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Phillies 2020 Top 20 Prospects

Written by: Jake Tweedie
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**Right below is the Phillies Top 20 list simplified. Scroll further down for FULL Present/Future Grades, FV, ETA, and summaries on EACH PLAYER ranked in the system! Tons of Statistics on each player as well! Some player highlights, future outlooks, and more, enjoy!**

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RankName PositionHow Acquired
1Spencer Howard RHP2nd Round – 2017 Draft
2Alec Bohm3B/1B1st Round: 3rd Overall – 2018 Draft
3Bryson Stott SS1st Round: 14th Overall – 2019 Draft
4Mick AbelRHP1st Round: 15th Overall – 2020 Draft
5Francisco MoralesRHPInternational FA Signing – 2016
6Luis GarciaSSInternational FA Signing – 2017
7Mickey MoniakOF1st Round: 1st Overall – 2016 Draft
8Simon Muzziotti OFInternational FA Signing – 2016
9Adonis MedinaRHPInternational FA Signing – 2014
10Rafael MarchanCInternational FA Signing – 2015
11Mauricio LloveraRHPInternational FA Signing – 2015
12Casey MartinSS3rd Round – 2020 Draft
13Johan RojasOFInternational FA Signing – 2018
14Nick MatonSS7th Round – 2017 Draft
15Kendall SimmonsLHP6th Round – 2018 Draft
16Damon JonesLHP18th Round – 2017 Draft
17Jhailyn OrtizOFInternational FA Signing – 2015
18Erik MillerLHP4th Round – 2016 Draft
19Ethan LindowLHP5th Round – 2017 Draft
20JoJo RomeroLHP4th Round – 2016 Draft

1. Spencer Howard RHP – Lehigh Valley IronPigs (Phillies AAA)
24 Years Old – Throw: R – Bat: R – 6’3” 210 lbs. – ETA: 2020

Present / Future Grades
16%2.2245.1%17.6%37.3%43.2 %20.6%36.1%
**Combined stats from the entire 2019 season, from all levels they played at.**

There are 2 big names leading the way in the Phillies’ farm system, but Spencer Howard just edges it. When he is fully fit he is dangerous, and even when he is not, like in 2019, he is still dangerous.

He has 4 pitches that can cause damage. His fastball ranges between 94-96mph, topping out at 97mph (99mph at AFL) with life and elevation, but can sometimes lack command to really be in control of it. He rarely stays low with this pitch, so complements his breaking balls beautifully.

His slider ranges between 88-90mph, with plenty of bite and an increased command. His curveball has a big drop in velocity at 73-75mph but has improved since the end of the season. His changeup stays around 79-83mph, with the movement of a reverse slider and carrying like a FB before dropping and moving.

His overall command needs work, especially with his secondary pitches. But with more experience and less time on the sidelines, he should be able to work on this.

Credits to UK Phillies

2. Alec Bohm 3B/1B – Reading Fightin Phils (Phillies AA)
23 Years Old – Throw: R – Bat: R – 6’5″ 218 lbs. – ETA: 2020

Present / Future Grades
**Combined stats from the entire 2019 season, from all levels they played at.**

The Phillies’ top position prospect had another progressive year to put him a step closer to the Majors. With his combination of solid contact and good plate discipline, he averaged over .300 for the year.

He has the ability to barrel the ball well and truly excelled in 2019 with his HR hitting. His true power shone through with HRs to both sides of the field, generated by his consistent swing and quick bat speed. This alongside his good plate discipline makes him a real threat on the plate. He struck out just 73 times in 125 appearances and walked 57 times. Despite being a power hitter, he can adjust himself perfectly to different pitchers and has a great reading of the game.

Not the quickest between the bases, despite his decent footwork, he is destined to be a corner infielder, more than likely 1B. He can take the ball well and can throw accurately but his positional strengths and large frame make sense to use him at 1B.

3. Bryson Stott SS – WilliamSport Crosscutters (Phillies A Short)
22 Years Old – Throw: R – Bat: L – 6’3″ 200lbs. – ETA: 2023

Present/Future Grades
**Combined stats from the entire 2019 season

Despite it being his first season in pro ball, Stott gave a great account of himself with some solid hitting and showcasing his good plate discipline with just 39 strikeouts and 24 walks.

He makes solid contact with the ball and generates good power from his swing. Although he didn’t match this with HRs, he showed his ability to pull the ball effectively and continually improve as the year progressed. His stance sets him up for the pull shot by having his front foot behind the line of his back foot, thus having his body open. This resulted in 4 of his 5 HRs being to the pull side.

Despite his size, he is an average runner who picked up a few stolen bases in 2019 as well as showing his quickness defensively. He can make good plays in the shortstop position due to his speed, as well as having good reach due to his size. He is a solid defender with a good arm, who looks comfortable and has smooth mechanics. His height allows him to make decent throws and do so with mid-90s velocity.

He has plenty of potential and has the room to improve physically and at the plate. His first season was a success, but there will be emphasis to make use of a non-season in 2020 to be ready to continue to develop in 2021.

4. Mick Abel RHP – Drafted 2020
18 Years Old – Throw: R – Bat: R – 6’5″ 190 lbs. – ETA: 2024

Present/Future Grades

No Professional Stats

One of the best Prep pitchers in the class, the Phillies made him their 1st Round pick of 2020. For a young pitcher, he has great command over his pitches and can even add spin to his deliveries to cause even more problems for hitters.

He stands at 6’5″ with plenty of room to fill out, thus making him an exciting player for the future and a scary one for opposition hitters. He has a consistent action and release, as well as having a repeatable delivery. He will no doubt increase his velocity as he develops, and this is topped at 99mph on his fastball already!

His fastball sits between 93-95mph, with nice side arm run and natural cut to come into lefties. This mixed with his secondary pitches give him an impressive arsenal.

His curveball may not be his standout pitch, but has been worked on and goes well with the movement of the other pitches. It is currently slightly below average but has potential with his ability. His slider is around the upper-80s with late break and is his strikeout pitch. He has a good command of the pitch and has a decent spin movement to break away from RHH. His changeup has a great downward movement that drops as it reaches the batter. It mixes well as a combo and stays in the upper-80s.

There will be some work required to make him pro ball ready, but with his currently impressive arsenal and a full year to continue his development there are high hopes for him once 2021 starts.

5. Francisco Morales RHP – Clearwater Threshers (Phillies A Adv)
20 Years Old – Throw: R – Bat: R – 6’4″ 185 lbs. – ETA: 2023

Present / Future Grades
**Combined stats from the entire 2019 season**

Signed on the opening day of the 2016-17 International window, the righty made his pro debut in 2017. He has made steady progression to reach A Advanced for 2019 and has showcased some of the qualities that made the Phillies spend $900k.

His fastball sits around 94-96mph, topping out at 98mph. It can run away from LHH but has good life in general. He can sometimes lack command and be punished for it, but he is finding the right areas more and improving his control.

His secondary pitches of slider and changeup are contrasting pitches. His slider is more accomplished and has good depth, as well as flashing bite and reaching the upper-80s. Despite this, he can control the velocity well and add a bit more or take a bit off it if required. It’s a heavily used pitch and produced a 30% swing and miss rate in 2019.

His changeup on the other hand is developing but nowhere near the potential of his other 2 pitches. It has a lot of depth and can be manipulated well with his arm action.

Overall, he is a physical pitcher who can produce decent velocity. He has worked on his walk rate and his swinging strike rate is good. If he can continue to develop this in 2020, as well as working around the zone rather than outside it, then it would leave him in good stead heading into 2021.

6. Luis Garcia SS – LakeWood BlueClaws (Phillies A Full)
19 Years Old – Throw: R – Bat: S – 5’11″ 170 lbs. – ETA: 2023

Present/Future Grades
** Combined stats from the entire 2019 season**

Following on from a disappointing season, it doesn’t quite tell the whole story. He was aggressively pushed and it affected his output significantly. He did manage to showcase some of his raw tools but there needs work on consistently especially to reach his potential.

Being a switch hitter he is comfortable from both sides, but he is more confident from the right side. He struggled slightly with breaking balls in 2019, but his quick bat speed helped him hit 21 XBH. He is not the most powerful but he has time to grow and build up his slight frame. His running between bases is there, but he needs to be more intelligent with his running.

Defensively he shows potential with his good footwork and decent strength and accuracy with his throws. He has good range and releases the ball well, alongside his arm playing up and his defensive versatility.

There will need to be significant work in 2020, but the push to introduce him higher than expected allowed him to see what is required and should bode well for him in the future. One to keep an eye on.

7. Mickey Moniak OF – Reading Fightin Phils (Phillies AA)
22 Years Old – Throw: R – Bat: L – 6’2″ 195 lbs. – ETA: 2021

Present/Future Grades
** Combined stats from the entire 2019 season**

The first overall pick back in 2016 showed his ability to hit extra-base hits with 13 triples and 11 HRs in 2019. He has an impressive barrel that has allowed him to significantly increase his output.

His strikeout rate increased slightly but so did his walk rate, thus showing he can be disciplined whilst still being aggressive. He times the ball well and allows his body to do the work with a nice easy swing. His decent size and frame have allowed him to hit the ball with more significance, particularly on the pull side.

He is an above-average runner with decent stolen base numbers but has also decreased his caught stealing numbers, showing more intelligent runs. He also uses this speed in the outfield to track the ball down well.

His arm is accurate and complements his decent footwork perfectly. There is potential to be a starting CF but he has the versatility to all 3 OF positions, likely LF, and potentially a 4th OF role.

Credits to John Peabody

8. Simon Muzziotti OF – Clearwater Threshers (Phillies A Adv)
21 Years Old – Throw: L – Bat: L – 6’1″ 175 lbs. – ETA: 2022

Present/Future Grades
** Combined stats from the entire 2019 season**

Although not the most powerful of hitters, Muzziotti has the ability to hit XBH and has a very good plate discipline. He hit 21 doubles in 2019 and had a strike rate of just 12.9%. He likes to use the field well and picks his gaps.

A consistent hitter of the ball, his average has always been good and shows this with the ability to line drive well and pick the gaps. Once he does hit he is also a threat between the bases. He picked up 21 stolen bases last year, and although he was caught 12 times, it shows his willingness and aggressiveness to push the defense.

Defensively he shows the natural ability to read what the hitter will do and make plays regularly. He is a smart fielder who doesn’t rely on his speed too much to get to the ball. Although his arm is fairly accurate, there are questions over his arm strength.

In the Phillies’ system since 2015, he needs to have a standout year when he returns in 2021 to progress to the next level and beyond.

9. Adonis Medina RHP – Reading Fightin Phils (Phillies AA)
23 Years Old – Throw: R – Bat: R – 6’1″ 187 lbs. – ETA: 2022

Present/Future Grades
**Combined stats from the entire 2019 season**

After being signed in 2014, he has made steady progression by stepping up a level every year. This shows the consistency he has with his pitching and, despite the poor end to 2019, the way he has progressed as a pitcher.

His fastball sits around 92-95mph, topping out at 96mph. It has nice arm side run and has a lot of sink with the ability to get ground outs. Although it is average at best, he has decent control but lacks real command over his velocity.

His secondary pitches include a slider and a changeup. His slider has great movement in and out of the zone staying within the 80-83mph range. It shows some bite and varies dependent on the hitter’s side. His changeup is his best tool and works well with his quick arm action before a break in speed. It usually stays around mid to upper-90s and needs work on consistency but has real potential.

He tends to be around the strike zone but seems to have dipped in strikeouts and rose in walks in 2019. He started to show a lack of command and will need to rediscover this when Minor League baseball resumes in 2021.

10. Rafael Marchan C – Clearwater Threshers (Phillies A Adv)
21 Years Old – Throw: R – Bat: S – 5’9″ 170 lbs. – ETA: 2023

Present/Future Grades
** Combined stats from the entire 2019 season**

Just breaking into the Top 10 is defensive catcher Rafael Marchan. He is a hitter who makes good contact and regularly hits the ball. He can pick the gaps and makes XBH despite his lack of real power. Defensively he has a plus arm and has the ability to pick off base runners with ease.

There is the potential to spread hits around the field and, although he can’t turn his XBH into HRs, he is dangerous at the plate. He rarely strikes out and walks often, showing his plate discipline.

His catching and throwing skills are his main tools. His arm is plus and he receives the ball well. His frame is small but he certainly makes up for it with his defensive qualities.

11. Mauricio Llovera RHP – Lehigh Valley IronPigs (Phillies AAA)
24 Years Old – Throw: R – Bat: R – 5’11″ 224 lbs. – ETA: 2021

Present/Future Grades
**Combined stats from the entire 2019 season**

His significant improvement came after a shift from being a reliever to a starter in 2018. Although he was shut down last season due to a forearm injury, he managed to make the 40-man roster before that.

His three-pitch mix really has hitters guessing and helps him pick up plenty of strikeouts. He will need to get more command over his breaking balls to be a real threat, but the velocity of his fastballs certainly makes up for this.

His fastball sits around 92-94mph, topping at 97mph. He can throw it with good sink and solid command, but he can have spells where he slightly elevates it.

His secondary pitches include a slider and a changeup. His slider shows 2 shapes as he can take the speed off it to become a true breaking ball around 78-82mph, but he has the ability to add a sharp bite with decent depth to make it an 82-86mph slider. His changeup has good arm speed before creating a late dive and getting soft contact with its 84-87mph velocity.

He should be able to use 2020 to recover fully after his injury, and if he can continue the form to steadily progress then he could be in the Majors sooner than expected.

12. Casey Martin SS – Drafted 2020
21 Years Old – Throw: R – Bat: R – 5’11″ 180 lbs. – ETA: 2024

Present/Future Grades


Drafted in the 3rd Round in 2020, Casey Martin is a player that seems to focus on power more than contact. He has a high strikeout rate as he looks to get the ball in the air. If he focused more on getting regular contact then he could produce decent numbers. He tries to pull regularly and the swing can look a bit long.

However, when he does pull effectively he does so with decent power. He has the potential to hit regular HRs but will need to improve his contact and tap into his raw power to do so. When he does get on base though he can be a real threat. He has plus-plus speed and although he’s not consistent enough to pick up regular stolen bases, his aggressiveness and quick run times show that he could be better.

His speed allows him to have good range and get to the ball quickly. The accuracy of his throws will need work but he has the ability to make plays when needed. He has solid arm strength but his accuracy lets him down.

There are a lot of areas for improvement, especially to make it in pro ball, but time off in 2020 should allow him to focus more on the aspects he needs to improve and help him when he makes his pro ball bow in 2021.

Credits to Razorback Baseball

13. Johan Rojas OF – Lakewood BlueClaws (Phillies A Full)
19 Years Old – Throw: R – Bat: R – 6’1″ 165 lbs. – ETA: 2024

Present/Future Grades
** Combined stats from the entire 2019 season**

Rojas has done nothing but shine and excel in pro ball since his debut. He had a plus .300 batting average at Rookie-level that led him to an early promotion to A. He showcased his ability to barrel the ball well and make consistent hard contact. Although he makes this solid contact, he will need to work on his timing to become a better power hitter.

His strikeout rate is pretty good, and he very rarely walks, so will need to learn to be more disciplined with foul balls and ground outs. He doesn’t see many pitches at the plate, generally making contact in the first 1 or 2 pitches, in more the 50% of his plate appearances last season. He tends to swing at pitches below the zone, but if he utilizes his nice upright stance more efficiently then he could capitalize on his more developed power.

Once on base, he has plus speed and can steal bases. He can be an aggressive base runner and uses his speed to make plays defensively. He has the range and ability to play OF and has the arm and accuracy to do so efficiently.

14. Nick Maton SS – Reading Fightin Phils (Phillies AA)
23 Years Old – Throw: R – Bat: L – 6’2″ 178 lbs. – ETA: 2022

Present/Future Grades
** Combined stats from the entire 2019 season**

A 2-year All-Star in the farm system, Nick Maton found himself earning a late call-up to AA at the back end of the 2019 season. He was rewarded for his fine efforts at A+, where he hit 5 HRs and had 45 RBIs. His solid bat speed and ability to control the ball saw him hit a respectable .266 for the year.

He catches the fastball well and can control the zone. His walk rate is always above 10%, but he could work on his strikeout rate. Other than that he possesses the quality to barrel the ball well and create XBH opportunities due to his decent size and frame. Between the bases, he can steal due to his aggressive base running, and although he’s not the quickest, he uses this to his advantage.

Defensively he is a solid fielder. He can play different positions in the infield and has a good range that works well with his nice arm. He is a decent thrower with good accuracy and speed. Do not be surprised to see Maton in the near future in the Majors.

15. Kendall Simmons 2B – Lakewood BlueClaws (Phillies A Full)
20 Years Old – Throw: R – Bat: R – 6’2″ 180 lbs. – ETA: 2023

Present/Future Grades
** Combined stats from the entire 2019 season**

2019 was a solid year for Kendall Simmons and he showed vast improvements from an already decent year in 2018. He showed solid exit velocity and ability to hit XBH, especially HRs.

The ball barrels off his bat with speed and he uses his upper body to create significant power. He has a high strikeout rate so seems to be an all or nothing player, but that’s something that can be worked on. If he does then he can tap into his raw power and be a solid hitter.

He also has decent speed that allows him to be an effective base runner. He has the potential to be picked off often, but this is just due to his aggressive mentality. Defensively he makes plays well and this complements his strong arm. Although not the most efficient defender, his versatility and size should allow a shift to 3B later in the future. His huge upside is his power hitting, so an emphasis on that in 2020 would leave him in good stead for 2021.

16. Damon Jones LHP – Lehigh Valley IronPigs (Phillies AAA)
25 Years Old – Throw: L – Bat: L – 6’5″ 233 lbs. – ETA: 2021

Present/Future Grades
15.1%3.3055.1%16.5%28.4%46.6 %17.3%36.1%
**Combined stats from the entire 2019 season.**

Despite being one of the older players on this list, he came on leaps and bounds in 2019 by jumping up 3 levels and consistently throwing strikes and being inexpensive. He has a good 4-pitch mix but can lack some command later in the innings.

His fastball sits around 92-96mph, topping at 97mph. He starts off higher in that bracket before slowing down as he works through the innings. He has a nice sinking action that can get some swings and misses.

His secondary pitches consist of a curveball, slider, and a changeup. His curveball is just a lower velocity version of his slider with a downward movement, sitting in the low-80s. His slider has a bit more velocity, up to 85mph, and looks sharper, especially against LHH. His changeup is a firm looking 85-88mph, that needs work but can break up the FB/CB combo well.

Overall he has 3 average pitches, with some work needed on his changeup to really have a nice mix. If he can control his pitching later in innings it will allow him to be more consistent. He has good deception with his mechanics and works around the zone well. On the cusp of a Majors call-up.

17. Jhailyn Ortiz OF – Clearwater Threshers (Phillies A Adv)
21 Years Old – Throw: R – Bat: R – 6’3″ 215 lbs. – ETA: 2022

Present/Future Grades
** Combined stats from the entire 2019 season**

An intriguing prospect in the Phillies’ system comes in the shape of $4m international signing Ortiz. Signed back in 2015, he has progressed every year and has shown an increase in output of HRs and RBIs especially.

He has a high strikeout rate and a low walk rate which shows he needs work on his plate discipline, but he is an aggressive hitter that has the ability to go long regularly. He hit 37 XBH in 2019, showcasing his hitting capabilities, but his low average and high strike rate slightly dampened a great year.

There are no doubts about his power, he has the potential to be something special. His big kick and the use of his momentum effectively creates this huge power, he just needs to ensure it stays consistent.

His power also allows him to have a plus arm, that allows him to do well in the RF position. He has an accurate throw, but overall his defensive side isn’t the best. His size and frame will make it harder down the line to get to the ball quick enough, and he can’t rely on arm alone. Offensively, he shows great upside and could be a sleeper in the ranks.

Credits to Philadelphia Phillies

18. Erik Miller LHP – Clearwater Threshers (Phillies A Adv)
22 Years Old – Throw: L – Bat: L – 6’5″ 240 lbs. – ETA: 2023

Present/Future Grades
**Combined stats from the entire 2019 season**

Another left-handed pitcher who had a productive season and saw himself promoted twice. He acclimatized quickly to pro ball and flashed some of the brilliance that saw him drafted in Round 4 last Summer.

His fastball sits around 90-93mph, topping at 96mph. He has a big fastball and heavily used, although there were some slight inconsistencies with his mechanics that led to some command issues.

His secondary pitches consist of a changeup and a slider. His changeup has the potential to be a very good pitch, sitting around 84-86mph, that stays away from RHH but again needs some consistency when it comes to command. His slider is a nasty pitch that can miss bats in the low-80s that stays away from LHH.

Based on his delivery action and mechanics he will need some work in 2020 to make him more in control that should allow him to improve. He may be used in a rotation role in the future but will need to emphasize his focus on improving his shaky command.

19. Ethan Lindow LHP – Clearwater Threshers (Phillies A Adv)
21 Years Old – Throw: L – Bat: R – 6’3″ 180 lbs. – ETA: 2023

Present/Future Grades
**Combined stats from the entire 2019 season**

Named Phillies’ Minor League Pitcher of the Year 2019, Lindow showed versatility as both a starter and a bullpen arm. Although his ceiling is slightly limited, his pitching ability could see him through to the Majors with his work rate.

His fastball sits around 91-93mph, topping at 94mph. He has the ability to spin his delivery and get above the barrel. Strong command and 2200rpm spin rate.

His secondary pitches include a curveball, a slider, and a changeup. His curveball stays in the low-70s which focuses on movement over velocity that allows him to get hitters swinging and missing regularly. His slider is a bit quicker in the low-80s, which has a cutter style movement and sharp break. His changeup can mix it up by being slightly off-speed but follows the same arm action as his FB. This is usually in the mid-80s.

He has the ability to throw all pitch types for strikes and has good command over them all. He has a low walk rate and a decent strike rate. His deception is a key contributor to his attacking of the strike zone. It will be interesting to see how he performs in 2021 after a successful 2019.

20. JoJo Romero LHP – Lehigh Valley IronPigs (Phillies AAA)
23 Years Old – Throw: L – Bat: L – 5’11″ 200 lbs. – ETA: 2021

Present / Future Grades
**Combined stats from the entire 2019 season**

An interesting pitcher comes in the form of Romero. He has a nice 4-pitch mix but has the potential to add a 5th pitch to his repertoire with a cutter. Although he is working on being a starter, there are thoughts on him being a bullpen arm in the future.

His fastball sits around 89-93mph, topping at 95mph. He has a good command of this pitch and can mix this with some deception, alongside its good sinking movement.

His secondary pitches include a curveball, a slider, and a changeup. His curveball is around 79-82mph with a downward motion, coming into LHH and staying away from RHH. It needs some work on control as can be slightly elevated. His slider is slightly ahead of his curveball in terms of potential as he can utilize a backdoor slider as well as his back-foot slider. His changeup is his best secondary pitch. He gets decent movement with the same arm action as his FB that works towards the outside of the zone.

He struggled as a starter post-injury last season but done well out of the bullpen in the AZFL. He has a lot of tools but needs to focus on a few to make a real difference. He seems like he can be overburdened by his big toolset, but has good potential.

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