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Marcelo Mayer SS | Scouting Report: 2021 MLB Draft

Written by: Jake Tillinghast
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Marcelo Mayer is a smooth defender with a projectable frame and a strong offensive skill set to match. A clear impact performer on both sides of the ball, as a left-handed hitting Shortstop Mayer with a chance to tap 20+ HR Power with a Plus Hit tool, do not come around often. Making Mayer a consensus Top 5 Prep in the class and an easy Day 1 Prospect.

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MLB Draft Scouting Report
SS | Marcelo Mayer | Age: 18.6

Commitment: USC

**Age is at time of the 2021 July Draft**

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Video Breakdown


As mentioned in the report, Mayer has an impressive feel for the barrel and has no issues with using the entire field. There’s a chance Mayer develops into a consistent .300 hitter down the line and I wouldn’t be all that surprised.

There just aren’t many weaknesses here with Mayer offensively. While he may not ever be a 30+ HR a year guy, there is a clear path to 17-20 a year with to go with high OBP skills and extra base hits with his ability to drive the ball into the gap.

As the body continues to develop and adds that expected weight, that is when we should start seeing some of these doubles in the gaps turn into souvenirs in the seats.


Below you will see a series of defensive plays from Marcelo Mayer from the Baseball Factory All-Star Classic, where a good amount of Mayer’s defensive skillset was on display.

The 1st 3 plays of the video are ALL from the 1st inning of work, an eventful inning for Mayer to say the least.

The 1st play was right out the gate and you get to see the smooth fielding SS come in on the ball with ease and clear control of his body, angled himself well to make a firm accurate throw to 1st Base to catch a quick baserunner in Jordan Lawlar, a 60 grade runner. Mayer made this play look clean and easy.

The 2nd play, is a bit of what I described in the report above, the glove skills and footwork are as good as any in the class. But Mayer at times can get ahead of himself and lead to an occasional miscue. Not overly concerning, something to monitor and should grow out of relatively soon.

The 3rd play, was the very next play after Mayer committed that error we spoke on above. Not letting it carry over to the next play, and showing off his range and quick 1st step to get to this ball hit hard up the middle, with a quick flip to 2nd base from the ground to get the 3rd out of the inning (An eventful inning for Mayer)

The final play, shows some of Mayer’s athleticism and ability to go back on the ball and make a play in the OF on a ball his LF and CF were unable to get to it.

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Featured Imaged Credit: Marcelo Mayer’s Twitter Profile

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