Jordan Beck | Scouting Report: Tennessee OF

Jordan Beck | Scouting Report: Tennessee OF

Written By: Austin F
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PLAYER:  Jordan Beck                      College:  University of Tennessee                       Role: 5

POSITION: OF      HT: 6’3       WT: 225       BAT: R   THROW:    AGE: 21

Jordan Beck has really flashed power this spring and has hit his way into first round considerations. He brings athleticism both in the field and at the plate, and is a powerfully built outfielder. While he won’t hit for much average, Beck has some of the best raw power in the draft class, and projects to hit 30+ bombs when his development is all said and done. Beck has been a big factor that has helped the Vols reach the Super Regionals and will be a masher at the next level.

TOOLSPFCOMMENTSBATTING STANCE: Hits from an upright, slightly open stance. Has his back elbow up, lateral with his shoulders. Beck uses a leg lift for a timing mechanism, but it’s not an exaggerated leg lift. Swings with an upper cut trying to loft the ball.
HIT2045Power over hit bat, lofty swing with intent to put the ball in the air. Doesn’t hold back on swinging at pitches up in the zone, needs to improve pitch recognition and shorten up his lengthy swing, will come with swing-and-miss.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    
RAW POWER6070Can consistently drive balls deep without much effort. Makes loud contact with each swing. Exit velos have been recorded up to 110 mph off the bat during the 2022 season.PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION:  Athletic frame, muscular build. Built to hit the ball deep.
GAME POWER3060Easy power and can hit the ball deep. Makes harder contact when pulling the ball, gets under pitches going opposite field, but has the strength to hit it to the warning track. 30+ homerun game power isn’t unrealistic at all. Hit a monster HR at Shriners Classic that had a high launch angle and the sound off the bat made the ears ring. The ball still hasn’t landed yet and is somewhere in the Houston atmosphere. Legitimate and loud power potential.STRENGTHS: Has some of the best raw power in the 2022 draft class. He can hit the ball deep both pull-side and opposite field. Makes consistent hard contact. Ball travels further when hit pull-side.
PLATE DISC3045If Beck sees a pitch that he likes, he’ll swing at it. He’s not afraid to swing at fastballs up in the zone for a chance at a bomb. He can lay off pitches lower in the zone. Projects to walk 8-12% of the time.
FIELD2050Athletic outfielder, has played in RF during his time at Tennessee and projects there for the pros. Beck hustles after balls, but still needs further development with his timing. With his athleticism in the outfield, he will keep up.WEAKNESSES: Tends to swing under pitches at times trying to loft the ball. Won’t hit for much average as he can sell out for power.
ARM 4050There’s arm strength in a corner OF spot. He won’t wow anyone with throws.
RUN5555Hustles out of the box, won’t be a stolen base threat, but has athleticism on the base paths. Clocked at 4.26 seconds on his home to first.     
REPORT SUMMATION: Jordan Beck has some of the most exciting power in the 2022 draft class and has mashed enough that he should find himself drafted in the first round. He’s a power first bat, so he’s not going to provide a high average, and swings at pitches he likes, so he’ll only walk about 10% of the time while coming with some swing-and-miss. It’s going to be hard for a team not to think about the run production that could come from Jordan Beck with how hard he hits the ball and the outstanding athleticism that comes with the right-handed hitter.   OFFENSIVE PROJECTIONS: .246-.250 AVG with a .330+ OBP perennially to go along with 25-30 doubles a season and 30+ bombs.
MLB COMP: Brent RookerMLB ETA: 2026REPORT BY: Austin Farmer

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