Endy Rodriguez – Scouting Report: Mets Prospect

Endy Rodriguez – Scouting Report: Mets Prospect

Written by: Matt Pepin
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No. 10 Endy Rodriguez C/OF/1B
20 Years Old – Throw: R – Bat: S – 6’0” 170 lbs – ETA 2023

HitRaw PowerPowerFieldSpeedArmFV
Present / Future Grades

Mets fans should begin to familiarize themselves with the name, Endy Rodriguez. The 2018 international signee signed for just $10,000. His profile is as interesting and exciting as anyone, an athletic switch-hitting catcher with the ability to play corner OF and 1B.

Hit: 30/55

So far throughout rookie ball, he’s shown an excellent ability to put bat to ball, take walks as well as maintaining a good BABIP.

From both sides of the plate, he’s very advanced in all facets, his comfort and fluidity in the box are very rare for a 20-year-old. He has very good hip rotation creating torque and his bat path is particularly good, getting lots of lofts producing ideal launch angles.

His approach is one of the best parts of his game, walking at least 11% in 2 full seasons and striking out around 15%, he has a very advanced approach with good pitch selection.

It’s also very nice to see to performing from both sides of the plate, there’s nothing I hate more than a switch hitter who can only hit from 1 side. So far in his career, Endy had produced at a nearly identical rate from both sides of the plate. His lowest OPS from either side of the plate was an .818 vs RHP in 2019 (GCL).

Hit Stats:

2018 (DSL) 45 PA – 11.1% BB – 20.0% K – .385 (165 wRC+)

2018 (DSL) 96 PA – 15.6% BB – 17.7% K – .197 (104 wRC+)

2019 (GCL) 35 PA – 14.3% BB – 14.3% K – .296 (197 wRC+)

2019 (GCL) 90 PA – 11.1% BB – 14.4% K – .293 (144 wRC+)

Endy Rodriguez Spray Charts

Power: 35/45

Endy generates good power through his great mechanics, approach, and ideal launch angles. He pulls a ton of balls (50%) and even more importantly he hits 50% flyballs and 20% line drives, leaving just 30% groundballs. If he can continue these traits into the upper levels of the minors and the MLB then he’ll have no trouble putting up above-average power numbers in the future, but for now looks like a slightly below-average power threat, until those show up more consistently.

He also had an above-average to plus average exit velocity of 90 mph but with a max of only 99 mph. nHe still has room to grow into his frame to put a higher maximum exit velocity making his current power success that much more impressive.

Power Stats:

2018 (DSL) 45 PA – .487 SLG – .103 ISO

2018 (DSL) 96 PA – .355 SLG – .158 ISO

2019 (GCL) 35 PA – .667 SLG – .370 ISO

2019 (GCL) 90 PA – .453 SLG – .160 ISO

Fielding 45/55 – Arm 50/50 – Speed 45/45:

There’s a lot to like about Rodriguez’s defense and athleticism. He spends most time developing as a catcher but the Mets have given him time in LF and at 1B. nHe moves very well behind the plate and has just fine receiving, his transfer and throw are above average. Endy could benefit from the eventual automatic strike zone but right now there is no worry that his receiving won’t be serviceable in the big leagues. In the outfield, he has a plus range for a corner OF and makes good reads along with his above-average arm. He should provide positive defensive value wherever he plays.


Rodriguez is looking like one of the more undervalued players in the Mets farm but should break out when he’s showcased on a more accessible scale in full-season ball, hopefully in 2021. His good defense around the diamond and excellent versatility make him a valuable player to have on a roster while his very good approach/hit tool and power potential should eventually give him an everyday spot in the lineup.

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