Dylan Crews OF | Scouting Report: 2023 MLB Draft

Dylan Crews OF | Scouting Report: 2023 MLB Draft

Written By: Austin Farmer
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Dylan Crews has pushed his draft stock to the moon this season with a batting average over .500 and nine homeruns. Crews has looked really good in center as well, and has a shot to stick there at the next level. The LSU Tiger is having perhaps the greatest collegiate baseball season in the history of the NCAA. Crews is the best candidate by far for 1:1 this year and could’ve been a first rounder out of high school. With Crews’ experience and success against the SEC, I would imagine that it wouldn’t take him very long to debut, maybe after a season of pro ball. He is the most exciting player in the country at the moment and July can’t get here soon enough for him.

Video Breakdown

You can see here how compact Crews’ swing is. He’s not selling out and still has the power to drive the ball deep into the gap. Crews’ bat path has some loft, but he was focused on making contact here.

Final Thoughts

Dylan Crews has been on another level this spring and has been extremely exciting to watch. This is not the year to get cute with the pick and the Pirates will have another top notch SEC bat in their outfield. Crews has a chance to jump through the minors and get to the bigs quickly. He’s got the potential to be one of the best hitters in baseball, and manage center. We should see the Florida native in numerous All-Star games throughout his career.

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