games in 2019. Despite that, he emerged as the best fantasy prospect in the organization. Once considered a weakness, the righties’ hit tool has progressed to where it’s now considered one of his biggest strengths. Davis possesses an intriguing combination of plus speed, a promising hit tool, raw power, and plate discipline.

Athletic prospects with hit-tool concerns often take a lot of time to develop. It’s encouraging that Davis has passed tests so quickly. Dynasty managers should view the young outfielder as a desirable prospect, that has the upside to become a perennial all-star if it all clicks.

12. Luis Matos, Giants | Age : 18­­ | Level : Rookie
Height : 5’11” | Weight : 160 | Bats : R | Throws : R

Signed by the Giants as part of their talented 2018 J2 class (which also included Marco Luciano and Victor Bericoto), the athletic outfielder was given a $725,000 signing bonus because he was not considered to be among the best international prospects in his class.

Matos exploded onto the scene in his first pro season in the Dominican Summer League, hitting .362/.430/.570 with seven home runs, and going 20-of-22 in stolen bases. He also posted a decent 7.0 BB% and elite 11.1 K% to complete his successful campaign. The righty combines the potential for a plus hit tool, high-level bat speed, elite contact skills, and plus speed.

He still needs to refine his approach to show he can be successful at the higher levels. That being said, there are very few outfield prospects that possess the upside of Matos. There have even been whispers of a young Ronald Acuna comparison. Dynasty managers would be advised to invest early and often.

13. Brandon Marsh, Angels | Age : 22­­ | Level : AAA
Height : 6’4” | Weight : 215 | Bats : L | Throws : R

Originally selected 60th overall in the 2016 draft out of the prep ranks, Marsh was considered a good athlete whose approach at the plate would need to be ironed out for his physical gifts to play in games. With his size, he looks like he should be able to hit for power, but the lefty has had trouble tapping into it consistently as a professional.

In 115 games between Double-A and the Arizona Fall League, Marsh only managed to hit nine home runs. On the positive side, he posted a solid 11.0 BB% and 22.0 K%, which indicates a solid understanding of the strike zone. Marsh also has plus speed that he used to steal 22-of-29 bases last season.

While the lack of power is becoming more of a concern as he ages, there are enough tools present to consider Marsh a relatively solid dynasty option. He projects as a valuable OBP/SB player and potential lead-off hitter for the Angels over the next half a dozen years, even if the power never emerges.

14. Drew Waters, Braves | Age : 21­­ | Level : AAA
Height : 6’2” | Weight : 185 | Bats : S | Throws : R

A 2nd round pick in the 2017 draft out of the prep ranks. The switch-hitter is an athletic line-drive hitter who sprays the ball all over the field and uses his plus speed on the base paths. As the youngest qualified hitter in the Double-A Southern League as a 20-year old, he was able to be effective, which says a lot about his upside.

Although he only managed to hit five home runs, his home ballpark was considered extremely pitcher-friendly, and his 35 doubles and nine triples in 108 games show there is extra-base pop in his bat. Waters eventually made a late-season debut in Triple-A as the youngest player in the league.

As it stands, his 6.2 BB% in Double-A and the lack of elite power are the biggest red flags, but they are significant enough to keep him from being ranked among the very best at the position. Dynasty owners should view Waters as a relatively safe prospect overall because of his speed, but he comes up short of profiling as a cornerstone player in dynasty leagues.

15. George Valera, Indians | Age : 19­­ | Level : A+
Height : 5’11” | Weight : 185 | Bats : L | Throws : L

The sweet-swinging lefty was given a $1.3 million signing bonus as part of the 2017 J2 class. Last season he was able to play his first healthy year, spending the majority of the season as the second-youngest player in the New York-Penn League.

Valera combines a potentially plus hit-tool with plus patience for his age, as he finished third in the NYPL with a 15.4 BB%. The lefty uses an all-fields approach at the plate which will serve him well as he moves up the ladder. While his 27.7 K% is considered a disappointment considering his pedigree and hit tool, his age vs. level, and relative inexperience need to be factored into the evaluation.

Since signing, Valera has slowed down and doesn’t project to have notable speed at the highest level. While there is still some work to do to reach his potential, Valera makes for a very interesting dynasty option for managers looking to plant their flag on someone intriguing before they completely break out.

16. Zac Veen, Rockies | Age : 18­­ | Level : 2020 Draft
Height : 6’4” | Weight : 190 | Bats : L | Throws : R

Selected with the 9th pick in the 2020 draft by the Rockies, Veen is an imposing figure for his age and should only continue to fill out as he matures. As one of the most highly coveted position players in his draft class, the lefty has the build to add muscle to his frame and develop into an intriguing power threat.

Some scouts have raved about the lefties plate discipline and have suggested there is potential for double-plus power. His elite bat speed (96th percentile) and high-grade exit velocity (98th percentile) are notable, and there is certainly a skill set that should play in fantasy.

As with a lot of prospects with Veen’s profile, he projects to have a relatively high strikeout rate, take a lot of walks, and hit a lot of home runs. The potential of hitting in the luscious Coors Field only increases the slugger’s floor and ceiling. Dynasty managers looking for a young masher in the outfield that is in a favorable situation should consider Veen among the best options.

17. Josh Lowe, Rays | Age : 22 | Level : AAA
Height : 6’4” | Weight : 205 | Bats : L | Throws : R

The top two-way player in his class, the Rays selected Lowe with the 13th pick in the 2016 draft for his athleticism and bat, although he could have been an early-round pick as a pitcher. The younger brother of Nate Lowe has an intriguing power/speed combo that has emerged in the upper-levels of the Minor Leagues.

Lowe employed an all-fields approach with an elite 35.4 GB% at Double-A last season. His speed is plus, and he should maintain his athleticism into his late 20’s. From July on, between Double-A and the Arizona Fall League, Lowe hit .277/.356/.474 with nine home runs and 16-of-18 on stolen base attempts in his final 69 games.

When you combine his first-round pedigree, Major League bloodlines, and five-category potential, dynasty managers should consider Lowe one of the more compelling outfield prospects. Expect him to be integrated into the deep and talented Rays roster in 2021, and he makes for an excellent target, particularly in leagues that use OBP.

18. Alek Thomas, Diamondbacks | Age : 20­­ | Level : AAA
Height : 5’11” | Weight : 175 | Bats : L | Throws : L

Selected 63rd overall in the 2018 draft as an athletic two-sport athlete, Thomas had to be signed away from a football scholarship to play slot receiver at TCU. After a successful debut season between two rookie-ball stops, Thomas jumped onto the prospect radar with his showing in Low-A Midwest League, although he did struggle down the stretch in a 23-game stint in the High-A Cal League.

Thomas combines the potential for a plus hit tool, with plus speed and below-average power. His 10.7 BB% and 17.9 K% at Low-A are indications of a good understanding of the strike zone. If Thomas can tap into more power, the potential for a five-category contributor is still present.

As for now, he profiles as a top-of-the-order type who should set the table with a good OBP and give defenses problems with his legs. Dynasty managers in need of an OBP/R/SB type to balance out their power hitters should consider Thomas an intriguing option.

19. Hedbert Perez, Brewers | Age : 17­­ | Level : Rookie
Height : 5’10” | Weight : 160 | Bats : L | Throws : L

The son of former Major League player Roberto Perez, he signed out of Venezuela as part of the 2019 J2 international class. Perez is strong, athletic and can already hit the ball with a lot of authority. The lefty began turning heads in the Dominican Republic after signing, and evaluators began viewing him as one of the best prospects from the class.

He shows an advanced understanding of the strike zone, and ultimately has all the tools and pedigree necessary to explode up prospect lists once he plays in more competitive situations. A case can be made that he is already the best fantasy prospect in the Milwaukee system before seeing an official professional plate appearance. That says a lot about his upside, as well as the current status of the Brewers farm system.

Perez does not show a glaring weakness in his game and has the potential to become a coveted five-tool player. Dynasty managers would be wise to invest early, as the long-term payoff could be huge.

20. Misael Urbina, Twins | Age : 18­­ | Level : Rookie
Height : 6’0” | Weight : 175 | Bats : R | Throws : R

Urbina received a $2.75 million signing bonus as one of the top 5 players during the 2018 J2 signing period. He has a build that can add muscle as he ages without sacrificing athleticism. Blessed with plus speed the young outfielder was able to steal 19 bases in only 50 games in the Dominican Summer League.

Also possessing a solid ability to make contact and plate discipline that could develop into a strength long-term, he appears to have a lot of the tools needed to become a potent leadoff man in his prime. While he did not put up gaudy power numbers, the advanced metrics indicate there is power in his bat, and it should develop over time.

If everything clicks and he continues building on his successful debut, it will not be long before Urbina is among the best outfield prospects in baseball. While it will take some patience, the long-term payoff could be substantial. Dynasty managers seeking youthful upside in the outfield should give Urbina a serious look.

21. Hunter Bishop, Giants | Age : 22­­ | Level : A
Height : 6’5” | Weight : 210 | Bats : L | Throws : R

College hitters with a lot of tools typically come with hit-tool concerns, or they would’ve been drafted high as a prep. The physical specimen was selected with the 10th overall pick in 2019 by the Giants out of Arizona State. Scouts say he has 70-grade power, combined with plus speed, but his strikeout rate will probably always be a barrier to reaching superstardom.

Bishop produces elite exit velocities at the plate, combined with good patience that will make him an asset in OBP leagues. His fly ball rate was over 50% in his debut season, so he will need to work on that aspect of his to reach his potential.

With the hit tool being the biggest concern, there is a reason for skepticism, but if he’s able to keep his strikeouts consistently below 30%, he should be able to tap into enough power and speed to be a mixed league asset for years to come. Dynasty managers should consider Bishop a good, although not elite prospect who is relatively close to the Majors.

22. Jordyn Adams, Angels | Age : 20­­ | Level : AAA
Height : 6’2” | Weight : 180 | Bats : R | Throws : R

The two-sport prep athlete was selected by the Angels with the 17th overall pick in the 2018 draft and given a $4.1 million signing bonus to lure him away from a college football scholarship. His 80-grade speed has been his calling card since signing and will be the main factor in this fantasy value in the future.

Adams has been limited to 138 games in his career because of injuries while posting a respectable 23.3 K% and 11.6 BB%. He hasn’t been able to tap into his raw power as of yet, but that element of his game should continue to improve. Although he is only 21-for-30 in stolen base attempts thus far, he should be a reliable asset in the premium category long-term.

The biggest question will be how good the hit tool develops. If the lefty can put it all together, he has one of the most exciting and potent skill-sets for dynasty managers. There is still a wide range of outcomes for his profile but one of them includes Adams becoming a superstar.

23. Trevor Larnach, Twins | Age : 23­­ | Level : AAA
Height : 6’4” | Weight : 225 | Bats : L | Throws : R

The Twins selected Larnach with the 20th pick in the 2018 draft after breaking out in his junior season at Oregon State with 17 home runs. The big lefty has the look of a slugger but has been unable to tap into the power in the Minor Leagues. His hit tool projects as plus and he has been effective at every stop since being drafted, which leaves room for optimism the power will eventually develop.

Larnach has shown the ability to use the entire field at the plate, hit the ball in the air, and his 10.6 BB% in full-season ball shows an element of patience. Considering the lefty is not expected to contribute with his legs, there is a lot of pressure on his power to develop.

There is an intriguing skill set to work with here, and you won’t have to wait years to see Larnach debut, but there are enough concerns about his power never developing to keep him from vaulting into the upper echelon.

24. Heriberto Hernandez, Rangers | Age : 20­­ | Level : A
Height : 6’1” | Weight : 180 | Bats : R | Throws : R

Joined the Rangers farm system to begin the 2018 season as an international free agent signee, and Hernandez has been destroying pitchers ever since. The bat-first prospect posted an outstanding .344/.433/.646 triple-slash in the Arizona League to catch prospectors’ attention. Hernandez was the second-best teenager in the AZL, leading the league in HR, RBI, and hits, before earning a late-season promotion to the Northwest League.

The slugger’s defensive concerns had the Rangers play him at four different positions but most likely profiles at a corner outfield spot, assuming he can avoid becoming a DH-only. There are some swing and miss concerns, and Hernandez tends to pull the ball too often, so those adjustments will need to be corrected to reach his ample offensive upside.

Because of the defensive limitations, his bat will need to carry him through the ranks, but he has the potential to become one of the best bat-first players in the game. Dynasty managers should invest early in case everything he’s shown thus far is a sign of things to come.

25. Garrett Mitchell, Brewers | Age : 22­­ | Level : 2020 Draft
Height : 6’3” | Weight : 215 | Bats : L | Throws : R

Drafted with the 20th pick in the 2020 draft out of UCLA, Mitchell carries some attractive upside rarely found in the college ranks. An extremely toolsy outfield prospect who possesses 70-grade speed with size, the lefty has the potential to contribute in multiple categories for fantasy managers.

He has yet to tap into his power upside at the college level but showed an elite walk rate and strikeout rate. He profiles as a potential top of the order asset down the line and could be setting the table for the likes of Christian Yelich and Keston Huira before too long.

From a defensive perspective, he possesses a great throwing arm and draws praise for his work on that side of the ball, which will help him reach the Major Leagues more quickly, as well as stay in the lineup. If Mitchell can carry his tools into the games, there is an intriguing fantasy skill-set that dynasty managers won’t have to wait long to start seeing in action.

26. Heliot Ramos, Giants | Age : 21­­ | Level : AAA
Height : 6’0” | Weight : 190 | Bats : R | Throws : R

Considered a boom or bust prospect after being selected with the 19th pick in the 2017 draft. Ramos began his career without fanfare but made an impression during his time in High-A in 2019. As one of the youngest players in the Cal League, Ramos was the third-best hitter in the league while playing his home games in a pitcher-friendly park. He ended up hitting .306/.385/.500 in 294 AB before receiving an aggressive promotion to Double-A to finish out the season.

The righty has the potential for a plus hit tool and power in which he uses effectively to all-fields. Ramos was only successful on 9-of-20 stolen base attempts, so the speed is unlikely to be a part of his game. It may take a few years for it to come together, but there is potential for Ramos to develop into a well-rounded, four-category fantasy contributor. While he doesn’t possess the most eye-popping tools, Ramos is a good dynasty option with some upside.

27. Cristian Pache, Braves | Age : 21­­ | Level : MLB
Height : 6’2” | Weight : 215 | Bats : R | Throws : R

Originally a J2 signing in 2015 by the Braves for $1.4 million, Pache has been on a steady climb through the organization, culminating in his Major League debut in 2020. Praised for his speed and defensive capabilities upon signing, it has been a slow-developing bat that has prevented Pache from emerging near the top of fantasy lists.

Last season Pache showed a glimpse of what could be possible in the future as he posted a solid .278/.340/.471 as a 20-year old in Double-A. The 24.0 K% is fine for his age, and his 7.9 BB% was the best he has posted at any level. His speed remains intact, but the centerfielder has yet to use it effectively on the base paths (60.4 SB% in his career). His power is supposed to develop to the point he should be capable of hitting 20+ home runs in his prime.

If Pache can develop his ability to steal bases, he could emerge into a top prospect capable of helping across the board. Dynasty managers could do worse than take a low-risk gamble on a player with so many tools. Pache is on the verge of becoming a regular and still possesses untapped upside.

28. Luis Rodriguez, Dodgers | Age : 18­­ | Level : Rookie
Height : 6’2” | Weight : 175 | Bats : R | Throws : R

Signed for nearly $2.7 million out of Venezuela as part of the 2019 J2 class, the teenager has a prototypical frame that should be able to add muscle as he matures. A right-handed hitter with elite bat speed as well as an above-average runner, though steals won’t be a big part of his game down the line. He is capable of playing centerfield but will likely move to a corner outfield spot where his bat should profile fine.

Rodriguez appears to have a strong work ethic and a good understanding of the strike zone. His bat explodes through the hitting zone, with the potential for power to all fields, giving him a high ceiling in power and batting average.

The Dodgers organization is one of the best at developing talent. Rodriguez is in an advantageous situation to reach his potential. It would not be surprising to see him atop the Dodgers prospect rankings as soon as next season. He posseses the upside of a four-category stud in his prime.

29. Pete Crow-Armstrong, Mets | Age : 18­­ | Level: 2020 Draft
Height : 6’1” | Weight : 180 | Bats : L | Throws : L

Selected with the 19th pick in the 2020 draft out of the prep ranks by the Mets. Crow-Armstrong has an intriguing blend of tools that should help him develop into a long-time professional.

He has been described as a hit-over-power prospect, who has been compared to the likes of Grady Sizemore and Adam Eaton. If his bat maxes out, he has the potential to be a five-tool player. The lefty is praised for his mental makeup. His advanced baseball IQ at a young age, as well as notable bat-speed also draw the praise of scouts. Crow-Armstrong plays exceptional defense with his plus-speed and a strong arm.

The defensive element of his game should carry him through the ranks even if his bat lags a bit behind. He has the potential to become a top-of-the-order threat who could chip in across the board. That is a realistic outcome for dynasty managers willing to practice some patience with the developing teenager.

30. Alexander Canario, Giants | Age : 20­­ | Level : A+
Height : 6’1” | Weight : 165 | Bats : R | Throws : R

A 2016 J2 signing out of the Dominican Republic, Canario has been able to hit at every professional stop thus far. His biggest asset is his 70-grade power, which shows up in games regularly. The slugger has strikeout issues and must work on keeping that in check to reach his full potential. His ability to improve his command of the strike zone, and becoming more selective at the plate, will ultimately determine if Canario becomes an epic slugger or a player unable to make enough contact to play regularly.

Assuming he can clean up the flaws in his profile, Canario profiles as a clean-up hitter who patrols right field for years to come. He will not contribute much with his legs, so the entirety of his fantasy value lies in his ability to make enough contact for his power to play.

Dynasty managers considering a relatively cheap outfield option could do worse than speculate on Canario. The Giants seem to be getting the most out of their international signings in recent years, which should give people reason for optimism.

OF Ranking Breakdown

1. Julio Rodriguez, Mariners
2. Jarred Kelenic, Mariners
3. Kristian Robinson, Diamondbacks
4. Dylan Carlson, Cardinals
5. Jasson Dominguez, Yankees
6. Corbin Carroll, Diamondbacks
7. Randy Arozarena, Rays
8. Alex Kirilloff, Twins
9. Riley Greene, Tigers
10. Erick Pena, Royals
11. Brennen Davis, Cubs

12. Luis Matos, Giants
13. Brandon Marsh, Angels
14. Drew Waters, Braves
15. George Valera, Indians
16. Zac Veen, Rockies
17. Josh Lowe, Rays
18. Alek Thomas, Diamondbacks

19. Hedbert Perez, Brewers
20. Misael Urbina, Twins
21. Hunter Bishop, Giants
22. Jordyn Adams, Angels

23. Trevor Larnach, Twins
24. Heriberto Hernandez, Rangers
25. Garrett Mitchell, Brewers
26. Heliot Ramos, Giants
27. Cristian Pache, Braves
28. Luis Rodriguez, Dodgers
29. Pete Crow-Armstrong, Mets
30. Alexander Canario, Giants
31. Robert Hassell III, Padres
32. Hudson Head, Padres
33. Kameron Misner, Marlins
34. JJ Bleday, Marlins
35. Jonatan Clase, Mariners
36. Austin Hendrick, Reds
37. Isaiah Greene, Mets
38. Jordan Nwogu, Cubs
39. Wilderd Patino, Diamondbacks

40. Benyamin Bailey, White Sox
41. Jarren Duran, Red Sox
42. Heston Kjerstad, Orioles
43. Jared Oliva, Pirates

44. Caanan Smith, Yankees
45. Taylor Trammell, Mariners
46. Daz Cameron, Tigers
47. Khalil Lee, Royals
48. Jhon Torres, Cardinals
49. Alexander Ramirez, Mets
50. David Calabrese, Angels

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