Na Sung-bum – Scouting Report: KBO NC Dinos

Na Sung-bum – Scouting Report: KBO NC Dinos

Written by: Jake Tillinghast
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***These scouting reports are built off of the 20-80 grading scale at MAJOR LEAGUE LEVEL. These grades DO NOT reflect the players ability against their respective leagues players, in this case, the KBO. The grades are built to reflect how this player would perform at the MLB level if he were to step in an MLB lineup today.***


Na Sung-bum has been 1 of the most productive hitters throughout his career in the KBO. Drafted as SP, Never made an appearance. A teammate suggested he become a hitter and he never looked back from there.

At the age 30, I am worried about his knee injury is an issue and will see his speed/athleticism take a hit in the coming years. His hit tool/PWR can play in the MLB right now, but as he ages, I only see hit tool decreasing, with his tendency to chase the hard low/in breaking balls, MLB pitchers being able to capitalize consistently on that weakness in his swing/approach. PWR will be a + tool for the foreseeable future. After working as a CF/RF his whole career, I don’t see him having the ability to continue to be a useful defender at either position. He has the + ARM to play RF, but is not the defender most would like to see. Going back to his age, I think a move to LF/1B is in the cards for Na Sung-bum.

With an extremely high chance of being posted this off-season, one of the top names to keep an eye on, and see how he battles back from that knee injury, and if he can improve on his chase tendencies as the season rolls along.

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