Joshua Baez OF | Scouting Report 2021 MLB Draft

Joshua Baez OF | Scouting Report 2021 MLB Draft

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Joshua Baez (21′) is the type of player you get to the field and it doesn’t take long to pick out the star and reason your are there. A physical specimen at 6’3 220 who is just turning 18 during the Draft month, with legitimate Power, Speed and Arm strength that make him a prototypical run producing RF down the line. Oozing with athleticism and tools, Baez has a strong chance at hearing his name on Day 1 of the 2021 MLB Draft.

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MLB Draft Scouting Report
OF | Joshua Baez | Age: 18

Commitment: Vanderbilt

**Age is at time of the 2021 July Draft**

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Joshua Baez has gone through quiet the transformation over the past year. The body has matured quickly while improving his impact at the plate simultaneously.

Here are a few swings below. The first is from 2018. The next 2 are from this summer.

Night and day with the amount of impact he brings to the plate at this stage of his development.

The swing path, bat speed, lower half usage, hip/shoulder separation is virtually an entirely new hitter. And the results have been LOUD and give you reason to expect even more down the line with his ability to adjust rather quickly.

Baez sent that ball in the video above an easy 400 Ft to the LFC Gap (HR in most parks). Kept his hands back well on a Slider out over the plate he was able to extend his arms on and do some damage deep into the Gap. and show off some of his speed as well.

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