Marco Luciano | Scouting Report: Giants SS Prospect

Marco Luciano | Scouting Report: Giants SS Prospect

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Marco Luciano SS | San Jose Giants |19 Years Old | Bats: R | Throws: R |6’2 180 lbs | ETA: 2023

HitRaw PowerPowerFieldArmSpeedFV
Present/Future Grades

Marco Luciano is a power hitting prospect for the San Francisco Giants that hails from Dominican Republic. The shortstop signed with the Giants as an International Free Agent in 2018-2019 for $2.6 million and burst onto the scene in his professional debut in 2019 as a 17-year-old displaying all five tools between rookie league and short season. Luciano could have the best power in the minors and will do some serious damage once he makes his MLB debut.

Hit: 30/55

Luciano hits from an upright, slightly open stance with a high handset at ear level and his legs spread apart. There’s a quick leg lift trigger for timing. He usually takes the first pitch of the AB and knows how to work the count. The Dominican native has very good approach at the plate and is selective. At times, there’s a bit of violence in his swing as he looks to do damage at the plate. Luciano swings with an uppercut when he’s looking to put the ball in the air and sometimes gets fooled with plus breaking pitches. There will be a bit of swing and miss that comes with the slugger but nothing to be majorly concerned about. When Luciano swings to make contact, he can shorten his swing while still displaying nice bat speed and he does a good job of keeping his head quiet during the swing.

Power: 40/70

Power is Luciano’s calling card. The shortstop will be atop the leader board in homeruns for years to come. When he’s looking to put the ball in the air, Luciano can extend his swing to barrel the ball. His exit velocity has climbed as high as 119 mph off the bat in the past and during the 2021 minor league season he has reached 110+ mph multiple times and his most impressive homer was a 452-footer to centerfield that came 113 mph off the bat from a fluid swing that looked effortless. The blast was fifth of the season for the 19-year-old. His power will land him in the middle of the order in San Francisco and many lineups around the league. There’s legitimate 40 homer potential that comes with Luciano.

Speed: 50/45

Luciano gets a good jump out of the box and hustles on the basepaths. He’s never going to be a stolen base threat in the Majors but has shown that he can steal a few in the minors thus far. He will lose a step as he continues to get bigger but still should provide plenty of extra base hits.

Field: 30/50 | Arm: 55/55

Luciano has a chance to stick at shortstop in the MLB. With Crawford getting older, it would open a chance for Luciano to take over. He’s big for a shortstop, but he’s not afraid to sacrifice his body. Despite a chance to stick at short in the Majors, Luciano may transition to third as he’s got a bigger build and a strong arm that would fit better at the hot corner.

Future Value: 60

Marco Luciano brings a lot to the table between his bat, plate approach, arm, and his massive power. He will be a run producer in the middle of any lineup for years to come. While he will lose a step with his speed as he continues to get bigger and stronger, it is nothing to worry about as there will be plenty of extra base power when he’s not crushing balls over the fence. The Dominican native profiles more of a third basemen at this point between his frame and arm. No matter where Luciano ends up on the field, his production at the plate will make him a household name.

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