Wander Franco | Scouting Report: Tampa Bay Rays SS Prospect

Wander Franco | Scouting Report: Tampa Bay Rays SS Prospect

Written By: Drake Mann
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This latest Scouting Report takes an in-depth look at Wander Franco of the Tampa Bay Rays who is as premier of a prospect as they come. With a future value of 80, Franco is arguable the top prospect in all of baseball and has solidified himself as an exciting young player to watch in 2021. We as fans have been gifted with multiple young players who are shaping baseballs future. Guys like Juan Soto, Ronald Acuna Jr., and Fernando Tatis Jr., have all been incredible too watch. Soon we’ll be saying the same thing about Wander Franco.

He’s ranked 1st overall in our latest 2020 Tampa Bay Rays Top 20 Ranks and headlines a deep Rays system that’s easily the top system in all of baseball.

Video Breakdown

In the video, Wander Franco displays how quick his bat speed is on a fastball down and in. The amount of lift Franco creates with his swing is going to make his power translate that much easier. After hitting his first home run in High-A. The fact the system never displayed an exit velocity after his home run shows you how strong Franco is as a player. Right now his career high in home runs is 11 in 2018. However, look for 2021 to be the year we start seeing Franco’s power on a more consistent basis.

In the second video, you can see how compact his swing is as this displays how good Franco is hitting to the opposite field. It’s interesting because in the video Franco barrels a pitch up in the zone. While he is a better low ball hitter he hits any pitch in the zone well.

Final Thoughts:

The Rays have a good one in Wander Franco, he’s not only going to be a multi-time all star but has all the makings of being a top player in baseball. He’s already shown his abilities in 2021 Spring Training and could debut sometime in 2021. While the Rays already have guys like Xavier Edwards, Willy Adames and Vidal Brujan already in their system. Franco will be a mainstay in the Rays infield for years to come. The fact he’s only 20-years-old and already making a presence among MLB players and personnel a like is extremely impressive. Sit back folks and enjoy Wander Franco, he’s sure to be a treat for any baseball fan.

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