Ben Joyce | Scouting Report: Tennessee RHP

Ben Joyce | Scouting Report: Tennessee RHP

Written By: Milton Dauber
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PLAYER:  Ben Joyce                       College:  University of Tennessee                       PV:  45          FV:  55

POSITION: RHP      HT: 6’5       WT: 225       BAT: R   THROW:    AGE: 21.6     DATE OF REPORT: 4/24/22

FB7080Has been up to 104mph, and consistently sits 100-103mph. His FB may be the most electric the industry has ever seen from an amateur. Explosive out of the hand, and plays well in the upper half of the zone. The pitch is not easy to pick up out of the hand either due to his ¾, borderline high sidearm, arm slot. However, he does not have a feel for command or control the pitch, and is essentially trying to just blow it past hitters. He should garner an extremely high whiff rate on the FB.
SL4050At times there has been late sharp break to the SL and throws it in the 87- 91mph range. He lacks control of the pitch and has been inconsistent in his ability to get good break on it this spring despite the pitch looking sharper in the fall. The inconsistency of the pitch could be coming from overthrowing it this spring, as he sells out for pure velo on the FB. I have confidence that once he gets to pro ball, he can learn to throw the pitch like he did in the fall, with some control and sharp break, all while still throwing his FB as hard as he currently does. The SL should project to be an average to borderline above average pitch.
CH3540Thrown in the 90-93mph range and barely uses it due to lack of feel for the pitch. There is some drop off to it, but hitters see it out of the hand and his control of the pitch is awful. Likely that he scraps the pitch or throws it under 5% of the time.
COMMAND3545As mentioned above Joyce does not try to spot up the FB and doesn’t have control of his secondaries. I think that part of the reason he has not been sharp in his control/command this season is because he is selling out for velo. I believe based off what we have seen from him at times in the past, he can improve his control, and somewhat his command, with proper coaching at the next level. At best, he will still be below average in his control/command, but if he can throw 58-60% strikes and be around the zone with command he should be highly effective.
REPORT SUMMARY:  FB is as electric as they come. Conjures up shades of Ryan, Chapman, Zumaya, etc. He will blow it past hitters with ease. Some potential to have a usable SL but he is all about the gas. If he can harness even slightly below league average control, I believe he will be able to close out games. Worst case scenario he becomes a high-octane SU arm and racks up a ton of holds.
PITCHING PROJECTIONS (162 G): 2.80 ERA, 15% BB rate, 38% SO rate, 33-36 SVs
MLB COMPJoel ZumayaDraft Elig.2022REPORT BYMilton Dauber

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