Jackson Kowar | Scouting Report: Royals RHP Prospect

Jackson Kowar | Scouting Report: Royals RHP Prospect

Written By: Jake Tweedie
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This latest Scouting Report takes an in-depth look Jackson Kowar of the Kansas City Royals ready to contribute in 2021. With his 6’5″ frame, and projectable arm strength there is a lot of upside here.

He is currently ranked 6th in our latest 2020 Kansas City Royals Top 20 Ranks, showing durability and potential in his first 2 seasons in pro ball.

Pitch Breakdown

The videos below showcase Kowar’s best attributes. His pitching arsenal consist of a fastball, changeup and curveball.


His fastball is definitely something that he has worked on. He has the ability to find the strike zone and use his velocity to have hitters swinging-and-missing (like below). However, he can struggle with his control of the pitch, thus allowing him too many walks, or being punished for HRs.

His body moves quickly throughout his action, as well as his delivery being clean and simple. With added velocity as he develops it further, it will make the pitch even more dangerous.

Works effectively alongside his next pitch…


His standout pitch, graded as a potential plus-plus, is one of the filthiest changeup in the organization. He reaches mid-80s with his CH, and it has plenty of movement.

Mainly aiming to go down and away, especially to LHH, the deception he adds due to the way he grips the ball and coming out of a similar slot to his FB makes it a hard pitch to pick up.

His changeup will continue to be a pitch that causes problems due to its late fade and movement. Therefore, with more work on his FB velocity, it will make his CH even more deceptive as he takes off the velocity.

Scouting Report Summary

Jackson Kowar shows plenty of promise and potential with his dangerous changeup and improving fastball. With the development that he is made, the Royals fans will have something to cheer about for the upcoming season.

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