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Eric Hammond RHP | Scouting Report: 2021 MLB Draft

Written by: Jake Tillinghast
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When it comes to the MLB Draft, pitching prospects with projection, a 4-pitch mix and the type of stuff Eric Hammond showcases typically don’t last long and I don’t see there being an exception here. One of my favorite arms in the class and has shown he is one of the electric throughout the summer circuit.

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MLB Draft Scouting Report
RHP | Eric Hammond | Age: 18.5

Commitment: USC

**Age is at time of the 2021 July Draft**

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Video Breakdown

Below is video from Hammond’s outing at the Perfect Game All American Classic. Where he showcased his electric stuff to some tough hitters, (Jac Caglianone, Joshua Baez (1st round talent), and Thaddeus Ector shown in the video).

Baez got to see first hand the nasty secondaries Hammond offers with a tough Curve and Changeup that had him baffled.

You can see a little bit of everything here. The high heat that works great up in the zone due to the ride it generates. That knee buckling CB that he is willing to use vs Righties or Lefties. And that Changeup that may eventually be better then the 50 grade I gave it, which would be impressive considering I expect the FB, CB, SL to all be 55 or 60s.

Final Thoughts

As mentioned multiple times throughout the report, this is far from a finished product with Hammond. Velo and continued development of the secondaries are still to come. All HS pitching prospects come with major risk involved, we all know that. But not many have legitimate 4 pitch mixes out of HS they can use day 1 in pro ball. Hammond offers that.

Getting pro coaching, where I ultimately see him ending up, will do wonders for Hammond moving forward. And if he ends up in college, USC has the looks of a Friday night starter early in his career with the upside to come out a few years later as an elite arm in the class. My money is on a team doing what it takes to make Hammond turn pro and get their hands on this young pitching prospect to see what he develops into.

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