Harry Ford C | Scouting Report: 2021 MLB Draft

Harry Ford C | Scouting Report: 2021 MLB Draft

Written by: Jake Tillinghast
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I will be covering Harry Ford, a 2021 MLB Draft Prospect with an in-depth Scouting Report in all aspects of the game. Ford will be heading into the 2021 MLB Draft with one of the most unique skillsets in the 2021 Class. Period. For any position, not just catchers.

A rare blend of Speed, Power, Defense, and Athleticism. That will make any evaluator foam at the mouth and dream on the potential of a future impact player at the next level.

Strong Catching is hard to come by. Catching with the type of toolset Harry possesses is a type of “Unicorn” profile in today’s game. With seemingly just a handful of players able to match the overall package Harry Ford brings to the table.

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MLB Draft Scouting Report
| Harry Ford | Age: 18.2
Commitment: Georgia Tech

**Age is at time of the 2021 July Draft**

If the Report above is a little to tough to read, click the download above for a much clearer version. Bigger Text plus Zoom Capabilities.

Offensive Breakdown

I recently released my Top 75 High School Prospects for the 2021 Class. Harry Ford came in ranked 9th, As the #2 HS Catcher in the class. You can find those rankings HERE.

In the biggest event of the Year, Harry Ford showed up big time with the homerun shown above. You can read more on Ford from the Perfect Game All-American Classic HERE.

He tracked that breaking ball so well from one of the better LHP in the class, Drew Gray. Whose Breaking ball has been making headlines all summer with the High Spin it produces. This wasn’t even really a bad pitch, Ford just put a great swing on it.

In the video below you can see that low hands setup from Ford. You can also see the impressive bat speed and barrel control working hand in hand.

By now, you can see the comp I have for Harry Ford.

J.T. Realmuto is one of the few catchers in the game that can match skill sets with Ford. Although, he will need to improve the Hit tool to a more League Average or better mark to reach that complete ceiling of J.T., but it’s certainly within reach. I wouldn’t be shocked to see that hit tool creep into a 50 as he advances into pro ball and works with pro coaching. The tools and bat speed are there to become a special offensive talent.

Here’s an opposite-field shot from over the Summer by Harry Ford. Most of his Power has shown up to the Pull side, so a swing as smooth and easy as this with carry to the opposite field is great to see. You can see him growing into more consistent Opposite Field Power as he continues to develop.

Defensive Breakdown

The video below is strictly Defensive. Blocking, Receiving, Framing, and Arm strength and Accuracy.

Ford’s athleticism can be seen on so many of those balls in the dirt. Setup on 1 side of the plate with the pitch missing to the opposite side and finding a way to keep in right in front of him. Many of these are win runners on 3rd base. Critical spots. As well as handling some tough pitchers to handle with high velo and nasty breaking balls, and some spotty command at times.

Highlights are from 2020 Perfect Game All-American Classic and Baseball Factory All-Star Classic.

He does come up early and the glove leaves room for the ball to find a hole a skip through his legs, but overall does a fantastic job of shifting from 1 side of the plate to the other and making tough blocks many High School catchers just simply cannot. These are past balls and runs in most cases at this level. But plays expected to be made at the next level. Ford makes them look easy. The final 2 plays will show off his High Baseball IQ and Athleticism.

Most of those SBs were stolen on the Pitchers, as well as not having the best pitch to handle for a quicker overall process. But he still made them fairly close plays.


It’s the type of upside offensively and defensively shown that will make it tough for teams drafting in the back half of the 1st round and into the Comp Round to pass on the type of package and upside Ford brings instantly to the Franchise. I’ve said it a few times in the Report, only a few Catchers can match skill sets with Harry Ford. J.T. Realmuto (Best Catcher in baseball), Dalton Varsho (Top 100 Prospect in baseball), Dillon Dingler (2nd Round Pick by the Tigers in 2020).

I feel Ford has a better chance to stick behind the plate, and offer more Power then a guy like Varsho, although Varsho gets the edge with the Hit tool.

And there is a clear fallback option if for some reason the catching didn’t pan out (as turned out to be the case with Varsho) or blocked in the system. He shows more than enough athleticism, Arm, Game IQ, and offensive profile to be a fit get consistent ABs in the OF.

When it comes down to Draft Day, Ford will make it tough for teams to pass on his name with his upside at a premium position.

Generally speaking, prep catching is a risky investment historically early in the draft. But Ford checks all the boxes you look for, it almost feels too good to be true.

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