Geraldo Perdomo | Scouting Report: Diamondbacks SS Prospect

Geraldo Perdomo | Scouting Report: Diamondbacks SS Prospect

Written By: Nathan Hutchinson
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Arizona Diamondbacks No.5 Prospect Geraldo Perdomo SS

21 Years Old | Bats: S |Throws: R | 6’2″| 203Ibs | MLB ETA: 2021

HitRaw PowerPowerFieldArmRunFV
Present/Future Grades

Geraldo Perdomo was one of the most valuable signings in the 2016/17 international amateur free agency, signing for just $70,000 Perdomo has climbed up to MLB in just 4 years. He’s developed into one of the best infield prospects in baseball and should become an MLB regular in the coming years.

Hit: 45/55

Geraldo Perdomo has a knack for putting balls in play, he controls his barrel well and is rarely overmatched by velocity.  

As a switch hitter, he’s more fluid from the left side as well as having a bit more power from the left side, though he is effective from both sides. Perdomo has a good approach and will continue to improve as he gets more at-bats, vs higher-level pitching. With 169BBs and 148Ks in 4 minor league seasons, Perdomo has shown a consistent ability to get on-base. His swing is solid and he is quick to the ball, which adds to his ability to make contact though he is lacking true explosiveness through the ball. He has an interesting toe-tap that looks a bit awkward, he’s been working trying to smoothen out his feet over the past couple of months, as he becomes more comfortable, I’d expect him to adjust.

Power: 40/45

Perdomo has good bat speed and hits a decent number of doubles but he’s lacking the homerun power, although he has shown some extra power from the left side of the plate. There’s a chance he develops a bit more power as he fully develops his offensive game. His swing path generally fits a line drive profile so it makes why a OBP approach and flatter swing path leads to less power. He’ll never be a 20+ HR guy but 12-15+ with some doubles and triples sprinkled in there will do just fine.

Field: 55/60 | Arm: 55/55 | Run: 55/55

Perdomo is known for his defense, he’s as smooth as they come. His instincts are great as well as his feel for playing SS. His range is good and he has a quick first step while moving in all directions. His arm plays well at SS, though he’s had some inconsistent throwing. His smooth actions and hands provide some upside as there’s a chance he develops into a plus defender with more consistent throwing. Perdomo is a good athlete that will steal bags and be a a good baserunner at the MLB level. There’s also some room to add strength while continuing to move well on the diamond.

FV: 50

Geraldo Perdomo has made his MLB debut but still looks like he’ll need time to fully develop his offensive game, most importantly add some extra-base power. If he continues as a defensive OBP guy, they’ll still be value in Perdomo but if he can add doubles power to his game, he could take his game to the next level. With the D-Backs being in a retool there’s a good chance he starts in AA or AAA when the MiLB starts and he is given the time to round out his game.

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