Draft Profile: C Drew Romo (Woodlands High School)

Draft Profile: C Drew Romo (Woodlands High School)

Written by: Drake Mann
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Drew Romo C – 18 years old – 6’1″ 205 lbs.

Present / Future Grades

Drew Romo is a top-100 prospect and should be taken fairly early in the draft. However, with this draft only being five rounds who knows what’ll happen come draft day.  
A Defensive first catcher who will make gains with the bat going forward.

The switch-hitting Romo has a better swing from the left-side but may find more power from the right side of the plate. However, Romo will develop more power from both sides of the plate once he uses his lower half more in his load and swing. He has an act for hitting the ball hard as his highest exit velocity at a Perfect Game event was 91 MPH. Romo has some terrific plate discipline and will take his walks. While his bat is still lagging behind his defense, his bat-to-ball abilities and quick bat make his contact tool potentially one of his best tools going forward. For a catcher, Romo can run a little bit. Not to say he’s Billy Hamilton out there but he has decent speed as he ran a 6.97 60-yard dash.

As you can see in the swing, it’s a little longer but with his consistent line drive approach and ability to hit the low pitches well. This could be where Romo’s bat turns into something special.

Romo is already showing signs of a gold-glove catcher behind the plate with him being clocked at a 1.95 in-game pop-time. He has a strong and accurate throwing arm with his highest velocity from behind the plate being 84 MPH. Seriously, if you look at his defensive highlights a majority of his throws are right on the bag. There’s still projection for his fielding to get better with maturity and experience. This is what makes Romo such a highly regarded catching prospect and why there’s a chance he’s a first-round draft pick.

Continuing, the worst-case scenario for Romo is he’s a second-round pick. He’s already committed to Louisiana State University. With him struggling this year and being 18-years-old he can go to LSU and raise his draft stock with a good year or two there. This, in turn, could make him a lock to be a first-round pick in upcoming drafts.

One thing that I believe must change is Romo’s ability to recognize off-speed. With just watching videos, Romo looks uncomfortable against any off-speed pitch and tends to be out in front from time to time.

I love the comparison of Gregg Zaun when talking about Drew Romo, he had a league-average bat with some power. Zaun also had an above average-arm and good fielding skills. However, Romo’s bat could come around sooner rather than later.

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