Josiah Gray | Scouting Report: Dodgers RHP Prospect

Josiah Gray | Scouting Report: Dodgers RHP Prospect

Written by: Jake Tweedie
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Another potential solid pitching prospect to come out of the Dodgers’ farm system. Josiah Gray has shown improvements year-on-year with an impressive FB/SL combo with the potential for a further 2 pitches. He may look more like a position player, but he uses his athleticism and repeatability to throw some electric pitches.

Josiah Gray is ranked 3rd in our Top 20 Ranks for the Los Angeles Dodgers, after an impressive 2019 campaign across 3 affiliates.

Pitch Breakdown

The videos below show Gray’s best attributes and the control he has over his arsenal.


The video below shows both his fastball and his slider. These are his best 2 pitches, and they both are swing-and-miss deliveries. Josiah Gray can either use his deceptive mid-90s fastball to overpower hitters, or mix in his sharp, cutting slider that has down and away movement from RHH and keeps away from the sweet spot.

There is plenty of effort involved with both pitches, but he maintains his mechanics with ease. Josiah Gray has developed the athleticism to stay controlled despite a lot of movement at the mound.


His least used pitches are key parts of his arsenal. There is heavy emphasis on his frontline pitches, but his slower curveball causes problems due to shift in movement. His changeup is too much like his fastball at the moment, but with work will become a useful 4th pitch.

Scouting Report Summary

Josiah Gray has shown consistent improvements in the past few years. Having only become a full-time pitcher in 2017, his stats show for good reading. He finished 2019 with an ERA of just 2.28 across 3 levels. With a WHIP of just 0.99, he was named the Dodgers’ pitcher of the season. With Minor League baseball back for 2021, this gives Gray the perfect opportunity to continue his growth within the Minors. He has the capability of being a mid-rotation starter, but still has plenty of growth left.

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