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Scouting Report: LG Twins 1B Roberto Ramos #1

Written by: Jake Tillinghast
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***These scouting reports are built off of the 20-80 grading scale at MAJOR LEAGUE LEVEL. These grades DO NOT reflect the players ability against their respective leagues players, in this case, the KBO. The grades are built to reflect how this player would perform at the MLB level if he were to step in an MLB lineup today.***

Roberto Ramos is in his 1st season of the KBO after being apart of the Colorado Rockies organization since 2014. A name some of you may remember from his time with them.

Roberto Ramos 2019 Highlights while with the Colorado Rockies
Roberto Ramos shows his easy raw PWR. Easily clearing the fence in LCF

Ramos no doubt has potential with the bat. But we have seen more then enough prospects come through the ranks that have minimal tools and get easily exposed at the big league level, and cant contribute in other areas on the field such as defensively, or speed on the base paths. Ramos fits this category. If he can’t hit big league pitcher at a well above average clip, how productive is he really if he is costing your team defensively as well? Early on in the KBO season he has shown improvements vs LHP. Which is great to see, something I hope continues against pitching he should be able to handle with not many KBO pitchers breaking the 90 MPH mark. BUT… On the flip side.. Ramos really won’t be challenged to much in the KBO with the level of pitching (although there are some nice young pitchers in the league, and withing the past couple of seasons many KBO organizations adopting Rapsodo and other systems/analytics to help improve their pitching.) Some improvements on defense would go a long ways in him trying to make his way back to the states in hopes of filling his dream of playing in the MLB.

I fully expect Ramos to be one of the better hitters in the KBO for as long as he decides to stay there. And would not be shocked to see him in the running for an MVP award by seasons end with his power potential he possesses. Fans have already been gushing over the power on display by Ramos and will continue to be one of the most watched played throughout the season.

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