Heliot Ramos | Scouting Report: Giants OF Prospect

Heliot Ramos | Scouting Report: Giants OF Prospect

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This latest scouting report takes an in-depth look at Heliot Ramos, a top outfield prospect in the San Francisco Giants organization who is currently performing at a really high level in this year’s Spring Training. His skill-set of plus in-game power and arm strength with the rest of his tools projecting as at least average is a pretty exciting one. Add the fact that he is just an age of a draft-eligible prospect this year doing this good in 2021 just shows what kind of a potential talent Ramos is.

Ramos is currently ranked as the 3rd best prospect in the latest 2020 San Francisco Giants Top 20 Ranks as well as my own 2021 Pre-Season Top 30 Ranks. Below is my full scouting report of Ramos that spanned for almost 3 full years (2017 Rookie ball season to 2021 Spring Training).

Video Breakdown

Here are a couple of quick videos that showcases Heliot’s ability to punish pitches in the middle and outer third of the plate that I consider his wheel house. Notice how he takes pitches in the outer half the other way in the second video.

Here is a video of mine that I recorded during the 2020 Summer Camp. Notice how aggressive Heliot can be early on but does know how to work the count and spit off uncompetitive pitches and some borderline pitches. There are times where he will strike out on quality breaking balls out of the zone or inside fastballs, but his pitch selection has improved ever since his standout 2017 campaign.

To cap off, here is a short clip of Heliot showing off his arm strength throwing out a runner on 2nd base. He will likely play center field at times, but in the spacious confines of Oracle, he is a better fit in the corners.

Final Thoughts

Ramos has been killing it in this year’s Spring Training, and is making up for lost time last year because of his oblique injury by punishing some veteran big leaguers who throws the ball to places where Heliot loves it. While his hot Spring Training should delight Giants fans everywhere, we should temper down our expectations for him as he will still need to go through the rigors of the upper-Minors in 2021. However, seeing a guy who would be eligible in the 2021 Draft playing this good in March and able to soak up the knowledge, handle the lofty expectations that is in his shoulders ever since getting drafted in the 2017 MLB Draft is just a sight to behold. He should be one of the first of the new wave of Giants prospects to roam the confines of Oracle with the hopes of returning back the trophy in the Bay Area.

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