Andrew Vaughn | Scouting Report: White Sox 1B Prospect

Andrew Vaughn | Scouting Report: White Sox 1B Prospect

Written by: Jake Tweedie
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Andrew Vaughn is undoubtfully the White Sox’s Top Prospect. He possesses the bat to be one of the best players within the organization, or even the league, for the future.

Vaughn may not be the best of fielders, but his bat certainly makes up for this. He is highly regarded within the organization, and for good reason.

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Video Breakdown

The report mentions Andrew Vaughn’s hitting ability and how controlled he looks at the plate. He can use all areas of the field and does so effortlessly.

He has the ability to consistently barrel the ball, whilst creating natural leverage and launch angle from a compact swing. Andrew Vaughn has one of the best natural hitting tools within the organization, and potentially the league.

The videos below show why he is so highly regarded.

These videos show his ability at the plate and why the White Sox put so much trust in him when drafting him 3rd Overall in 2019. He can either hit the ball in the air, or he can find the gaps with ground balls into the outfield. His spray chart below shows that he can hit all around the park.

There is emphasis to the pull side with his HRs and doubles, but he was split with the positionings of his hits.

Vaughn’s spray chart from 2019

Final Thoughts

Andrew Vaughn is expected to get the call-up from the White Sox in 2021. There is little chance that he is used in the field, but as a DH, or a pinch-hitter. This would allow him to get much-needed at-bats at the game’s highest level, furthering his development and giving him experience within the Major League level at the same time.

The approach probably wouldn’t have been as quick if there had been a 2020 Minors season, but there is a lot of faith in the youngster from the organization. I cannot wait to see him rake in the Majors!

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